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Mechelen (Belgium) – Come on guys, let’s get ready to travel…



The Ancient Kaiju Project is a series of paintings added to existing paintings to create a sense of worlds colliding! This project is the work of Oliver Wetter, a German artist who just wanted to do something a little different. 253 more words


Mastering the Universe in Style

Sometimes, it’s difficult to appreciate a creation that’s paying homage to source material you’re not familiar with. Well, I’ve only caught glimpses of anything Masters of the Universe, but I have no trouble drooling over… 224 more words


Tee 558

Cat-At loves Yarn!
Designed by Obvian


Where My Star Wars Fans AT-AT?

I’ve been a little lax lately about posting artwork besides my comic strips, but rest-assured I have been drawing lots of other things. I’m going to try and play catch-up, starting with this week’s… 171 more words


3d AT-AT

LIS 7963 Making and Maker Spaces
Week 7

This week we worked on project two. This involved either making a project in Silhouette or in Tinkercad. 160 more words

Makers And Makerspaces

Jeremy Ennis Star Wars Cockpits

Jeremy Ennis has put these microart drawings of various cockpit views from the Star Wars series on his Etsy shop. These are very cool in my opinion. 75 more words

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