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Ethnographic Case Study of a Community Day Center for Asylum Seekers as Early Stage Mental Health Intervention

Author(s): Liana E. CHASE ; Cécile ROUSSEAU



Clinical guidelines in refugee mental health increasingly advocate phased approaches to intervention that foreground the provision of pragmatic and social support in contexts of ongoing instability.

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Lindsey Graham: Vote Me Out If You Oppose Amnesty and Outsourcing ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ......

Story at Breitbart, image from newsweek.com.

Graham has advanced his career by exploiting Americans’ cold war fear, their fear of technology and their hypocritical objections to imperialism. 26 more words


‘I Want to Die for Allah’ Shouted Migrant Who Stabbed Police Officer .. .. .. ..

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ㅤIn times past, our enemies have been ideologies, not the people who follow the ideologies. The early Catholic church, not the Catholics. 44 more words


My Disappointment With the Rebirth of Rangers, and Losing Love for My Football Team

Around 18 months ago, I wrote an article here about the St. Louis Rams move to Los Angeles, and perhaps surprisingly, one of the most salient points from it was how some of the magic of football comes from everyone being born in proximity to a team; and in fact, that everyone almost spiritually finds a team as something of a birth rite. 3,115 more words


Obama DHS Chief Is Mad Trump's 'Tough Rhetoric' Scares off Illegal Immigrants — Doesn't Realize That's the Point

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National security nearly always conflicts with Christian ethics. Ask any combat veteran.

His Holiness Jeh Johnson…


“Illegal or contrary to public policy”

Last week, non-profit environmental organisations received a letter from the Australian Government which the Guardian’s Lenore Taylor characterised as having “ominous implications”. It asks them, for the first time, to curtail their commitment to promoting the public good by rethinking the time and resources they devote to public advocacy. 1,102 more words


Forgetting its roots: Israel and asylum seekers

Some migrants in Israel and their employers are reeling from the effects of a new measure targeting Africans who entered the country illegally. Under the so-called deposit law, an Anti-Infiltration Law amendment that took effect May 1, African asylum seekers… 425 more words