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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath your Feet

It was a busy night in the back yard. Raccoon, coming and going, cat and shoe.


That post where I wrote about me giving up buying unnecessary shit.

Look, I don’t want to alarm anyone but holy Batman, I AM A CONSUMER.

know!  Stop this madness.

Our house is littered with things I have purchased in rash, spur of the moment decisions for ‘legitimate’ reasons such as ‘cute packaging’, ‘I-might-need-it-one-day’, ‘I saw it on Instagram’, ‘it’s on sale’…etc.   479 more words

At Home

To the farm we go

I haven’t posted on a Sunday in awhile so it’s about time I do so. Sundays are all about staying at home, relaxing, and enjoying the day with family…Whether that be outside in the yard or doing nothing and lounging in bed all day. 191 more words


Organization as art

Perfumes on a mirror.

You can display all of your pretty looking perfumes and have them be easily accessible too. Most of the bottles are very artsy anyway, so why not showcase the art by placing them on a mirror you might have (or can get for cheap) and placing them on top of your dresser. 134 more words


Non-toxic products for home, self & baby

I’ve been buying Honest Company products ever since I purchased Jessica Alba’s book back when I thought I was pregnant but didn’t know it for sure yet (early December 2013). 133 more words


What Does Danny Do For Fun.

Danny loves to read and research anything and everything. He has a technical mind. (I don’t). He forgets the day to day things we do but he retains all sorts of USELESS information in his head that he will gladly share with me……Usually when I am ready for bed…..After midnight…… 96 more words

Our Neck Of The Woods

Free template: Meal Planning

I’m lucky to have a husband who enjoys culinary exploration. He’s usually the grocery shopper and chef. But he’s also an “I’ll just see what inspires me at the Farmer’s Market” kind of guy. 250 more words

At Home