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How to find horizontal asymptotes?

A horizontal asymptote for a function is a horizontal line that the graph of the function approaches as x approaches ∞ () or -∞ (minus infinity). 324 more words


Multiple Asymptotes and Rational Functions

When sketching rational functions where and are polynomials) in MCV4U, there are many steps in the process when all is said and done. One of these steps is determining whether there are any asymptotes. 596 more words

Ontario Curriculum Mathematics

Light it up Game - Math - 28/03/17

As part of our Grade 9 Extended course we have to cary out a various amounts of investigations. Investigations are there to challenge our brains, because the minimal amount of information is provided.Our current unit is rational functions.   1,421 more words


Mathematical Affliction

We understand where these graphs go
But don’t even bother
To further follow.

These curves they stretch on forever;
Never deviating,
Not ever.

A line a graph keeps approaching… 43 more words