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Untitled July 2nd, 2015

The loneliness I feel is so devastating and total that I sometimes wonder if I will ever find the words to describe it.  How does one put into words the countless holidays and birthdays spent alone?   245 more words

At The Bar

Love Wins (And I Will Too One Day)

“What?!” you ask, wrinkling your brows at me. Oh shit, was I staring? You’re convinced that your neighbor’s new husky was Sinatra in its past life. 611 more words

11 Things That Happen When A Really Cute Guy Stares At You From Across The Bar

1. You look around to make sure he’s actually looking at you.

You think to yourself, WOW! That guy is cute, as you simultaneously turn your head left to right to see if he’s checking you out, or the girl next to you. 609 more words

Summer at The Cypress Room Shines in The Beverage Book

The Brewster

Singapore Sling

Four Rosés

Cool off from Miami’s heat with something new and refreshing at our elegant American dining room and bar in the Design District!   553 more words

Behind The Scenes

3 Tips On Picking Up Girls At The Bar From A Behaviorist Perspective

How many times have you spotted the perfect girl at the bar and thought, “Holy Shit! I’m so in!” only to leave with a fake number and hurt feelings. 798 more words


A little over two years ago I started on my long and terrible path.  As I’ve mentioned often, I walked out of my apartment for the last time into an unknowable and still unresolved future that day in March of 2013.   507 more words

At The Bar

The Animal

Those of you who have been reading Serving Drinks from the beginning will recognize this piece, I originally posted it almost two years ago. I’m reposting it for no particular reason other than that I don’t get to write much fiction these days and I think it’s lovely: 1,137 more words

At The Bar