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**The Metro Kolkatan Epic** Episode 5: Of varieties , quant and good byes

In a cab from Joka to airport , it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic.

Lets see what happens when you take the metro … (From where i started to the airport , i needed to take the whole stretch of the metro line :) ) 214 more words


Anticlimax: the night of solitary nostalgia

They have all left, the 2009 batch (pie batch)  Jokalanders. I look at the watch and its 10:30 Am now … me the last person on campus. 181 more words

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The **Metro Kolkatan epic** Episode 4: Kolkatan smokes

Kolkata is easily among the places where people smoke the most.

Anyway I took the metro all the way to Park Street last night. Co-Incidentally this area is the place where you shall find everything from the 2o– 211 more words


Interlude 4th April: Convocation Day

The in-your-face FOREWORD:

I would leave the redundancies of the  details,the convocation speeches, the events,  the placement figures, the list of Business research publications, the mood of the convocation et al.,  to the press, the media and those who have the unearthly patience to set it all down in the midst of a heavy duty nostalgia… 126 more words

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Metro-Kolkatan epic: Pilot episode

For many days I wanted to travel in the metro the one in Kolkata. But never did it in 2 years. Thanks to the consistently persistent nagging of my fellow-con-man Mr.Mike Talman aka Chirag Desai :P , I mustered the audacity to defy my motion-sickness and travel by the metro … 34 more words


Between the Gugni

I sat there outside the campus eating the egg bread gugni , an excellent dish for break fast.

I looked at it wondering how come it is so far better than the stuff we get inside the campus at double the price. 528 more words

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et tu, music

In the days of the IIITian dream head, I used to listen to nothing but metal. For everything …. and every occasion.

Then I went into loggerheads with  this French girl,    my STEP buddy who seems to hate metal and worship sissy pop music! 237 more words

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