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Caleb and Emma found an old smoker someone put out on Lincoln. Caleb asked the owner if it still worked. Since it did, he and I went back with Caleb’s CRV (he just got tbe pink slip) and brought it home. 163 more words

At Home


What a brilliant way to start Friday, supporting this lovely family as they birthed their little boy in to the world just as dawn was breaking #HomebirthJustHappened #HomeWaterBirth

Home Birth

The Door to Peace: Alonzo Speaks at Salesforce

How do you remain centered when you’re bombarded by the challenges of this current moment and moving at hyperspeed? Alonzo shares his insights on stillness in this free, 30-minute conversation hosted by Jody Kohner, Senior VP of Employee Marketing & Engagement at Salesforce. 147 more words


Part of nature

Part of a nature… Conquering the concrete…


Homemade No Knead Crusty White Bread

Since the World fell off it’s axis back in, what was it March, I think, anyways … since then, it has been nearly impossible to find Dry Active or Instant Yeast, let alone any Wheat Flour! 176 more words

At Home