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How gay is Pakistan?

Going through the Netflix videos I had added to my list, I came across the documentary that I was so interested in – ‘How gay is Pakistan’. 499 more words


'Paradise papers' in a nutshell

Written by Cécile Remeur,

The latest leak of tax-related documents, known as the ‘Paradise papers’, was made public on 5 November 2017. The results of a joint investigation are now being released in instalments. 559 more words


Approval of glyphosate: Latest developments

Written by Didier Bourguignon,

Glyphosate, one of the world’s most widely used active substances in herbicides, has become the subject of controversy. A proposal by the European Commission to renew its approval for five years failed to gather a qualified majority of Member States and is to be submitted to an appeal body. 518 more words


Disinformation, 'fake news' and the EU's response

Written by Naja Bentzen,

The impact of the online spread of mis- and disinformation – including false news posing as factual stories – became increasingly visible in the context of the crisis in Ukraine, and gained notoriety as a global phenomenon during the 2016 presidential election campaign in the United States. 1,416 more words


[UPDATED] Pixel's At A Glance like Widget!

Many of you, might have been searching for a Widget similar to Pixel’s at a Glance Widget. And I must tell you your wait is over. 78 more words

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The EU's beekeeping sector

Written by Rachele Rossi,

Every year, the EU’s 600 000 beekeepers and their 16 million beehives produce 200 000 tonnes of honey. This is not however sufficient to cover demand on the EU market, and the shortfall is made up by imports, above all from China. 1,208 more words


US decertification of the Iran nuclear deal

Written by Elena Lazarou,

On 13 October, US President Donald Trump announced his decision not to certify Iran’s compliance with the international nuclear agreement of 2015. 1,173 more words