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Where are we going to go with the Kinect?

So the Xbox One S is out. That’s cool.

You know you have to buy an adapter to plug in the Kinect. The thing they forced everyone to buy in the beginning. 282 more words

A "Practice" Hike? Now I Understand

A couple of years ago I was out for a morning run and a guy was coming down the road in the opposite direction, backpack on, trekking poles clicking away. 796 more words


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Speedgoat Karl Meltzer #AT Appalachian Trail FKT – LIVE AUDIO UPDATE Day 19

We are following Speedgoat Karl Meltzer as he attempts to break the record on the Appalachian Trail. We provide day 1 to day 7… 425 more words

City Halls can request IMI re-evaluations

The City Halls may now request IMI re-evaluations for tax purposes.  Until now, this procedure was only open to property owners.  IMI is a municipal tax collected by the AT (Tax Authorities), based on 0.3% – .45% of the rateable value of real property.