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gg: Interconnectivity--Nature and Technology

Hi everyone, it’s Alex.

Yesterday I was playing with my asura, Denekk, and he had to stop off at Rata Sum for his personal story. I love Rata Sum. 656 more words

Guild Wars 2

cc: Once a Miscreant, Always a Miscreant

Greetings, readers. It’s Denekk here.

I had some things to do today. I’ve been working with the Order of Whispers to rescue the esteemed Professor Gorr–a brilliant asura who has theorized that the Elder Dragons consume magic, but who was apprehended by a group of rotten spies called the Arcane Eye. 267 more words

Guild Wars 2

Asura is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (02/20/15)

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows: 166 more words


The game of the good, the evil and the ignorant masses

I could have chosen also different terms instead of good, evil and ignorant. For example “The game of the Suras, the Asuras and the ignorant masses”. 1,890 more words

Spiritual Development

Asura Interview (Post Black Metal: Pereira, Colombia)

Another band from Colombia! ASURA mixes the power of Black Metal with the harmonies and melodies of post rock with no fear of sounding and looking different from most of bands in the scene. 559 more words


The Demon Within & Without

We all like to think of ourselves as nice people. And almost every time that’s true. We are nice people. By default, i.e.

Nice is an inherited; nay, an imposed definition of how we should be. 507 more words