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Final Fantasy XI Journal - Entry 2 - Changing Directions

Rexis here!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out my first FFXI journal entry! There was an unprecedented turn out for that and it took me completely by surprise. 834 more words


Final Fantasy XI Journal - Entry 1 - Humble Beginnings

Rexis here!

Welcome to this new category of writing for my little corner of the internet. This will be the first journal entry regarding my return to Final Fantasy XI. 1,597 more words


Blaugust Day 25: Asura Alt Collection - The Rest (GW2)

The other asura in my alt stable are nowhere near as formed as the first three.

I just made them to have them, and start them on the whole birthday gifts process, while filing them on the “to someday level” list. 646 more words

Guild Wars 2

Blaugust Day 24: Asura Alt Collection – The Warrior (GW2)

I find it very tedious to run dungeons.

My charr warrior that was originally planned as a dungeon/fractal runner somehow ended up as a Teq and Triple Trouble Wurm killer, hanging out around Sparkfly Fen and Bloodtide Coast. 763 more words

Guild Wars 2

Renungan #Gita: Mayoritas Rajin Beribadah, Tapi Percaya Hanya Pada Kekuatan Duniawi (Materi)?

Percaya hanya pada Kekuatan Duniawi, atau siapa saja yang memiliki kekuasaan, kewenangan

Bhagavad Gita 17:4

“Mereka yang berkecenderungan Sattva memuja para dewa (menghormati kekuatan-kekaatan alam); mereka yang bersifat Rajas memaja para yaksa dan raksasa (menganggap materi dan kenikmatan indra segala-galanya); mereka yang memiliki sifat Tamas memuja roh leluhur yang sudah meninggal, bahkan roh-roh yang sedang gentayang (sekadar percaya buta, bahkan pada ajaran-ajaran yang sudah tidak relevan, dan enggan melakoni sesuatu).” Bhagavad Gita 17:4… 408 more words

Anand Krishna

Blaugust Day 22: Asura Alt Collection – The Guardian (GW2)

Yep, a second guardian.

From very early on, I knew a charr guardian was going to be my main in Guild Wars 2, but coming a very close second was the idea of an asura guardian. 1,213 more words

Guild Wars 2

Blaugust Day 20: Asura Alt Collection - The Ranger (GW2)

I need another one of those quick posts again, because I’m seriously starved on time lately.

It’s all I can do to knock out one set of GW2 dailies (hit the three easiest – < 30 minutes), and then go on to one set of Trove dailies (fill the star bar – also < 30 minutes.) 1,074 more words

Guild Wars 2