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How to Tell your Asymptote from a Hole in the Graph.

The fifth in the Graphing Calculator / Technology series

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Seeing discontinuities on a graphing calculator is possible; but you need to know how a calculator graphs to do it. 732 more words


Mathematician defines asymptotes.....

Oblique AsympTotes Are Lyk Ür ReAlly Góöd FrNdz, Yoű Can Cróss Them, Būt You Wîll sTay Close In The eNd


Reading the Comics, April 4, 2016: Precursor To April 5 Edition

Comic Strip Master Command followed up its slow times with a rush of comic strips I can talk about. Or that I can sort-of talk about. 355 more words


Parallel Lines Aren't The Most Painful Representations Of People

I always hear people saying that it’s sad how parallel lines never meet. They’re so close to each other and yet, they aren’t given the chance to interact. 422 more words

~ Of Nightmares And Reveries

Asymptotically Yours

Tengo, in 1Q84, compares his life with Math, and with fiction. Originally drawn to math because of it’s simplicity, he realizes that Math always has an answer, whereas life often offers none. 384 more words

The Greatest Love Story

As lines, so loves oblique may well

Themselves in every angle greet;

But ours so truly parallel,

Though infinite, can never meet.

Thus Andrew Marvell finds in geometry a powerful image for classical doomed love: the perfectly matched pair, originating and pointing in the same direction, identical in all but location, incapable of ever getting closer and at the same time locked together with no possibility of moving to the next town. 496 more words


late night laughs, Inside jokes and endless conversations
I never thought I’d be hooked in this kind of situation
I found the joy of talking to someone I barely even know… 251 more words