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CAT-AT Brings You Prezzies Because It Loves You

ADORABLE! Even more adorable when you can put it on a shirt. Glide on over to TeePublic to get your very own Cat-At Love’s You t-shirt ($14.00).

Star Wars

Lego as Therapy

As a parent of two toddlers, I’ve been using Legos as fill-in babysitters for a while now. If you give my otherwise rather rambunctious, let’s jump off tables son one of the new Mixels, he’ll sit down, be quiet, and totally focus, for a good 30-45 minutes. 482 more words


A Tale of Two Bricks (Lego Microfighters)

I have a new Lego obsession this year: Star Wars Microfighters. How could you honestly not like these figures? They’re cheap, small, easy to put together, and they’re pretty awesome looking. 187 more words


Urban Legend

A few posts back I wrote a haiku poem called Cranes in the Sunset and made a passing reference to the Oakland shipping cranes being the inspiration for the walking war machines in The Empire Strikes Back. 99 more words


Microfighter Showdown: Snowspeeder vs. AT-AT

Last year, Lego kicked of their Star Wars Microfighter line, which is almost a Chibi version of many iconic Star Wars vehicles. Well, about half are iconic. 805 more words


Millennium Falcon Mos Eisley Solhouette papercraft art by Will Pigg

I’ve seen Will Pigg’s silhouette artwork when he initially released his Probe Droid and i love the depth of these shadow . I am glad to report that he’s finally done the… 36 more words

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