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Our STAR , The Sun

Well it gives us life from the energy it throws our way, photosynthesis for plants and vitamin D for us.

It has been worshiped throughout the ages. 617 more words

The sun is always shining on Joan Feynman

“I knew the names of the planets in order before I went to kindergarten,” Joan Feynman, the younger sister of the famous physicist, told me. “My father was delighted by science. 869 more words


A Black Hole

In continuation of my post Little Girl’s poetry published on 6th July 2015

Every galaxy has a giant black hole

You’ll be surprised if you know… 65 more words


Is there life on Comet 67P?

Ever since the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission successfully deposited the Philae lander on Comet 67P on November 12th last year most of the stories in the press have concerned the fact that it had lost power a few days later and had gone into hibernation.  403 more words

News Stories

Relatively Speaking

While writing yesterday’s post and double-checking the barycenter equation, I came across a marvelous statement that the earth doesn’t rotate around where the earth-sun barycenter is… 898 more words


Space Travel: A Nazi hoax?

What if the entire space travel program was actually a hoax? Yes I am serious, and yes I believe I have some evidence that points to this. 430 more words