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Tempe and ASU team up to provide new transportation options

Link to article written for the State Press by Maddie Johnson

Tempe and ASU are seeking ASU’s help to alleviate congestion with new transportation plans… 6 more words


Arizona college students reveal their stories about using learning stimulants

Link to article written for the State Press by Maddie Johnson and Harper Speagle-Price

“As drugs such as Adderall become more popular, more students share stories of how these drugs affect their lives” 7 more words


Ajatuksia päiväkodin aloittamisesta


Niin se on taas uusi viikko ja uudet kujeet. Meillä oli tänään pikkuisen kerhopäivä. Lähistöllämme pidetään pari kertaa viikossa sellaista perhekerhoa, jossa olemme käyneet tämän syksyn. 296 more words


Police arrest 2 teens after stolen truck gets stuck south of Saskatoon

Saskatoon police arrested two teens after a stolen truck got stuck in a field south of the city on Monday.

An officer spotted the Ford F-350 in the 1300-block of Lorne Avenue shortly before 3 a.m. 190 more words


Communication Without Sound

By: Samantha Morse

Lipreading is the technique of understanding speech by visually interpreting the movement of the lips.

Only one problem, “While lip reading skills can help in communication, only about 30% of all speech is visible on the lips.” according to a study conducted by Georgia Tech Research Institute. 648 more words

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Go to ASU Concerts at the Center while staying in furnished rentals in Phoenix

ASU Concerts at the Center showcases the many musical endeavors that are pursued at Arizona State University. This upcoming event will be performed by faculty and students from this nationally ranked School of Music. 39 more words

Stuck in the Middle: How Businesses are Handling the Arizona Center Construction

Since the beginning of the academic year, there has been extensive construction on the Arizona Center. The huge makeover involves adding more elevator shafts and redoing the central area where the fountain and staircase used to be. 130 more words