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Walkers: The Goofy Tanks of Star Wars

Hello everyone and welcome to The Sarlacc Pit! I have numerous times before expressed how I absolutely love the different vehicle designs of the Star Wars universe, from the pizza-slice Star Destroyers to the hammerhead shark design of the Corellian Corvettes. 868 more words

walk on by

I still have a lot of Star Wars Lego sketches to show you, but here is one of my favourites so far, of the beloved Lego AT-AT. 110 more words


Ermahgerd, berbie Ert-Ert!

Krawka Crochet has skills. Not the kind of skills that would make a thrilling chase scene in a movie, or look crazy awesome in slow motion in front of an explosion, but still pretty impressive. 111 more words

Crochet Your Own Sad AT-AT

Lately my significant other had stumbled over a crochet pattern for a really cute baby AT-AT from Star Wars. Although it was low priced I thought I could figure out how to crochet my own AT-AT and make some adjustments to my liking. 1,807 more words

Home And Away

Imperial Maintenance Memo: Circle X'd AT-ATs



SUBJECT: Maintenance Operations on Heavy and Light Armored Vehicles

1.  It has come to the commander’s attention that in the most recent maintenance 026 Report, the company’s complement of AT-AT and AT-ST Imperial Walkers were all listed as Fully Mission Capable (FMC). 684 more words

Star Wars

Star Wars Display at Target

Marv spotted this cool display in the toy section at Target.

The control pad display at the bottom had buttons that didn’t do anything, but the head of the Imperial AT-AT moved back and forth slowly like it was scoping out the terrain, so that was pretty cool. 9 more words