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Chakras and Chaturangas

Last night I decided I was going to take a yoga class today. It’s been a couple of years since I took a class, and I thought maybe I would add it to my Pilates and running routine. 870 more words


Burgundy and Stone Necklace

Just finished another necklace. Hubby and I went to the store so I was able to get some crochet thread in a few colors. I like this color matchup.

At Home Mom

KnitFlixing Anyone?

To knitflix

I personally knit-crochet and fix (Netflix) or watch tv (Hulu, regular tv, etc.). Its nice to hear that the craft of knitting/crochet is growing with the younger crowds. 150 more words

At Home Mom

Cat Crochet Necklace

One more crochet necklace with beads before bed.

At Home Mom

Crocheted necklace

New crocheted necklace with beads. Im starting to really dig this!!

At Home Mom

Crocheting with Beads

My new crocheting craze. I made a necklace. Do you think you’d wear one? More to come soon.

At Home Mom

Valentines Day...today’s pondering

Valentines day is here…to me and my husband it’s just another day. We show our love for one another each and every day, we don’t need one over another to make it more special. 787 more words

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