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Si bear sekyu

Sshhhhhh. Wag kyo maingay. Natutulog si Daddy Bear Sekyu.

Another manananggal cousin

The abat or awok is the Eastern Visayan variant of the manananggal in Philippine folklore. Like the latter, an abat detaches from its lower half of the body at the waist but instead of growing wings on its back, its arms are the ones that transform into bat-like wings. 36 more words

Philippine Folklore

Background: Birthplace

My upcoming novel, Birthplace, is the first book in a series about werebeasts from Filipino folklore: the aswangIt is also, incidentally, the first book I’ve written that isn’t in the epic fantasy genre…it is paranormal YA. 327 more words

Caught On Cam: Alleged 'Aswang' Was Photographed And Is Now Going Viral! Is This Real?

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Filipino folklore are very colorful and interesting as many of our ancestors have passed on tales of legends and myths of different night creatures. 15 more words

Ang Pagbabalik ni Maria

Ang Pagbabalik ni Maria
by kimdt6


Kabanata 1 –

Joe’s POV
Isang bilog na tela sa lupa ang aking nilatag. Kulay abo ang makapal na telang iyon. 5,554 more words

Pinoy Horror Story


Her mind – blank. Her feet – worn out. Her hands – gnarled. Her stomach – growling.

Cicadas chirped that one summer evening, as she dragged herself through the river of thorns and thickets. 73 more words


In The Dark of the Night

14. Hideous sound in the dark.

Dear Necromancers and affiliates, this is a particularly frustrating topic. Hideous sounds are…well common. As staples of horror go, strange sounds in the dark are about as standard as lights flickering. 499 more words