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A rant against Asus

Asus might well be one of the biggest and most recognised brands in the personal computing industry, but I’m starting to question just why they are. 417 more words


How to (Not) Overclock a Xeon 2660 V4

This summer I dumped my connection to Apple and built myself a super computer.  I’ve not regretted it for a second but due to the unique nature of my setup I’ve had quite a few questions about it.  609 more words

AMD 14nm Vega 10 Architecture high end card will deliver 1024 GB/s compared to NVIDIA GTX 1080 at 320GB/s

If you are into high end gaming, wanting more higher speed discrete graphics processing unit, you might have to wait for the war between the two Graphics giants AMD and NVIDIA. 39 more words

新品電池パックアスース C41N1337

大容量C41N1337互換バッテリー人気発売中,ASUS All In One Portable AiO PT2001 19.5inch対応互換 ノートパソコン バッテリー充電池,新品電池パックアスース C41N1337 。66wh ,15V 。

  • アスース ノートPCバッテリーASUS All In One Portable AiO PT2001 19.5inch詳細情報:
  • 【電圧】: 15V…
  • 157 more words

Amazon Prime users get to watch HBO for free, join the 30 days free trial today

HBO and Cinemax were launched on Amazon Prime, which means you can now view old and new episodes of “Game of Thrones” or “Westworld” right on one channel. 40 more words

ASUS ROG GX800: Laptop for the price of a car will release in December

Gaming Laptop ASUS ROG GX800 with SLI-bunch of video cards based on GPU NVIDIA Pascal was announced last summer, but at the time of its presentation or price or terms of the beginning of sales have not been announced. 44 more words