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Where the AT-ATs Roam

Sooner or later, every LEGO builder who’s any sort of Star Wars fan is going to attempt an AT-AT at something more substantial than palmtop scale. 535 more words


Star Wars 1/6 Scale Imperial AT-AT Driver Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review

I’ve professed my love for all the different Trooper variations in the past and plan on getting many of them in this 1/6 scale. Hell, I have a few I haven’t gotten to yet!  689 more words


Throwback Thursday: MPC's "AT-AT" model kit!

Every kid in America in 1981 wanted that huge “AT-AT” imperial walker toy that Kenner produced for their “Star Wars” figures.  (And, hey, if you still want one — they’re fetching around $300 on eBay.)  Well, I didn’t get they AT-AT toy, but I did receive the below model kit from MPC, which was pretty damned cool.   203 more words

AT-ATs in Fall

My second thrift store painting project centered around a painting of a lovely fall scene. As I tried to figure out what exactly I would be adding, I was certain it should be Star Wars related, but it did take me a bit longer with this one to decide what sort of characters or ships I should put it. 72 more words

Star Wars

Walkers: The Goofy Tanks of Star Wars

Hello everyone and welcome to The Sarlacc Pit! I have numerous times before expressed how I absolutely love the different vehicle designs of the Star Wars universe, from the pizza-slice Star Destroyers to the hammerhead shark design of the Corellian Corvettes. 868 more words

walk on by

I still have a lot of Star Wars Lego sketches to show you, but here is one of my favourites so far, of the beloved Lego AT-AT. 110 more words


Ermahgerd, berbie Ert-Ert!

Krawka Crochet has skills. Not the kind of skills that would make a thrilling chase scene in a movie, or look crazy awesome in slow motion in front of an explosion, but still pretty impressive. 111 more words