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A Message from New Zealand...

Back from NAGC in Charlotte, and intending to post a blog about the final panel of this year’s convention, I am instead sharing what Rosemary Cathcart (the newest member of the Columbus Group, whose Reach Education online course won an award this year from NAGC’s Professional Development Network–and who flew from the other side of the world to receive it) posted in NZ yesterday. 846 more words


How Homeschooling Helped My Gifted Child

By Suji Rajagopal

A few years ago, another parent and I were waiting for our kids to finish a swim lesson when he asked what school my child goes to. 1,119 more words


The Value of Challenge

Almost all parents of highly to profoundly gifted children know quite well that one of the major difficulties in their children’s education is a lack of appropriate intellectual challenge. 2,087 more words