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Push Up or Shut Up

Push ups. I used to hate them & now I do them everyday.. Why?

The thing with these body weight lifts is that they’re more difficult mentally than physically. 193 more words


"Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started"----Mark Twain

By Jaime Rice

Getting started, with anything, is often the hardest part. Once you take that first step, there is no greater feeling of accomplishment. 74 more words


Tight Tummy


I just did this quick tight tummy workout and I wanted to share it with you. It took just about 10 minutes to complete. You do not need anything but a mat. 32 more words

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Reasons why I love being a health & fitness coach.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius. I truly believe in this quote and all that it means. 537 more words


Bikini Competitior Secret Arm blaster

This move is one of my favorite burnouts! It uses my red versa loop (amazon.com from Power System).
If you cannot get into the knee plank version I show here, you can press your hips to the back wall so you are more table-top. 87 more words

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 Interval Core & Cardio

Hi Everyone!  

Today’s workout combines core work with cardio exercises for an intense interval style workout session. Your core muscles are important for many of the activities and tasks we do each day. 79 more words

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24 Jul 15


Use same movements for every round.  If you are unable to perform all reps consecutively, break up the sets as necessary.

This Ladder Workout has fewer reps per round than the last Ladder we posted, so try using slightly tougher movements! 42 more words