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Starmus - rubbing shoulders with the stars

It felt like my hometown Trondheim was the centre of the universe when we hosted the Starmus Festival on June 18-23 2017. Moonwalkers, Noble Laureates and other rock stars of science like Neil deGrasse Tyson was here, and they all shared their views on the future of humanity and our scientific quests. 547 more words


UK Space Conference 2017

It has been almost a month since the UK Space Conference, but I’ve only just found the time to reflect on this biennial event that cannot be missed by anyone in or interested in the UK space industry.  394 more words


Book Review: Solitude by Dean M. Cole


Title: Solitude
Series: Dimension Space Book 1

Author: Dean M. Cole
Narrators: R.C. Bray and Julia Whelan
Publication Date: April 3, 2017


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Colonize Mars, the main mission

#NASA #Mars #space #mission #civilization #Moon #Astronauts

It was only yesterday when NASA revealed it’s 10 Earth like planets, with one of them (KOI 7711) being called an Earth twin. 264 more words


NASA Just Discovered 10 New Possible Earths

And people wondered why Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement. He was clearly banking on the nerds at NASA to find us a new home-world and they did just that. 294 more words

I Don't Even Know

The Oversexed Astronauts

Three glowing
specimens of male
virility with plenty of staying
power in a round the clock
orgy that
was outasite.

This is the  kind of cultural treasure whole generations are going to miss out on now that NASA no longer funds manned space flights.

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Weightlessness in space!

It’s commonly believed that astronauts on the space station are weightless because of the absence of gravity, yet the pull of gravity on the space station is virtually the same as here on Earth. 35 more words