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My first blog post on The Trek

This is a link to my first The Trek blog post.

I think there is a way to publish the post – as is – right here but, for now this will have to do until I find out.

Keep things in Perspective,



Apps That Exist for Assistive Technology

With the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets, apps are more commonly being used in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions in therapy sessions or recommended to clients with a disability to help adapt a specific task. 165 more words


Adaptive Surfing 1/14/17

This past weekend, January 14th, ISA (International Surfing Association) hosted the adaptive surfing devision contest on 9th street, Huntington Beach.


Getting Started

I am not a hiker.  I am a 49 year old, overweight, single mother of two.

My parents gave me a love of camping when I was a child.   1,024 more words

Lasers and Adele

The preparation for my trail journey (which begins in just 76 days- in case you are counting :P), has been intense and seemingly endless. One of my trail concerns has been what to do about my contacts/glasses- I can’t imagine touching my eyeballs with my filthy amoeba-ridden trail fingers, and I can see myself going batty with fogged up glasses-Every DAY. 1,977 more words

Appalachian Trail

So... It begins

Greetings my nonexistent readers! Let me introduce myself: My name is Shayla and I am going to be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in March of 2018. 881 more words

"When Wedding Bells Thaw" Review

Original Airdate: June 28, 2010 Written & Storyboarded by: Kent Osborne & Niki Yang

The Ice King’s depiction in season one varies greatly. Just two episodes ago, the more sympathetic side of his character was brought out, and he was hinted at being genuinely caring and fatherly deep down inside. 624 more words