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Book 231: Women in Early British and Irish Astronomy by Mary Brück

Finished reading on May 13th

Rating: 10/10

Who were some women who were known for their astronomical observations, calculations or texts? This is what Mary Brück’s book deals with together with how they got their start in astronomy. 281 more words

Book Review

We need Christmas to understand Easter

One of the reasons why people find it difficult to believe what we Christians claim about Easter, is that they haven’t understood the meaning of Christmas. 779 more words

History On April 25th

Here I am again to tell you guys what happened in history on the day of April 25th.

1954 – Bell labs announce the first solar battery made from silicone. 67 more words

Astronomy in the Anatolia

Astronomy in the Anatolia[1]

Madrasah or “Madrasa” is Arabic for “educational institution.” The Cacabey Astronomy Madrasah was built in 1272, being one of the historical structures in Kırşehir, Cacabey Turkey. 230 more words


Galileo Galilei’s Birthday

Galileo Galilei’s Birthday[1]

Happy belated 452nd birthday to one of the first modern scientists, Galileo. With the aid of an early telescope, he helped remove Earth from the center of the universe. 328 more words


Newfound Alien Planet Is Best Place Yet to Search for Life

A newly discovered planet around a distant star may jump to the top of the list of places where scientists should go looking for alien life. 1,468 more words