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July 27 - Sir George Airy

Today is the birthday of Sir George Biddell Airy, born in 1801 at Alnwick (I think you pronounce it ‘annick’, but don’t quote me) in Northumberland, England.   283 more words


July 22 - Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel

Today is the anniversary of the birth, in 1784 of Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, the German astronomer who was the first to use parallax to find the distance to a star.  135 more words


July 18 - John Glenn

Happy birthday John Herschel Glenn, Jr, liver of quite a full life, born this day of Scottish descent (I believe he also has relatives in Sheffield), 1921 in Cambridge, Ohio.   326 more words


New Horizons - "ghost" planet fly-by

Yesterday’s decade-in-waiting news from NASA was delightfully exciting.

Well done, NASA.

May our yearn for discovery never end…

And while I’m thinking about space and heavenly bodies – –  – 53 more words

July 15 - Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Today is the birthday of Professor Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell DBE, born July 15th 1943 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Dame Jocelyn was the the discoverer of the first four pulsars, and, rather disgracefully, a non-recipient of the Nobel Prize for her efforts, which has annoyed a great many people, although Bell herself has been very forgiving, as one would expect from a good Quaker girl. 9 more words


July 08 - Adrastea

Adrastea, the second moon out from the “surface” of Jupiter, was discovered by analysis of Voyager 2 images in 1979 by David C Jewitt and G Edward Danielson.   207 more words