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Of wine and virtue

“Virtue will desert the man who through lack of wisdom drinks wine. He will be an object of scorn to all. This is my message to humanity, which should be regarded as an imperative scriptural injunction.” 54 more words


Pure Good and Evil are Non Existent

“We are two sides of the same coin.” Indian mythology, the very core of Hinduism says so many stories, and all transcends to one result the good over evil, the Deva’s defeating the Asura’s. 1,222 more words

Mysteries of Angor Wat

Join Jonette on a Sacred Journey to Southeast Asia in November!

The Home of the Gods?

One of the ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’ Angkor Wat in Cambodia may be on your ‘bucket list.’ For most of us, Angkor Wat conjures images of an Indiana Jones explorer stumbling through the jungle coming upon giant, carved blocks of stone strangled in vines and labyrinths of tree roots, and so re-discovering a place lost in time. 1,207 more words

Jonette Crowley

Book Review: Shatru (Kronikles Book-1) by Vadhan

With sudden spate of mythology based fiction in Indian literary market, the reader is often perplexed about which one to pick from the wide range of options available. 549 more words

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About the ungodlike Abrahamic god - Michel Danino

“I find it highly symbolic that Judaism should have been born in blood and fear, not out of love for its founding deity. As Sri Aurobindo put it, “The Jew invented the God-fearing man; India the God-knower and God-lover.” It probably took centuries for the old cults to disappear altogether, and a stream of prophets who sought to strike terror into the hearts of the Israelites. 2,040 more words


The Temple Elephants of Thekkampatti

Report Saesha Nadar

I am happy to report some wonderful news from Thekkampatti. On the banks of the Bhavani river near Mettupalayam a rejuvenation camp for temple elephants has been inaugurated. 330 more words


Paths are many, the Rishi’s call it by many names

One of the most common quotes I hear from Hindu’s is that we are all one, all the religions teach the same thing, and there is no difference between Hinduism and other religions. 1,458 more words

Understanding Hinduism