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VE Monk+ Special Edition

A Colorful Monk!

You have to be living under a rock not to be familiar with Monks. These $5 earbuds became an overnight sensation in different audio communities, and then captured attention of many regular consumers by being one of the top selling audio products on MassDrop. 400 more words

Earphone Review

Book Review : ‘Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished’

First Published in: 2012

Author: Anand Neelakantan


Story begins with Ravana lying in pool of blood having lost the battle with Rama, looking back at his life from childhood until that day. 508 more words

Book Reviews

Denethor the Asura

In the figure of Denethor, Tolkien accurately portrays a common type of human being. We all know someone like Denethor — unfortunately, often a colleague, friend, sibling, or even parent. 1,725 more words

A Look Into Tyria: Rata Pten

Northwest of Mt. Maelstrom, lies the ancient asura city of Rata Pten, built into the walls of Criterion Canyon. Little remains, only the husk of what was once a bustling city is left standing. 208 more words

Guild Wars 2

2 Karakter Utama: Yang Kondusif dan Yang Tidak bagi Peningkatan Kesadaran #BhagavadGita

“Rokok sudah terbukti merusak kesehatan si perokok sendiri, merusak kesehatan siapa pun yang secara tidak langsung menghirup asap rokok, merusak lingkungan, dan yang terakhir ini penting sekali namun mungkin tidak pernah kita perhatikan. 712 more words

Anand Krishna