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Hair Drug Test: Meets the Highest Standards of the Testing Industry

Drug test is a procedure that often requested during the employment procedure. Business owners wanted to secure their companies and promote safety in the workplace. Hair drug test examines a hair sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. 372 more words

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At Home Drug Tests Now Sold at Dollar Stores

This at home drug test can be purchased at your local dollar store for only $1.03 (including Colorado state tax)!

It’s great for:

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How Can This Be My Last Drug and Alcohol Test?

There are several reasons why drug users tend to go back from their usual doings after they went through drug and alcohol test. After rehabilitation program and counseling, there are many alcoholics and drug addicts who find it hard to refuse from doing illegal activities. 375 more words

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How to Avoid Alcohol Testing Using anti Craving Medication

Because of the availability of modern medicine that can treat alcoholism, there will be the biggest probability that you will pass the alcohol testing. Various anti craving drugs have been introduced to medical world and usually included on the prescription of the medical practitioners to treat intense alcoholism. 394 more words

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How to Understand Drug Tests

Regardless of what type of drug test, it will be hard to interpret or understand the procedure if you don’t have any background yet regarding the screening. 392 more words

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Stat Swab Explained

There are lot of drug testing that we might use such as: 1.The urine testing wherein it is the most commonly used to screen some individuals.2. 418 more words

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What is 12 Panel Drug Test?

There are a lot of reasons why you might need a drug test. Perhaps in the school you are to enroll, the company you are applying to either for pre or permanent employment, in securing a driving license or even parents of teens who want to make sure if their children are indulge or not into this hooking vice.  374 more words

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