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Her mind – blank. Her feet – worn out. Her hands – gnarled. Her stomach – growling.

Cicadas chirped that one summer evening, as she dragged herself through the river of thorns and thickets. 73 more words


Filipino Aswang: A commentary on "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang"

Monsters are created

It is enthralling to know that Philippine cinema still incorporate folklore tales. It is a refresher from the plethora of covetous plots that moviegoers indulge in. 908 more words


In The Dark of the Night

14. Hideous sound in the dark.

Dear Necromancers and affiliates, this is a particularly frustrating topic. Hideous sounds are…well common. As staples of horror go, strange sounds in the dark are about as standard as lights flickering. 499 more words


Aswang or Manananggal Spotted in Aklan!

Mythical creatures are always part of filipino folklore. They are usually human-like by day and transform into a monstrous creature in the night, eating human especially pregnant women. 21 more words

A Face In The Crowd

One of the things I enjoy about Lunar New Year in Binondo are the characters put on their “Sunday best” and entertain the crowd. You have fire-eaters and the occasional “ 56 more words


Aling Rosario

Aling Rosario
by #kimdt6

TANAW ni Ruby ang kumpulan ng mga tao sa labas ng kalsada, may ambulansiya at patrol car ang nakahinto. Minabuti niyang makiusyuso sa kalapit na bahay nila. 1,850 more words


You Are Not Alone! Never have been! Never will be!

I believe it’s safe to say just about every culture in existence, in every part of the world, has its stories of unexplained phenomenon and sightings of creatures and phantasms and such. 2,490 more words