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Time/Sex in the Crosshairs

February 13, 2006  Monday

How do you think of time?  It is linear?  There’s always been one way I’ve thought of time, in terms of years, and I’d like to know how normal it is (I hope not very). 451 more words

holding pattern

Finally snagging a 90-degree 1.5″ male-threaded/barb elbow, I gloved up and removed the holding tank outlet barb yesterday. It had been plumbed direct to a transfer tee with no shut-off at the holding tank, because of course it was.   326 more words

At Sea

Seeing the Light (Coming Home is a Religious Experience)

October 29, 2006  Sunday

Hey guys.  Overall today, I am doing well.  It is a “6” day out of ten, which must be graded, as always, on the Naval Curve.  717 more words

Faint Flares in the Distance

August 3, 2006  Thursday

Berkey and I always give each other a hard time.  He’s in charge of mail and post office, so I have a natural hook-up there as well, which I have used on several occasions to get things to Virginia when it would have been normally “impossible.” 513 more words

The Unforgettable Fire

June 26, 2006  Monday

I had to laugh this morning at my small UPS shrine that has arrived.  I really just thought it would be a little package, once a month perhaps, for a small reminder of home.   726 more words

Chickens in Pants

June 23, 2006  Friday


We are not the most news-making vessel to ever leak along, in elongated Mediterranean circles, so I must redefine the term.   1,304 more words

Over Brunch

June 18, 2006  Sunday

It is Sunday.  Have a brunch with me, somewhere between our distant two points, in a small cafe in Paris.  If only for a moment. 312 more words