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Mama's Hypothesis Was Correct

Fritz was out of town visiting his grandparents this weekend, so Ty didn’t have his best buddy at swim lesson.

Ty was still smiley, but less boisterous and less adventurous this time.  150 more words


Funnest First Swim Lesson Ever

Wow!  Mama is impressed!  As an anti-water person herself, Mama could not BELIEVE swim lessons could be so much fun!

This was Ty’s first swim lesson at Oakley’s Bear Paddle Swim School.  225 more words

At Home

Eleven Years Ago, Mama And Baba Had Our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner At Indochine

Happy to report the restaurant is bigger, better and funkier than ever!

We had dinner with the family here on our last night in Wilmington.  Mama and Baba were psyched to see Indochine still doing well – tons of people, reservations needed, an enlarged outdoor area, several patios, more Buddha statues, more koi ponds, more red arched bridges, more red lanterns! 248 more words


Peace And Quiet At Carolina Beach

We headed to Carolina Beach to check out the famous Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

Sadly, it is off-season now, so all the classic seaside fudge and ice cream shops, sidewalk cafes, old time arcade, kitschy souvenir shops, amusement park rides and most importantly, Britt’s Donut shop were all closed =( =( =(. 162 more words


It's Marshmallow Madness

Marshmallow Madness during March Madness!

Grandpa V turns the fireplace into a bonfire fit for roasting marshmallows & cleverly turned wire hangers + skewers into marshmallow roasting implements! 79 more words


The Boys Have The Entire Children's Museum Of Wilmington To Themselves!!

With all the local children still in school, the boys had the entire Children’s Museum of Wilmington to themselves!

They loved:

  • The see saw, a demonstration of one of the six simple machines…
  • 305 more words

Visiting WWII Battleship, USS North Carolina Required Many Steep Climbs

Today we visited the USS North Carolina, the WWII Battleship Memorial.

Some factoids:

  • Launched June 13, 1940
  • Served in the Pacific, 1942-1945.  Capable of carrying 2000+ sailors.
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