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Rethinking Maths Struggles

Growing up I was ahead of the curve in many areas of my life and struggled terribly in others. I was years ahead in literacy but I also failed basic maths multiple times. 1,783 more words

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Review: Story of the World: Part I

Creating an education plan for my son has been painful. One of the things that makes gifted children so different from regular kids is their asynchronous development. 797 more words

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Gifted or Impostor -- Living With Asynchrony In Your Kids and Yourself

If you’re gifted, does that mean that you’re always smart? And everything comes easily? All of the time?


But, that can be the expectation. Yours. 558 more words

There's No Why "Phase"

The “Why” phase for kids typically happens as language blossoms around age 3. New words are forming. Conversations are starting. It is a magical time… 608 more words

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Homeschooling the asynchonous

What does asynchronous development look like in a gifted child? It can appear in a variety of ways. In our children it can be everything from reading while still in diapers to correcting the grammar of adults while still in the sippy cup age. 1,086 more words

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Asynchronous Beauty

In the educational realm, giftedness is often linked with high achievement. This has always aggravated me because I’ve accumulated a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the notion that, in many cases, intelligence, creativity, and sensitivity have little to do with achievement. 447 more words


"Poke the Box": Inviting Students to Wonder and Initiate

by Ben Koch

In his 2011 book, Poke the Box: What was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?, prolific marketing and business expert Seth Godin implores us to reclaim the curiosity that drives INITIATION. 1,700 more words

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