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7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dwarf Star, NASA and European Astronomers Say

Not just one, but seven Earth-size planets that could potentially harbor life have been identified orbiting a tiny star not too far away, offering the first realistic opportunity to search for signs of alien life outside the solar system. 1,531 more words

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Astronomers discover 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star

(CNN) — Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. 1,226 more words


Super-Fast Spacecraft Could Slow Down Using Alpha Centauri's Starlight as Brakes

Last year, a consortium led by billionaire Yuri Milner and physicist Stephen Hawking announced a plan to get to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Earth. 641 more words

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Life Within Motion: Thoughts for our Unborn Son

As I lay awake feeling the movement of our unborn son, I continue to think about historical astronomers. Yes I know, that is not normally the 3 am musings of a first time mom-to-be. 438 more words