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Quick & Easy Coffee Mixes

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My every morning begins with a cup of hot, aromatic coffee. Be it instant, pressed or however, I always start the day with one. 535 more words

The Royal Chef

Trader Joe's - Limited Edition Peaberry from Colombia

There is a saying, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade”. I’d say “When life throws you lemons go to Trader Joe’s, buy this Colombia, cut a slice of the lemon and taste it in comparison to this blend”.  

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Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks Coffee Company - Thanksgiving Blend

Children like to watch the same thing over and over and over again.  This kind of repetitiveness comforts them.  When we grow older this soothing “repetitiveness” takes the form in what we call “tradition”.   113 more words

Whole Bean Coffee

Brew with a Chemex

Invented by a Chemist.  Need I say more?  Yes?  Okay.  This is a very good cup of coffee – however – it is very time intensive and requires patience and passion.   809 more words

At Home Coffee

Brewing with a French Press

I want to take you through step by step and day by day regarding the proper way to brew from a French Press.  But first, some reasons why you should and shouldn’t brew from a French Press. 759 more words

At Home Coffee

Aldi - Beaumont French Roast

Aldi…a place where things are cheaper.  Aldi is owned by the same people that bring us Trader Joe’s – a grocer I am more familiar with.   204 more words

Whole Bean Coffee

Trader Joe's - New Mexico Pinon Coffee

You will hear coffee junkies say that a coffee has a nutty aroma or “flavor”.  Usually this refers a more roasty almondy pallet.  Pinon (pine) is a different kind of nut.   171 more words

Whole Bean Coffee