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5 Year Old Boy Sends Letter And Drawing To NASA [PIC]

With all this solar eclipse talk today, I figured this story was more than appropriate to keep the theme of the day going.

Idris Hylton is a 5 year old British boy who wrote a letter and drew a picture of  rocket ship and sent it off to NASA. 112 more words


Millions of Americans will have a better view of the solar eclipse than astronauts in space

Today is one those rare times when even astronauts would prefer to be on Earth rather than in space. Millions of Americans will get a chance to enjoy a total solar eclipse, but astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) will only be able to catch a partial one. 163 more words

Solar Eclipse and the Darkest Dark

Tomorrow is the solar eclipse, and I couldn’t be more excited! I made my box viewer today (I used Space.com’s video) and tried it out. 347 more words

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Greg was surprised to find Sagan in the officer’s mess. He had become accustomed to being the only one awake after the Emergen’s crew had gone to bed. 1,042 more words

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Space is my Jam

I’ve been noticing a surprising trend in the news and my feed, lately…

Outer space!

As a lover of science (and admittedly, science fiction) I have compiled the best of each topic here, and added a bonus link-pack for outer space lovers like me.  389 more words