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Free Time: Critical for Gifted Children Who Engage in Philosophical Thinking?

“Is this a monoculture?” My daughter was four years old when she asked this question as we were driving through a rather large city on our way to an event where my band and I would be performing. 565 more words

Social/Emotional Needs

Learning in waves

I love this blog post about a new model of intellectual development, from Robert Siegler at Carnegie Mellon University.

When my eldest son was a baby, I frequented popular parenting websites. 487 more words

The Intensity of Giftedness with Guest, Dr. Lynette Breedlove

Lynette Breedlove, Ph.D.

Dr.Lynette Breedlove, Director of The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science and Past President of TAGT, joined us this week to discuss the Intensity of Giftedness. 573 more words


Why Smart Kids Worry with guest, Allison Edwards

Our guest this week was Allison Edwards, author of Why Smart Kids Worry: And What Parents Can Do to Help. Allison began working with gifted kids 15 years ago as a school counselor. 496 more words


Leaving Behind Normalcy: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child

By Brianna Safe

Brianna has worked at IEA since 2011 and with gifted students since 2009. She graduated from Biola University with her BA in Humanities and English and is particularly interested in how literary art can inform issues in human psychology about how individuals conceive of themselves and make decisions.  724 more words


Language and Resistance: Am I Gifted, Bright, Normal or Dull, and Does it Even Matter?

Many people with beautiful minds hide it under a bushel basket. This stems not only from a longing for acceptance in a society that values egalitarianism, but also from resistance to facing the prospect of glorious existence. 470 more words

Thoughts And Essays

Felt tips, scissors, French and computer graphics.

Panda and Wolfgirl are both home today yet the house is still a place of calm. One has spent the morning on their computer learning French online and studying computer graphics on a graphics pad, they other has spent the morning cutting pieces of paper up into tiny pieces and colouring them with marker pens. 531 more words