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Africa's giant eye in the sky proving worth its SALT

South Africa’s SALT telescope has helped detect the first white dwarf pulsar, the latest co-discovery that has astronomers eager to use the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere to unlock the galaxy’s secrets. 437 more words

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“One small step for man, one giant leap for – ”

“Phelps! If you say that on one more planet, I’ll poke a hole in your oxygen tank,” growled Schlotzky. 86 more words


These NASA inventions are saving thousands of lives on Earth

When most people think of NASA, they think of astronauts, space shuttles and men on the moon. What’s less well known is that in making space travel possible, the US space agency has created new technology that’s saving lives all over the planet. 970 more words

April 27 - Apollo 16 Returns Home

We have two spaceflight-related events today. The first is the splashdown of Apollo 16, about which I have written elsewhere. I’m mentioning it mainly to get this brilliant photograph in. 218 more words

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Astronauts | K-4 Unit Study

Spine Book: Living in Space by Katie Daynes*

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Get ready to blast off as you explore astronauts on earth and in space.   1,731 more words

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Boeing unveils simulators for next generation of space transportation vehicle

BERKELEY, MO (KTVI) – Boeing wants to get into low-earth orbit and Tuesday afternoon they unveiled their first steps in that effort to get into space with the next generation of spacecraft. 96 more words


The Health Risks of Space

Traveling to space is risky, there is no question. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in space travel. However, when people think of the risks of space travel, many think of the mechanical risks. 452 more words