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Astronomy in Pictures #1-Half Moon

As a photographer, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Moon. It can be a pest when trying to take night sky pictures, as it tends to blow out the majority of, if not all stellar detail in one big, white blob of light. 123 more words

Grab Yourself a Corona!

I think it’s fair to say that nerdom/geekdom extends well beyond the typical subject matter in many cases – comics, superhero movies, video games – and can easily move into the territory of huge passion regarding other interests. 428 more words


Put a Little Science in it

Shooting for the Stars this summer in Hartsville! (at Coker College)

The summer camp is off to a great start and our scholars have travel to new heights. 233 more words


The Niagara Falls of Mars

Imagen del día (NASA)

Various researchers are often pre-occupied with the quest for flowing water on Mars. via NASA http://ift.tt/2shuEvD