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Sept 22, 2020: Fall Equinox / Mabon – Perfect Balance?

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Reader,

On Sept 22, 2020 (nice symmetry), the SUN will enter LIBRA – the Beginning of Fall 2020!

The seasonal & timely prime theme is… 1,265 more words


Sphinx Point Week and Day (Aug 22): Love & Know Thyself!

Dear Astro Friends,

You sense it, and you know it…
The Summer SUN will make a move this week (exactly on SAT AUG 22 at 8:45 am PDT) – … 972 more words


MERCURY in LEO (Aug 4 - 19): Speak from the Heart. Roar as Needed. Show Yourself & Your Colours.

Greetings from the Cosmic Messenger!

Yayyy – MERCURY comes out of the Cancerian mental-emotional labyrinth that it’s been in for a reaaally long time, since May 28 – and where also the main scene of the… 1,933 more words


SATURN back in CAP (July 1 - Dec 16) - RE-Rooting & Doing the Ground(ing) Work

There’s Breathing S~P~A~C~E!

Growing UP – Photo by Melanie, June 2020

And renewed Groundedness.

Are you sensing it too?

It’s Day One of SATURN backing off, out of AQUARIUS (since yesterday eve) – and going back into its own domain of super earthy CAPRICORN. 1,189 more words


Retro Record Summer 2020 - up to 5-6-7 Planets Retro simultaneously!

Yayy – this will be another, and even more SUMMER of RETRO than the last years (yes, Retrogrades concentrated in the Summers of 2017 – 2019 too)! 994 more words


The Lunar Nodes moved into SAG (SN) - GEMINI (NN) (June 5, 2020 - Dec 23, 2021): Questioning the Old Story. Entering New Dialogues.

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Reader, in the Star Sisterhood & Brotherhood!

Besides the upcoming Summer Solstice Annular SOLAR Seed ECLIPSE on June 20 / 21, NEPTUNE going retro on June 22, VENUS going out of retro on June 24, MARS entering ARIES on June 27 – for a loong time until Jan 7, 2021, and the  (2nd of 3) JUPITER – PLUTO alignment on June 29, plus  3,168 more words