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Bot - Asuran Points Farming


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You need to have hard mode in Eotn !
Start the bot in Rata Sum… 157 more words

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A Look Into Tyria: Rata Pten

Northwest of Mt. Maelstrom, lies the ancient asura city of Rata Pten, built into the walls of Criterion Canyon. Little remains, only the husk of what was once a bustling city is left standing. 208 more words


2 Karakter Utama: Yang Kondusif dan Yang Tidak bagi Peningkatan Kesadaran #BhagavadGita

“Rokok sudah terbukti merusak kesehatan si perokok sendiri, merusak kesehatan siapa pun yang secara tidak langsung menghirup asap rokok, merusak lingkungan, dan yang terakhir ini penting sekali namun mungkin tidak pernah kita perhatikan. 712 more words

Anand Krishna

Asura Biker

Time to roll, inspired by my beam friend Sololoso‘s Roadhog pinup :)


The Races of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 by far is one of the most famous MMORPG online, and its popularity even swelled when the base game became free-to-play on August 2015. 493 more words


Soul Eater review, by Anime Binge

Can a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad final episode totally ruin the enjoyment of 50 prior episodes? It did for me. If you want to find out for yourself, watch Soul Eater. 1,134 more words


Unit Review - Asuras


Historical Inspiration

In Hindu mythology, Asuras are superhuman demigod/demon lords that compete for power with the nice-guy Devas. “Asura” is also used to describe being at the peak of a domain, knowledge or ability. 464 more words

Unit Review