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So You Are Just Gonna Play Music All Day For People?

” What are you doing with your life after high school?”

I  have absolutely hated getting  this question for the past 6 months. I do know what I am doing with my life, but once I tell people what I’m doing, they have more questions and then I am stuck in a conversation that I do not want to be in. 406 more words


ASU SolarSPELL Peace Corps training in Micronesia: Three Years in FSM!

The ASU SolarSPELL team traveled to Pohnpei, in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), in July 2017, to carry out a training on the solar digital libraries with a new cohort of Peace Corps volunteers. 859 more words

Pacific Islands

Forever Alone?

Dear Old Phart,

I’ve tried it all! Blind dates, set ups, online apps, meeting  guys at bars, at school or at work…. but I still can’t seem to find a “significant other”. 291 more words

Advice Column

Run Till(man) you Drop

The 13th annual Pat’s run in Tempe, Arizona brought thousands of people to support one cause. Watch this video to hear more about the extent of this years event.


United States Department of Education Discrimination Complaint  

Faculty Members who took part in discriminatory actions:

Betsy Schneider, Adriene Jenik, Mark Klett, Binh Dahl, Julie Annad, Liz Allen, William Jenkins, Stephen Marc    

Claim: 346 more words

Why Do You Train? Powerlifters Connor and Wesley

I launched a new series on Youtube entitled “Why Do You…”. I explore the different forms of fitness and interview athletes and individuals about what it is that pulls them to the sport and/or activities that they’re so involved in and passionate about. 104 more words