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Reasons Why Anime Is Not For Kids

It’s widely believed by the uninitiated public that anime is for kids.

If you enjoy anime, you likely ran into a person that declared to your very face “anime is for kids”, but is that truly the case? 712 more words

General Assessments


Asura is the Sanskrit word for demon. Sura is used to refer to gods and asura literally means ‘the opposite of sura’. The only reason I decided to watch this movie is because the movie’s title sounded interesting. 707 more words


Hudur Durga (হুদুড় দুর্গা)

Conversation with Ajit Prasad Hembram : Chhandak, Ujjwal & Pramod

The conversation with Ajit Prasad Hembram was held in Centre for Studies in Social Science (old building), in 2016.

2,193 more words

Dio Brando vs Asura

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Suggested by Random Dio Brando is pretty skilled and he has certainly generated some intense memes over the years. That being said, he won’t be able to deal with Asura’s incredible speed and strength. 40 more words


A Dungeon Crawler Based on Indian Mythology

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Asura is a hack and slash that puts you in the role of a dangerous demon fighting an evil maharaja. Inspired by Indian myths and full of intense combat, it’s this week’s Indie Pick. 346 more words


Asura Review

Asura is a top-down hack ‘n’ slash game which draws heavily from the rogue-like genre for a unique procedural experience designed to challenge players. This indie game is unforgiving and it doesn’t hold the players hand during the first level. 782 more words