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:-)Cruising the Mediterranean sea

August 28

So another relaxing day at sea. We started after breakfast with a gathering of people who are on the cruise critic list serv, nice to meet them in person. 132 more words


Cruising the Mediterranean Sea

August 26

We sailed past the rock of Gibraltar last night, the captain said it would be at 11:28 but it was more like 11:15 so I guess we are making good time! 436 more words


At sea enroute to Bordeaux, France

August 17 (day 41 of the cruise, by the way)

We are sailing in the English Channel, or as the French call it – the “Channel Sea” – they don’t like to give an inch to the English.   323 more words


At Sea, North Sea enroute to Hamburg Germany

August 12

Today we were invited to a special Scandinavian lunch for world cruise travelers. Each table was hosted by a ship’s officer. We sat with one of the three first officers, Stephjan from Croatia and 3 other couples.   295 more words


At sea - cruising the Norwegian Sea enroute to Faroe Islands

“Adventure before dementia” has to be our new motto, maybe I should have named the blog that way!  This is certainly an adventure and I do hope we have many more before dementia. 248 more words


Enroute to Reykjavik, Iceland

August 4

We are scheduled to arrive at 3 PM, and we did secure a trip to the Blue Lagoon leaving at 6:30, so we will be there at night, tonight.   285 more words


Arctic Circle facts

August 3

Headed to Iceland – we have been north of the Arctic Circle and will head there again.  I didn’t know that the position of the Arctic Circle is not fixed, but depends on the Earth’s axial tilt, which flutuates due to tidal forces from the orbit of the Moon.   125 more words

At Sea