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From CfA: "Oxygen in Stars"

Center For Astrophysics

April 29, 2016

An optical image of the brightest globular cluster, Omega Centauri, a group of over ten million stars older than the Sun. 619 more words

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From Ethan Siegel: "Why Does Gravity Move At The Speed Of Light?"

Starts with a Bang

Ethan Siegel

Image credit: European Gravitational Observatory, Lionel BRET/EUROLIOS.

If you looked out at the Sun across the 93 million miles of space that separate our world from our nearest star, the light you’re seeing isn’t from the Sun as it is right now, but rather as it was some 8 minutes and 20 seconds ago. 1,333 more words

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Give Me a Break!

This was recently posted on Facebook, which we all know to be the ultimate source for correct information. Let me emphatically state that no this is not going to happen… 173 more words


From Ethan Siegel: "Why Massive Neutrinos Are The Future Of Physics"

Starts with a Bang

Nov 3, 2015
Ethan Siegel

Image credit: Tomasz Barszczak, via http://www.ps.uci.edu/~tomba/sk/tscan/compare_mu_e/.

They won this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, but their legacy’s just beginning… 993 more words

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From ESO: "Unique Fragment from Earth’s Formation Returns after Billions of Years in Cold Storage"

European Southern Observatory

29 April 2016
Karen Meech
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai`i
Honolulu, HI, USA
Tel: +1 808 956 6828
Cell: +1 720 231 7048… 1,201 more words

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