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A Palate for Plastic? No Way!

Gregory, the Terrible Eater was forced to eat junk which for his family meant literal garbage. It’s a cute 1980s children’s book about choosing healthy eating, but sadly that choice isn’t exactly a reality today. 384 more words

Simple Living

Great wine tastings.......

Presentation is possibly more important than the quality of the wine you’re tasting these days. There are nearly 500 wineries in Sonoma County alone, and the wines being produced are outstanding. 313 more words

At Home

Summertime blues...

Beat the scorching heat and summertime blues relaxing on the docks. Skylei is using the “Bento Assise Cat” pose by Jess Poses. The adorable cat is included with this pose. 15 more words


The Laundry Basket Project: End of week 1

So! I’ve learned things already, only after one week. Technically, it has been over one week, but I decided to wait to post until I was up at the Riverhouse. 801 more words


The team were blessed with a second birth today. This experienced family birthed their third child, their first daughter and first homebirth, at home supported by their named midwife and the Student Midwife who has been following their case for months

Home Birth

Hawk Eyes

There is a saying that a Midwife must possess that hands of a lady, the eyes of a hawk and the heart of a lion. This family provided their own (Harris) Hawk eyes to watch over the proceedings as the team supported this experienced mum as she gave birth in her own home.

Home Birth

A road less traveled

This family didn’t have to travel far to birth their baby this morning. In fact they stayed in their own comfortable home! The second baby for this family but first #Homebirth, one that was supported by the mothers named midwife #HomebirthJustHappened #Continuity #support #choice #BetterBirths

Home Birth