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by Ethel Mortenson Davis


An astronaut that repaired
the Hubble spacecraft
said recently
that when he stepped out
on his first spacewalk
and saw the lighted… 47 more words


TEDx: Inspiring the Astronauts of Tomorrow

So honored to be asked to share my experiences in the classroom.  Scariest thing I have done in awhile but strangely want to do it again!


NASA is offering $30k to the person who solves its space poop problem

Space travel presents scientists with seemingly infinite challenges. Aside from the technological feat of getting astronauts off the planet, scientists have to figure out how to keep them healthy with… 396 more words

Mystery of bleary-eyed astronauts may be cleared up with spinal fluid study

(Source: arstechnica.com)

When Scott Kelly returned from his one-year space mission last March, he admitted that he, like many of his colleagues, came back with vision troubles… 405 more words


Astronauts develop worse vision after long trips in space, and scientists think they know why

Since humans started traveling into space in the 1960s, physiologists have had one big question on their minds: What happens to the human body without gravity? 526 more words

Your children could live on Mars

That’s what I was told when I visited Florida’s Space Coast. NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre on this Coast, is one of those rare places on Earth where no dream is too far fetched; where everything is impossible only until someone achieves it! 10 more words