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Energy Union: What Think Tanks are thinking

Written by Marcin Cesluk-Grajewski

The European Commission launched a blueprint on 25 February for an Energy Union that would  ensure the free flow of gas and electricity across the European Union, diversify energy supply and move the bloc towards a low carbon economy in what is hoped to be a major shake-up aimed to create growth, job and enhance security. 556 more words


Advancing gender equality in the EU

Written by Rosamund Shreeves

International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to take stock of progress towards gender equality, and 2015 is a pivotal year in this regard. 596 more words


February At a Glance

By Conor Sanchez

February marked six months of us living in Nicaragua, and yet in some ways, it felt like our first real month of work. 815 more words


Accountability of EU regulatory agencies

Written by Nikolai Atanassov

A wide range of EU agencies have been set up to implement policy in specific fields, with the aim of simplifying procedures, ensuring cost-effectiveness, bringing outsourced activities closer to the final beneficiaries and improving visibility of the EU. 1,337 more words


At a Glance: Week of March 2


We will continue working on our voices this week, focusing on projection, rate, pronunciation, diction and articulation.

Learning Targets

By the end of this unit, you should be able to confidently say: 140 more words

At A Glance

Capital Markets Union [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Cesluk-Grajewski

On 18 February, the European Commission unveiled further details of its proposed Capital Markets Union (CMU), its flagship plan to strengthen the economy of the euro area and the European Union by making it easier for companies to raise money on stock and bond markets. 288 more words