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The incoming US Congress's powers to overturn regulations of the previous administration

Written by Micaela Del Monte,

During the election campaign, President-elect Donald Trump stated his intention to repeal or amend regulations issued by the Obama administration. Following the 2016 elections in the USA, as well as the White House the Republicans will hold the majority in both chambers of the 115th Congress. 1,316 more words


Letters Up #21

Jangan diam. Justru diam punya lebih banyak makna daripada kata-kata yang terucap.

At A Glance

Capital Markets Union [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

Since the 2008 financial crunch and the ensuing recession, the European Union has been overhauling its regulation of financial markets to try to avoid any repetition of the crisis and to shore up economic growth. 495 more words


What if computers were trillions of times faster? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Written by Lieve Van Woensel with James Tarlton,

Could the theory of quantum mechanics one day revolutionise commonplace technical devices such as sensors, communication devices and computers? 1,270 more words


At A Glance

At a glance I have seen

All the triumphs in my life.

At a glance I have looked

At my wrongs that could be right. 26 more words

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Tacco in Italian means ‘Heel’ and that’s exactly where this coin-case comes from.

We asked our leather workers, “Just where how did Il Tacco come to be?” so of course they went to their father, Maestro Vasco Capanni. ¬† 191 more words


A new beginning

I believe in chances. Unlimited chances. Because that’s what life and this amazing world offers us. Unlimited experiences, lessons, beauty and¬†moments to be grateful for. 393 more words

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