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Just Keep a Cool Head

When you learn that LiLmeFromDaFuture’s definite snowspeeder was just a spin-off of a minifigure scale AT-AT project, your heart skips a beat. I wished for this when discussing the snowspeeder, and now we get to see just the… 283 more words


The Vehicles of Star Wars by Scott Park

My friend Brian sent me a link to this set of prints by Scott Park. They’re pretty good fun and show all the vehicles used in the original trilogy from the Blockade Runner all the way through to the Ewok Glider. 56 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Hackaday Links: November 1, 2015

It seems almost compulsory that we start off with a dose of Star Wars. Here’s an epic AT-ST build that motorizes the iconic walker.

That two-legger isn’t going to be lonely. 340 more words

Hackaday Columns

Great, kid! Don't get cocky

Given the excitement around the new Star Wars trailer I thought I would upload some pictures of some models I built. From a company called Fascination, Inc. 62 more words


Star Wars Battlefront Exclusive Trailer For PS4 (Sorry Xbox)

PlayStation has unveiled a new live-action trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront on its YouTube channel. The video features a battle taking place on Hoth, with TIE Fighters and AT-AT walkers making appearances. 183 more words


Shiloh's Guest Hosting on the Swagg_77 Podcast!

This week one of our hosts Shiloh Kamrath joined the guys over at Swagg 77 for a discussion on Star wars Rebels The Lost Commanders. He was also able to defend the honor of the AT-AT in a Republic vs. 22 more words

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