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Something About Cascina

From 2009 to 2010 I had a contract for teaching English classes at the then recently inaugurated Istituto Comprensivo at Gallicano. It was a fun time, the students were great and I was very glad to be teaching in a building which incorporated all the latest anti-seismic wave safety features. 1,200 more words


Gravitational waves detected

Gravitational waves have been detected, Einstein was right

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it!”

After 100 years of searching, an international team of physicists has confirmed the existence of Einstein’s gravitational waves, marking one of the biggest astrophysical discoveries of the past century.  692 more words

Why Seasons Make No Sense Every year on Groundhog Day (Feb. 2),...

Why Seasons Make No Sense

Every year on Groundhog Day (Feb. 2), people pull a marmot/woodchuck/groundhog/whistle pig out of a box and ask it when winter will end.

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February 12 - NEAR Goes Far

On February 12th 2001, NASA successfully landed the NEAR-Shoemaker probe onto the surface of asteroid 433 Eros, completing the first ever successful soft-landing on an asteroid. 285 more words


LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves from Merging Black Holes

Gravitational radiation has been directly detected. The first-ever detection was made by both facilities of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in Washington and Louisiana simultaneously last September. 142 more words


KHNL: Einstein's right again: Scientists detect ripples in gravity

By SETH BORENSTEINAP Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP) – It was just a tiny, almost imperceptible “chirp,” but it simultaneously opened humanity’s ears to the music of the co… 202 more words