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It's one small step for Chris Hadfield...

So I finished Chris Hadfield’s book (An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth) and I’m just hero worshipping all over the shop. I’m sure there can’t be many people out there who are equal parts tenacious, brilliant, courageous, insightful and just thoroughly bloody nice. 516 more words

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Up, up and away!

Winter seems harsher each year that passes. For many years I’ve traveled southward to escape — temporarily that is. It wasn’t clear that I’d have this luxury this year until a few days ago. 808 more words

Astronaut Tim Peake Shares Incredible Footage of Lightning Striking Earth

Astronaut Tim Peake posted a stunning time-lapse video of what a lightning storm looks like from space. The British cosmonaut, who is currently stationed aboard the… 83 more words

For Super Bowl, Audi says astronauts will love its car - CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

With any luck, he won’t make the jump to hyperspace when you’re in the crosswalk. 290 more words

February 07 - Al Worden

Today is the 84th birthday of Alfred (Al) Worden, a member of one of humankind’s most exclusive clubs.  You can probably tell which club I’m talking about by glancing at the photograph.   356 more words


40. Hindu NASA Astronaut

I just read a most amazing biography (in Wikipedia) of an American woman who is one of the most successful and productive of all USA citizens. 271 more words