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I described these are elephant sized AT-ATs.  Of course, one of my players took the time to shrink themselves, get on a broom, attach a… 389 more words

Iron Gods

Lego Star Wars Microfighters AT-AT #75075

This particular microfighters set was a nice addition to our Lego Star Wars collection.  As my son pretends battle on Hoth, the legs of the AT-AT actually bend down to collapse as they are pretend shot or walking.   62 more words


Rebels Screenshot Spotlight - A Princess on Lothal

Like so many episodes of Rebels, “A Princess on Lothal” features a number of cool callbacks to previous Star Wars designs. Much has already been made of Leia’s outfit… 420 more words


R2-D2: The Force Awakened Me to Draw You

So… I actually drew this back in December. I was inspired, admittedly, by the new Star Wars movie that came out to finally tackle R2-D2… 158 more words


Rey Day!

ReyDay is a response to the news that toy makes were told to exclude Rey from their merchandise.

Lady Damfino is holding an event to show support for The Force Awakens Hero. 168 more words


Star Wars Propagates and Upholds Harmful Stereotypes and Unhealthy Norms Regarding Snow

We’ve all seen The Empire Strikes Back. If you haven’t, then insert some not-so-thinly-veiled insult with regard to your utter ignorance of frivolous pop culture moving picture flicks and geek cultdom. 635 more words