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‘Hyper-starburst’ galaxy churns out stars, clues to universe’s evolution

The distorted galaxy in the simulation results from a collision between two galaxies, followed by them merging. Astronomers think such a merger could be the reason why SPT0346-52 is having such a boom of stellar construction. 741 more words


December 09 - Patrick Moore

There’s not a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times or more about this chap, but it’s four years today since the passing, at the age of 89, of Sir… 319 more words


December 08 - Asteroid 5 Astraea

Asteroid 5 Astraea was discovered on this day in 1845 by Karl Ludwig Henke, and, as it was still relatively unusual to find asteroids at that time, it won him an annual pension of 1200 Marks from the king. 738 more words


December 06 - Pioneer 3

Launched from Cape Canaveral on December 6th 1958, Pioneer 3 was supposed to be a lunar flyby. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but the craft did manage to reach a distance from Earth of about 63,000 miles, and used its Geiger-Müller tubes to gather useful information about the Van Allen radiation belt. 160 more words


Black Hole

Two astronomers embark for the ride of a lifetime. Little did they know one for an adventure that would be their end.

Lift off began. They head to space on a mission. 203 more words


Astronomers Find Group of Fast-Spinning, X-ray Active Stars

Using observations from NASA’s Kepler and Swift space observatories, astronomers have spotted 18 fast-spinning stars that produce X-rays at more than 100 times the peak levels ever seen from the Sun. 473 more words


What Will We Do When Hubble Dies?

For a generation, the Hubble Space Telescope has been exposing the universe’s deepest, darkest secrets. From imaging the volcanoes of Jupiter’s moon Io, to watching the dramatic breakup of comets, imaging baby galaxies, and helping to nail down the universe’s age, its data has been instrumental in today’s understanding of the cosmos near and far. 1,220 more words

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