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A little over two years ago I started on my long and terrible path.  As I’ve mentioned often, I walked out of my apartment for the last time into an unknowable and still unresolved future that day in March of 2013.   507 more words

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The Animal

Those of you who have been reading Serving Drinks from the beginning will recognize this piece, I originally posted it almost two years ago. I’m reposting it for no particular reason other than that I don’t get to write much fiction these days and I think it’s lovely: 1,137 more words

At The Bar

How Many Miles to Babylon?

I’ve been in this place for a while now, I know which cabinet the coffee cups are in, I know the hot water in the shower can be fickle and the apartment heats up from the afternoon sun, I know the kid who works behind the counter at the gas station– where I pick up my smokes–and he knows me, I know which aisle at the nearby supermarket I’ll find my favorite pasta sauce, I know how to jiggle the key just right to unlock the finicky front door, I know the upstairs neighbor walks with heavy feet. 426 more words

At The Bar

Eyes Wide Open

There’s this weird phenomenon in China. Among women in China. Specifically, women engaging in the photo-taking known as the Selfie.

As in America, the duckface is prolific. 390 more words

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Buck's Brewery Alert: May is for MIA!

After our closing April event with Funky Buddha Brewery last night, we are excited to announce that May welcomes Doral’s MIA Brewing to the Buck’s Beer Garden & Bonfire dance floor! 307 more words

Special Event

A Terror Beyond Falling

For those who aren’t already aware, I’ve started on a new and very exciting project.  Because of this blog I have the opportunity to write my book (the first of many, I hope), A Terror Beyond Falling.   1,556 more words

At The Bar

Buck's Gets Funky in April

Get ready for our monthly switcheroo!  We’re excited to announce our local brewery partner for Buck’s Beer Garden & Bonfire’s April 2 and 16 events is Funky Buddha!   135 more words

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