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Plan for 2017 Right with At-A-Glance Planners from Shoplet 

Hello TRG Gang! The new year is almost here. Can you believe how fast this year flew by. It’s time to get prepared and organized for all that 2017 will bring. 237 more words

Outcomes of COP 22 climate change conference

Written by Gregor Erbach,

The COP 22 climate change conference, which took place in Marrakech (Morocco) from 7-18 November 2016, also served as the first meeting of the parties to the Paris Agreement, which entered into force on 4 November 2016. 557 more words


The upcoming Trump Presidency [What Think Tanks are Thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, won the US presidential election on 8 November, unexpectedly defeating the Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, after a bitter campaign during which the business tycoon, with little political experience, made a number of controversial promises to radically change the government’s policies on migration, health care, climate change, international trade and NATO. 688 more words


The European Council and EU efforts to strengthen the partnership with the United Nations on crisis management

Written by Suzana Elena Anghel,

In June 2016, the European Council ‘welcomed’ the presentation of the Global Strategy for the European Union. One element in the strategy is the recognition of the United Nations’ central role in maintaining international stability, and a call for an integrated EU approach to conflicts and crises. 1,171 more words


Hawaii at a glance

Stay here: Vive Hotel on Waikiki
We stayed at Vive on Waikiki. It’s two blocks south of Waikiki Bay and Kuhio Beach park and two blocks east of the International Market Place. 215 more words


Universal Children's Day 2016

As we mark the UN’s Universal Children’s Day this year, how are children in Europe faring in some of the key areas covered in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and what is the European Union doing to protect their rights and ensure their wellbeing? 1,973 more words


Establishing a Skills Guarantee [Plenary Podcast]

Written by Monika Kiss,

Surveys reveal that 70 million adults have insufficient basic skills, which can lead to problems at individual and societal levels. The Skills Guarantee aims to encourage upskilling pathways at national level, with implementation and monitoring supported by the European Commission. 594 more words