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Astronomers just found a star orbiting a black hole at 1 percent the speed of light 

Astronomers have just spotted a star whizzing around a vast black hole at about 2.5 times the distance between Earth and the Moon, and it takes only half an hour to complete one orbit. 834 more words


Angst in Our Souls

People in our society are constantly searching. We are never settled, we strive for adventure and we strive to seek the unknown. There are astronomers who search space in awe of what could be, they send out satellites and are constantly searching for new planets and galaxies. 151 more words


Gravity wave detection with atomic clocks

Illustration of gravitational waves produced by two orbiting black holes. CfA scientists have described a sensitive new method for detecting gravitational waves. Credit: Henze/NASA

The recent detection of gravitation waves (GW) from the merger of two black holes of about thirty solar-masses each with the ground-based LIGO facility has generated renewed enthusiasm for developing even more sensitive measurement techniques. 353 more words


March 04 - Messier 85

1781  –  Messier 85, a lenticular (elliptical if you prefer) galaxy, was discovered on this day in 1781 by Pierre Méchain.  It can be found in the constellation… 236 more words


7 Earth-size worlds found orbiting star; could hold life

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — For the first time, astronomers have discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a single nearby star — and these new worlds could hold life. 966 more words


7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dwarf Star, NASA and European Astronomers Say

Not just one, but seven Earth-size planets that could potentially harbor life have been identified orbiting a tiny star not too far away, offering the first realistic opportunity to search for signs of alien life outside the solar system. 1,531 more words

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