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Homework #1- Songs in their Heads Reading

1.  What do these children know about music? What can they do?

The children in the reading know more about music than perhaps they realize.  They sing songs with rhythms that look complex when notated, but are actually quite natural to the speaking/singing voice (swung eighths, dotted-eighth–sixteenth patterns, quarter note triplets, etc).   699 more words

From ASU: "How a university went into space: ASU's story"


August 27th, 2015
Scott Seckel

A Mars rover replica at ASU. The university has played roles in 25 missions to eight planets, three asteroids, two moons and the sun. 2,535 more words

Basic Research

ASU's Welcome Week Was A Good Sign Of What's To Come

As expected, ASU‘s Welcome Week was a wild time. Normally what happens is that freshman arrive, try and go get crazy, and then somehow end up arrested or with a MIC or MIP ticket–which ruins their entire year. 122 more words


Lighting Demo - Graham Bosch

Test photographing Fabian Estrada using a 1500w light and an umbrella in front of a bright background.


WATCH: Dude Asks ASU Students to 'Netflix & Chill,' & They Get Really Confused

What exactly does “netflix and chill” mean? Like I have Netflix, and I think I like to chill? But I get the feeling combining them doesn’t mean what I think it means. 70 more words