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Vertices, asymptotes for hyperbola using GC

For H2 A level mathematics, JC students seems to have difficulty in memorising the equations of asymptotes. However the GC can calculate them for you (in a way). 80 more words



I waited.

I waited for your cheerful greetings each morning, noon, and evening. I waited for you to wake up and reply to my messages. 176 more words


P2 - Differentiated Instruction

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction. This means that teachers use a variety of instructional strategies or personalized instruction to help students acquire knowledge. Teachers will create opportunities for students to learn the same standards in different forms or with small modifications to fit the students’ needs. 611 more words

P - Practice Effective Teaching

Station Learning Activity - Asymptotes

I wanted to try a station learning activity that was inquiry based. Too often asymptotes are taught to students without much consideration for how or why the functions behave in this particular way. 966 more words


Good vs. Evil

Dudes, this post has layers. Like an onion. Or an ogre.

Also apologies in advance for formatting, I’m too lazy to figure out math type. 916 more words

Acad Oval

In my blue shorts, the UP PE shirt for females , my new Adidas running shoes , and with my earphones and music on, I was jogging around the academic oval at about seven-thirty in the evening. 652 more words


This Belongs Here

Today, I had a bunch of seniors in my office, putzing around, trying to get their math homework done. They’re doing horizontal and vertical asymptotes and they thought it was pretty funny. 125 more words