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How To Have The Most Productive School Year


Before the sesmter even starts, you check to see if the syllabus has been posted or if there’s anything you need to get done before classes start. 737 more words



Well, this will be my first post on this blog, so first things first, hello! My name is Courtney and along with the majority of my fellow college students I am an avid consumer of caffeine, a late night snack connoisseur (especially involving cheese), and a wanttobefitbutalsowanttotakeanap indecision-er. 905 more words


Bloggy maintenance.

Totally hypothetical question: What would you do if at 4:00am you heard a very loud, repetitive noise that sounded like someone attacking a car with a sledgehammer, but when you rush to the window, you see it’s a half-naked guy… 522 more words

1-Minute Topical


School has begun and I’m pretty annoyed at myself because my overall plans didn’t pan out the way I wanted. I didn’t find a job in time to do the payment plan for my classes so now I am going to be behind a semester in math if no late start classes open up. 423 more words

Dorm DIYs: How to turn your drab dorm into a creative cave

August 12, 2016

Living in a small dorm can be tricky. You want to fit all of your stuff in there, while staying organized and keeping it livable. 243 more words

Transgender resources in the ASU community and around the Valley

April 27, 2016 –

According to findings from the Williams Institute, the transgender population represents about .3 percent of American adults. However, the National Transgender Discrimination Survey… 832 more words

Resources for homeless population in ASU and Valley community

April 27, 2016 –

Organizations at ASU and shelters throughout the Phoenix area are doing their part in assisting the homeless population.

According to the  643 more words