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Martial God Asura Epub

Epub AudioBook 169 views. 6:41. Martial God Asura Chapter 0081 – Duration: 6:01. Martial God Asura Chapter 119 – A Worthwhile Journey – Duration: 8:16. Status: Ongoing Current ePub: Synopsis Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate, cursed with below average looks and height but with aspiring dreams of ~成長チートでなんでもできるようになったが、無職だけは辞められないようです~ ~I’ve become able to do anything with my Growth Cheat Hi First of all thank you for making the epubs i really appreciate it. 334 more words

Book Review 11 - Asura - Tale of the Vanquished

I had lived as Ravana and I would die as Ravana. I did not intend to become Rama, the perfect man and God. There was no dearth of gods in my country.

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La swastika e’ un simbolo millenario, usato un po’ in tutto il mondo da migliaia di anni. I Buddisti venerano la sacralita’ di questo simbolo da millenni, così come gli Europei che lo conobbero fin dai flussi migratori verso ovest delle civilta’ indoeuropee. 439 more words

Storia Umana

On Demonology

On an unintentionally related note, the way I did my makeup for the video is reminiscent of how Chinese demons get depicted in film. It was totally unintentional. 1,064 more words

Personal Spirituality

Music that enhances my mood: A is for Asura

I have been listening to ambient-trance like Asura, Aes Dana, and Solar Fields.

Right now, I’m listening to Asura, the album is Life(squared). It’s amazing how this album progresses. 76 more words


[AAC / Variable / iTunes] V.A - 汚部屋レコーズ コンピレーション Vol.1 -10th Anniversary-

Release Date: December 16, 2017

01 – 私たちは汚部屋レコーズです (刻, A-QUIK, SHUYA & マタニティグッズ)
02 – 地獄からの脱走 (A-QUIK)
03 – 俺は童貞じゃねぇ! -I’m not Dohtei- (SHUYA) 13 more words