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José M. Hernández

Personalized Autographed Picture of Mr. José M. Hernández.

(An American Engineer & A Former NASA Astronaut. Mr.Hernández Ws Assigned To The Crew of Space Shuttle Mission STS-128. 15 more words


The Interaction of the Definition of Astronaut and International Law


One of the vexing issues facing international space law is the legal status of tourists who will take advantage of commercial spaceflight capabilities both sub-orbital and orbital as they become available. 2,269 more words

Customary International Law

Nasa Building a new spacecraft blog..


was building a new spacecraft i think that astronauts and science teachers would belong on it to be able to see the new space equipment and i would want it to be created in able to go to new planets that people say it is impossible to be on i would want it to be capable to be on all planets!

David Bowie "Blackstar"

I find it amusing that David Bowie told Rolling Stone that he listened to a lot of Kendrick Lamar while recording this latest album. This is a Bowie album, so it’s going to veer from the mainstream, unlike Lamar’s music which seemed to be playing everywhere and embraced by everyone this year. 69 more words

Into The Void

Fifty years ago, on June 3, 1965, Edward White stepped out of the orbiting Gemini 4 spacecraft to become the first US astronaut… 143 more words


Art and Science

“Unlike memory which fades and is totally lost if it is never set down, art is a residual, historical legacy because art can withstand time.”

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‘The Last Man on Earth’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: No Bull

The Last Man on Earth is a show that, like any other show on television, likes to form patterns. The difference is not that it avoids cliché — it often courts it cliché aggressively — but rather that it forms its patterns out of ways of living. 1,150 more words