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My Spaceman acrylic painting with the angels wings. A stylised photo from my original hand painted image.


Real American Heroes

Imagine almost 50 years ago, your rotary phone rings.  On the other end of the line on a noisy, scratchy connection, is a rep from a  little known and unproven, fledgling space agency that wants to strap a rocket to you ass and shoot you into space.  368 more words


"Helluva View"

This is a progression view of a recent illustration of mine, showing the process from the under drawing to the completed piece. 40 more words


Dream Chasers

I always thought I’d be someone great. An astronaut, a doctor, an actress. Someone who would be known, loved and respected.

As I grew up I still wanted these things but I had to “Be realistic”, my school marks “Just weren’t good enough!”, I didn’t live in the right country or have enough money… I don’t have this, I don’t have that… 518 more words


An Astronaut' Guide To Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield

  • Be a zero, dont try to be a plus one all the time
  • Work hard and sweat the small stuff always
  • There are always smarter people than you, you will be passed over for many opportunities.
  • 55 more words

See Astronaut's Photo of Hurricane Jimena From Space

NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren captured this image of Hurricane Jimena from the International Space Station and posted it to Twitter on Sunday.

Jimena is a Category 4 hurricane that’s located more than 1,330 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii. 49 more words

Secrets Space Pills Funny Astronaut Aliens Popping 100 Cotton

Abstract aliens are real, and always was a puzzle. Recently, a special alien astronomers find that based on current scientific and technological development, scientists will not take too long to find extraterrestrial signals, most likely in the next few years or 25 years to discover the alien presence signs. 285 more words