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Paraguay - Go for the Passport Stamp, Stay for the People

Latin America is, for the most part, a super friendly place, and it’s not uncommon to be invited into people’s lives and homes even though they barely know you. 968 more words

Solo Travel

Willkommen a San Bernadino

This marks the first long weekend since school started, and here, as the first day of Spring was September 21, just last night on October 2nd, the clocks “sprung forward” for daylight savings. 598 more words

From Trash to Treasure

 A story of creativity and inspiration.

This story speaks for itself. It is worth watching.

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace 

Never underestimate the healing power of music.
Wellbeing Corner

The Event

A few weeks before the John Maxwell event, we decided to go to the Anglican Church that had an English service. We wanted to see if there was anyone who would offer to be interpreters and I was looking forward to see what an Anglican service would be like as well. 583 more words


A Slice of Life in Paraguay

On our way down to Paraguay, a nice surprise was being bumped up to first class on our flight to Panama. Mike is often bumped being 1K but this time they said I could go beyond the veil too! 840 more words


Celebrating Asunción

Last Tuesday (now two weeks ago) was a day off, a holiday to celebrate the founding of  Asunción…480 years ago by Spanish conquistadores, members of an expedition headed by Pedro de Mendoza. 453 more words