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The solar system, creation and the Flood

Anothor presentation I made. This is about evidence for creation and the flood that we find in the Solar System. Enjoy!


December 07 - Asteroid 423 Diotima

Asteroid 423 Diotima was discovered from Nice by Auguste Charlois on December 7th 1898. It’s in the main belt, is a C-type, is fairly large (approximately 170 by 140 km) and rotates about every 4.8 hours. 113 more words


One Thousand Desert Winters

The calendar on the wall kept watch alone

for one thousand desert winters

and one thousand desert summers.

Faithfully measuring out the seasons.

The rabbits and rock doves had their own calendars. 119 more words


Planet 9--Making the Search for a Needle in a Haystack Sound Easy

You may have been feeling a little empty since Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet in August of 2006. Has it been over 10 years? 498 more words