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September 2016 Forecast: Eclipse of the mind, body and soul

New moon in Virgo Sep. 1st 5.03am EDT 9.03 UTC- 9′ 21″ Solar Eclipse 9.08 UTC

Full Moon in Pisces Sep. 16th 3.05pm EDT 19.05 UTC-24′ 20″ Penumbral Eclipse 18.55 UTC… 2,278 more words

Betsy Peerless

Jupiter is in a new area of the sky – What will we experience as a collective over the next year?

Jupiter is allowing the collective the ability to heal deep painful wounds and releasing them for cleansing and purification over the next year, due to its aspect with Chiron the wounded healer. 219 more words


Leo New Moon Forecast

This new moon is raising the vibration of those who have chosen to ascend at this time. Those who have not chosen to ascend will feel a sense of loss and misfortune because deep within their souls want to ascend; yet the ego is preventing it. 594 more words


Week of July 25th 2016

Hi everyone!

I am back to my astrology practice after a 4 months hiatus. I will continue to keep my approach to social media as intuitive as possible, meaning I do not want to spend my days sitting at my computer. 221 more words


July's Inspiring Astrology and Moon Gardening Tips

Hello and welcome to July, a darn chilly month here in southern Victoria.

For a quick peek at the months Astrology Forecast scroll down and for the complete newsletter with Moon Gardening planting dates, what stars you can see at night, and much more click on this link. 899 more words

Moon Gardening



By =Lorna Anne

(This is a reminder that I am using a different interpretive astrological system than what is commonly used. Once again, I say the proof is in hindsight as we review our realities at the end of the month. 2,107 more words


Focus Right on Success as Mars Goes Direct

Mars the planet of initiative, ambition, passion and will power was retrograde since 17th April and goes direct again on 29 June 2016 bringing more focus and dynamism back where it belongs. 417 more words

Positive Astro And Tarot