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I'll eat

Cup ramen (99 yen) tonight

(Because I ate too much today)

It seems Kumamoto ramen (熊本ラーメン)

Instruction is also Kumamoto dialect

It says..
「こん矢印まじ はがしなっせ。」 9 more words

What i ate Wednesday!

Here is what I ate today !

Today I decided to have oatmeal with soya milk, half a banana, (a little bit too much) cinnamon and to make it a little sweeter; some honey. 117 more words


Thank You !

Reposted: August 10, 2015

15 years of existence today.

How lucky I am that I have this people in my life?

I was saying to them that I already had my wonderful gift among all of the gift I received. 148 more words


100 yen (because it's half price)


(Hiyashi means “cold”, chuuka is short for chuuka-men, Chinese noodle)

August 14 - 111 Ate and three new Neptunian Moons

Asteroid 111 Ate was discovered by C H F Peters on August 14th 1870.  It is a main-belt asteroid, named after the Greek goddess of mischief and destruction.   118 more words


I'm sorry I'm drinking already

Today too, super hot day in Japan too!

Yesterday and also before yesterday, no rain in Kansai region


How are you!? :D