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April 28 - Oorter Space

We have two birthdays today.

Johann Oskar Backlund was born on April 28th 1846 in Länghem, Sweden, but after university spent his career in firstly Tartu, Estonia (part of Imperial Russia at the time) and then Pulkovi (also Russia). 353 more words


April 26 - Asteroid 83 Beatrix

1859  –  Birth of Italian astronomer Vincenzo Cerulli, one of the first people to suggest that Martian canals might be an optical illusion.  Cerulli discovered one asteroid, 704 Interamnia, named in honour of his home town.   324 more words


April 25 - Gérard de Vaucouleurs

Born today in 1918, Gérard de Vaucouleurs was a French astronomer who specialized in galaxies.   He is best known these days for his modification of Edwin Hubble‘s galaxy classification scheme.   218 more words


Chapter 17 (Quiet! The Sun's Gone)

Of course, they thought of him as a god. And for almost the end of their days they worshiped him. Even kings were naming themselves on his name as an indication that they are the medium between him and the people. 583 more words


April 20 - 532 Herculina

Asteroid 532 Herculina was discovered this very day in 1904 by Max Wolf, born 21/06/1867 in Heidelberg, studied at Heidelberg, Chair of Astronomy at Heidelberg, died 03/10/1932…  Can you guess where? 160 more words


University of Virginia

Last week I visited Jennifer Sobeck and my former Yale-colleague Nitya Kallivayalil at the University of Virginia. Jen is the deputy project manager of APOGEE-2… 124 more words


April 16 - Robert Luther: Asteroid Hunter

Today is the birthday of Karl Theodor Robert Luther, born in 1822 in the town of Schweidnitz, which is now in Poland, but at the time was in Germany (where it remained until the end of WWII). 70 more words