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1/10/17 Horoscope

Today is an intense day with a strong need to just break free and to catalyze some major, major changes. Carefully consider what kind of future path these changes may be making, and if you find it’s still worth it, make the jump. 224 more words


Earth is Overdue for Collision with astroid

Planet Earth is effectively defenceless in the face of a “dinosaur-killer” asteroid strike, a Nasa scientist has warned. And the planet is overdue for an extinction-level event involving a giant space object – such as an asteroid or comet – following a number of close encounters over the last 20 years, Dr Joseph Nuth said. 95 more words


Scientists Say Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Made Earth's Surface Act Like Liquid


Scientists Say Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Made Earth’s Surface Act Like Liquid

November 22, 20164:31 PM ET

MERRIT KENNEDY… 739 more words


Weekly Playlist 9/11/16

As the world falls down around us, sometimes all you can do is put on some headphones and drown it the fuck out. For that purpose, this week’s playlist starts light and gets progressively heavier until it should leave your ears bleeding. 39 more words



“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”


~ Allen Ginsberg ~


Macro-photograph of a small fragment of a meteorite, composed of lunar material ejected into space billions of years ago when the moon was struck by an asteroid, taken in October 2016. 12 more words


Hidden History Of Our Solar System

Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon – Episode 2

If you take a quick glance at our solar system you quickly realize there are some unique and intriguing anomalies. 1,861 more words


Arc length of astroid

Calculate the arc length of astroid (tetracuspid). Parametric equations of astroid are

for . 70 more words

Calculus (Single Variable)