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Galaxy in a Crystal Ball

A small crystal ball seems to hold a whole galaxy in this

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Cottonwood Moon

I’ve just arrived in Lone Pine from Reno after a fitful night, full day of work and six hours in the car. The rest of the Troop is en route from Ventura, ETA long after nightfall. 65 more words


Space engine may be the best space simulation program ever...

For a few months I’ve been trying a universe simulator called Space Engine. Created by a Russian Astronomer, this program is a free simulation of over 230,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 objects (stars/planets/black holes/etc) simulated in a realistic way. 360 more words

Letter to the Editor - Curiosity in Guyana


Dear Editor,

In May 2018, the Amateur Astronomers Association of Guyana held its first essay competition. The grand prize was the giveaway of a beginner’s telescope, which was awarded to a vibrant young mind, 18-year-old Omari Joseph.

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The missing third of baryonic matter may be found

The matter visible as galaxies and intracluster gas in the local Universe accounts for only about 10% of the baryonic matter expected from primordial nucleosynthesis. Taken all known forms of baryonic matter together, ca a third is still… 226 more words