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If no call I'll go to Argentina

Day 15 – Asuncion

August 30th 2014


I had once spent the night on a bench in the low-budget terminal of the Kuala Lumpur airport and I can tell you, that is not a Shangri-La or Four Seasons experience, but this one was one notch up from that. 1,181 more words


Dear Trish, Re: LDR

I’m sorry – last night was rough. After having a less than stellar day, I wanted you here to cheer me up. No matter how often we try to be there for each other over the phone or through late night FaceTime conversations, an empty void remains unfilled by a lack of physical presence. 348 more words

Paraguay pt. 2: Asunción

If you haven’t already, read part 1 of our visit to Paraguay.

In Asuncion, Paraguay’s capital city, we stayed at Urbanian Hostel. Clean and pleasant, the guest mix was surprising. 971 more words


dear trish,

From zero to twenty-five degrees latitude- North & south…

We’ve covered enough ground in 5 months to bury an army of giants.

From thirty-five in asuncion to negative 10 C – In an igloo.  91 more words

Paraguay pt. 1: Welcome!

When you ask a Brazilian what they think about Paraguay, the answer is almost always the same. “What? No, don’t go there! Very dangerous… 663 more words


The Path Less Travelled: Five Lesser-Known Travel Locations

When you are travelling, there is no worse feeling than the realisation that you’ve missed somewhere amazing. When you’ve come thousands of miles to visit this place — when it’s probably the only time you’ll ever be there — the idea that you’re missing a highlight is infuriating. 1,407 more words

Travel Writing

Eight Soldiers Killed In Paraguay Ambush

At least eight soldiers have been killed, following an ambush on a military patrol, by suspected rebels, in Paraguay. 130 more words