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Happy New Year 2015

 Happy New Year to everyone!

Know what future has in store for you in Year 2015.

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Calf with three eyes: Re-incarnation of Lord 'Shiva'?

Recently, a calf born with a third eye in Kolathur village of Tamil Nadu, India has become the center of attention around the world. Though some people have been arguing that it might be a deformity that resembles the eye but, call them believers or superstitious, the Hindu villagers believe that the calf is the re-incarnation of the Hindu God ‘Lord Shiva’. 111 more words

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Quick Facts About Palm Reading

Palm reading has been practiced in India since ancient times as a science to predict future events. It has its roots in Indian astrology. The lines etched on the palm are studied in order to understand the native’s personality traits and future and past events. 173 more words

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What Makes Gemini Venkaiah Naidu a go-getter?

While recalling the fanfare that was the swearing-in ceremony of central ministers just the last month, this middle aged man who came in a lungi stands out in the memory; The Union Minister with a receding hairline and expanding waistline, who had been given too many ministries-Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty alleviation and Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. 442 more words

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From the nation’s Bahu to the nation’s Educator!

Human Resource, economics says, is the most important of all things required for an economy to grow. India, a joke says, is country where it is easier to find God than to find a place where there are no people. 455 more words

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Wedding bells for Aftab Shivadasani

Weddings in India are the biggest productions ever. There is the bride, the bridegroom, the tons of money spent and the flashiness, enough to turn someone blind. 469 more words

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Scorpio is known for her seductive ways

#Scorpio is known for her seductive ways. It’s impossible to ignore her when she’s in the room.

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