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Workout Wednesday - At Home Workout

I am not one to feel bad about watching TV. I feel like after a long day at work, I deserve to indulge in on of my trashy reality shows or sitcoms. 517 more words

Wednesday Workout: 15 Minute Blast #3 {Last one of the 3 part series}

I’m back with the 3rd and final part of my 15 minute AMRAP blast series! If anyone else is running tight on time these days, then these workouts are perfect for you. 130 more words


Are You Doing These Five Exercises?

Written by Al Painter, BA & NASM-CPT, PES, CES. Trainer at Integrate Performance Fitness

One of the trickiest parts of working out is programming how many, how much and how often. 445 more words


Wednesday Workout: 15 Minute Blast # 2 {Lower, Upper & Cardio}

Remember how I shared a quickie workout a few weeks ago that was actually one part of a workout I did {seemingly} months ago? Today I’m back with part two of that workout- same format (AMRAP 15 minutes & progression style with cardio at the end), different exercises,  but just as much fun ;) 127 more words


Full Body Strength Workout

Here is an easy, full body strength workout that you can do almost anywhere! All you need is at least one set of dumbbells and a little bit of space to get this circuit done. 684 more words

At Home Workout

Wednesday Workout: 15 Minute Blast (lower, upper & cardio)

Remember how last week I was talking about how I couldn’t find a workout that I had put on a small piece of paper? Well, as I grabbed and opened a book the other day, guess what fell out? 309 more words


6 Minute INNER THIGH Torch

Have you noticed your inner thighs aren’t quite as tight and lean as they used to be?

I know you don’t have a lot of time, as a mom of 2 and trainer of hundreds of women, I don’t either! 142 more words