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Description From Photographer if Any:


By muaydogan

Source: 500px.com


looking at you

why  you  so pretty

gave you  an  excuse to lie

funny the scene

and  how it played out like  a play

tasteful  themes

were  said to  be  heard… 51 more words


woke at the minute

feeling something special

and  its own  seeking

and what is the richness

and its own justice of the soul

and what is the roll

of this theme… 46 more words


The A-lister proved that she wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty as she ended up being covered in paint as she celebrated during the harvest festival. 49 more words

stopping at the jokes

put it all into perspective

and what it it takes

and then it  was the formation

and its own ideas

and from where you seem… 47 more words