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Random Photo for 06/28/2015

Today’s photo was taken at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this year.  On display was this huge AT-AT model and throughout the show you could usually find cosplayers around to get some photos.  31 more words


Battle for Hoth.

Just over a week ago, I posted a story about the Battle of Hoth from the Rebel’s point of view. Today, I plan on re-writing that same story from the viewpoint of the Empire. 842 more words

Random Ideas.

Well, I think my mind has officially moved on from Hardcore Mode for a while, so I’ll be getting in the break that I had originally planned out for between seasons one and two. 644 more words

Jurassic Wars

Jurassic World is so hot, even Star Wars wants to hang on to its coattails? Check the funny mashups after the break.

Star Wars

Winnie the Wookie: A Star Wars Childhood

We all know this is what Han and Chewie look like.  But an amazing artist imagines what they would look like if re-imagined as characters from Winnie the Pooh! 9 more words

General Geekery

NXT Star Wars ATAT V3

The ultimate vehicle to strike fear into the hearts of rebel scums! This ATAT is equipped with a blaster (located underneath the head, holds 3 balls), armour plating and an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles in it’s path.

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