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February 07 - Al Worden

Today is the 84th birthday of Alfred (Al) Worden, a member of one of humankind’s most exclusive clubs.  You can probably tell which club I’m talking about by glancing at the photograph.   356 more words


February 04 - Asteroid 52 Europa

February 4th 1858  marks the discovery, by Hermann Goldschmidt, of asteroid 52 Europa.  Europa is approximately 315km in diameter, making it the sixth largest asteroid, and is named after a mythical Phoenician woman with whom Zeus had a fling (for some reason he had decided that taking the form of a white bull was a good idea for this particular wooing, and it worked).   234 more words


February 03 - Luna 9

Feb 3rd is a big day in spaceflight history, because on this day in 1966, the Soviet Union successfully soft-landed  Luna 9 onto the Moon, beating the USA by just over 4 months, and no doubt causing wide grins and double vodkas all round in Moscow. 275 more words

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Outer-space Gallery: Famous Volcanoes in the solar system

The surface of Venus is dominated by volcanism and has produced more volcanoes than any other planet in the solar system.

Computer-generated perspective view of pancake domes in Venus’s… 329 more words

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Lonely planet: Astronomers find galaxy's largest solar system

(CNN)A planet thought to have been free floating in space is actually in a colossal orbit around a star 1 trillion kilometers away.

That’s according to a team of astronomers in the UK, U.S. 446 more words

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January 24 - Voyager 2 at Uranus

1986: Voyager 2 makes its closest approach to Uranus.  The seventh planet from the Sun was reached after a journey lasting more than eight years.  It was a great success, discovering ten new moons, and two new rings. 155 more words


NGC 5408

NGC 5408 is a galaxy located about 16
million light-years from Earth in the
constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur). This
galaxy, with an indefinable shape lacking a… 71 more words