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Following Our Space Probes: "Dawn” Approaches Ceres

The NASA spacecraft, “Dawn”, will enter first orbit around the asteroid/dwarf planet Ceres next week. Cool!

This week images were taken to, among other things, figure out exactly how Ceres rotates. 225 more words


Solar Cycle 24—Ending February At Low Activity

Solar Cycle 24 activity is relatively low as the month of February comes to a close. On February 27, only three visible Sunspot clusters could be seen. 338 more words


Day 56: Photograph

the goddess of love
bathing in drops of moonlight
with Mars– god of war 10 more words

365 Days Of Writing

Ceres Business

Aloha – Dawn has arrived, well almost arrived for its 16 month orbit of Ceres (largest asteroid or mini-planet) that is located in our Asteroid Belt.   159 more words

Science Fiction

The Star Trek crew and the Enterprise via NASA

Via Knowmore:

NASA posted the photo above on Friday, following news that Leonard Nimoy passed away in Los Angeles at age 83. The photo shows NASA officials and “Star Trek” cast members standing together in 1976 in front of NASA’s space shuttle Enterprise, named for show’s iconic spacecraft.

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Watch The Spectacular Comet LoveJoy as it Bursts into a Stunning Stream of Light

Comet Lovejoy has made a surprise appearance in an image taken by the world’s most powerful digital camera. In all its radiance and brilliance, sporting a green tail, LoveJoy dazzled its onlookers. 1,013 more words

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