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He Crossed the Lily with Grasses

This question comes to us from a reader in Croatia. We thought it might be a question that other spiritual researchers had and that our answer might be useful to others. 1,240 more words

Meet the author : D Kalyanaraman

Our friends at KitaabWorld interviewed author D Kalyanaraman about writing and his inspiration for The Sorcerer of Mandala. Here is a little teaser –

D Kalyanaraman… 52 more words


The Dravidian Script of the Harappa - Mohenjodaro Civilization

The Vedic language came with the Aryans entering greater India. Vedic had lots its vitality as it marched for about 10, 000 years carrying the Rg Veda and the Yajurveda. 610 more words

Shiva’s Contribution to our Civilization

We can roughly say that civilization first started sprouting after the prehistoric age of the human race, that is, from the days of the first composition of the Rg Veda, about 15,000 years ago. 1,132 more words

The Battle Between the Devas and Asuras 7000 Yeas Ago

Between 7000 and 10,000 years ago the Aryans entered India from the northwest. There was a collision of the three ethnic group, the Austrics, the Mongolian group who came to India from Tibet and China and the Aryan who were mostly the Mediterranean subgroup of Aryans. 703 more words

Of wine and virtue

“Virtue will desert the man who through lack of wisdom drinks wine. He will be an object of scorn to all. This is my message to humanity, which should be regarded as an imperative scriptural injunction.” 54 more words


Pure Good and Evil are Non Existent

“We are two sides of the same coin.” Indian mythology, the very core of Hinduism says so many stories, and all transcends to one result the good over evil, the Deva’s defeating the Asura’s. 1,222 more words