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Old Man Haiku

Old Man Playing Basketball

Stutter-step, punk bites
Open lane, glory awaits
Dribble ball off knee

Life In Colorado

Stories From A Cyber Stroud

Stroud is a city. Stroud is the setting for every role-playing game and genre I have written about for the last 5 years. Stories From A Cyber Stroud, began as a series of vignettes or snap shots. 1,125 more words

At Play

Chastity Cat

I enjoy reading the descriptions in adult toy catalogs. Talk about a difficult job, creating the descriptions for the numerous videos, dildos, and vibrators. Chastity Cat is my variation on that job. 419 more words

At Play

Building Blocks Roleplaying Mechanics

Designing a roleplaying game has been a dream of mine longer than my dream to write for the tabletop game industry. Over the past 20 years I have written many different systems, most get to a certain point and I stop writing them for one reason or another. 945 more words

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The Strange Vastness of Death Valley

I took this picture of Death Valley while riding Linda Lu to the Sun Reunion, in the Spring of 2014. Click to see the full size image.


At Play


Hero began as an attempt to write a super-hero origin story. The plan was to write Jason’s story in six-part story arcs. Writing fiction is challenging for me, I tend to get wrapped up in a particular aspect of a story and forget other parts, such as great background or action, but dialog is lacking. 3,936 more words

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On Stage with Diabetes - "Escaping Reality"

My song, Escaping Reality was one of the first times I allowed myself to write exactly what I wanted to say without worrying if the “message” would be too uniquely personal to get anyone to record it.  97 more words

Casey Kelly