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Think Harleys With Fishtails Can't Cook a Corner?

Well, neither do I.  But you gotta give a guy credit for trying.

Photo courtesy of Classic Motorcycles Gallery.


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The Zumba experience - not to be missed!

What an exhilarating experience it is to shake your funky stuff at a Zumba class!  To have so much fun whilst burning off up to 1000 calories is amazing and the feel good feeling that continues through the evening and right into the next day is worth the aches and pains of using muscles you didn’t even know you had! 475 more words


At Play.

Her rich brown hair
Tied in a messy braid
Her pink dungaree over the blue striped shirt
And her brown boots till knees, covered with dirt. 309 more words

Drishtti Rawat

Old Man Haiku

Old Man Playing Basketball

Stutter-step, punk bites
Open lane, glory awaits
Dribble ball off knee

Life In Colorado

Stories From A Cyber Stroud

Stroud is a city. Stroud is the setting for every role-playing game and genre I have written about for the last 5 years. Stories From A Cyber Stroud, began as a series of vignettes or snap shots. 1,118 more words

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Chastity Cat

I enjoy reading the descriptions in adult toy catalogs. Talk about a difficult job, creating the descriptions for the numerous videos, dildos, and vibrators. Chastity Cat is my variation on that job. 418 more words

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The Strange Vastness of Death Valley

I took this picture of Death Valley while riding Linda Lu to the Sun Reunion, in the Spring of 2014. Click to see the full size image.


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