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A Word on Ancient Religions based on Seven Sciences - Its Evidences

This reason for quoting Helena Blavatsky, is precisely the reason, that she, more than her criticisers, grasps the hidden meanings of the texts she presents. Once, the student themselves, or with others, trace along the same lines she took, as well as the authors she consults, what is to some but non-sense and “woo-woo,” will become patent. 1,361 more words


From NASA NExSS: "NExSS Coalition to Lead Search for Life on Distant Worlds" April 2015 but Important


Last Updated: July 30, 2015
Editor: Sarah Loff

The search for life beyond our solar system requires unprecedented cooperation across scientific disciplines. NASA’s NExSS collaboration includes those who study Earth as a life-bearing planet (lower right), those researching the diversity of solar system planets (left), and those on the new frontier, discovering worlds orbiting other stars in the galaxy (upper right). 1,816 more words

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Saturn at Solar Conjunction

Monday November 30th the planet Saturn will have reached the astronomical coordinates that officially place it at solar conjunction. From our perspective the planet is behind the Sun, or on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth. 178 more words


Why We Have So MANY Planets in Solar System?

I didn’t plan to solve any problem in this article. I am just surprised that why there’re 8 planets in the solar system, which is more than any other alien planetary system we’ve discovered up to now! 175 more words


From Ethan Siegel: "How Do Black Holes Make Such Bright Quasars?"

Starts with a Bang

Ethan Siegel

Image credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser.

If they eat everything they come in contact with, how do quasars shine so bright? 1,046 more words

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New on 500px : orion complex by DeSelby by DeSelby

“The Orion Molecular Cloud Complex (or, simply, the Orion Complex) is a large group of bright nebulae, dark clouds, and young stars in the Orion constellation. 445 more words




在卡爾.薩根 (Carl Sagan) 的小說《超時空接觸》(Contact) 電影尾聲,主角 Ellie Arroway 說:「宇宙之大,超越我們的任何想像。如果只有我們,那真是太浪費地方了。」

The universe is a pretty big place. It’s bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before.

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