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Woman Ate Only Bananas For 12 Days And The Picture Results Are Shocking

Are you familiar with the phrase going to a banana island? I m sure you imagine sunny beaches, drinking colorful cocktails , enjoying the sun . 54 more words

Hi, how are you?

Especially the person who made a secret message to me yesterday,

Of course, to you, reading this blog post right now,

How are you? :) 74 more words

I Ate Wrong.

I guess I kind of let the weekend throw me up in the air full of unhealthy.
I even let it tumble into Monday. 72 more words


Ordinary park in ordinary town

Sometimes I play and practice in a little park.

(Do you want to view a panorama photo too?)

Today I ate my homemade omusubi deliciously. XD… 56 more words



Mabou-don. I made it! (Mabou-doufu is leftover of yesterday)
((Mápó dòufu, in Chinese?))

And omusubi. (I ate one now, another is after)

Phillips Phunny: Jimmy Kimmel Tells His Daughter He Ate All Her Halloween Candy

This is Jimmy Kimmel’s sixth year of doing his Halloween candy prank and for the first time, Jimmy has a trick-or-treater living in his house. … 73 more words


The Giraffe That Ate the Moon: La Girafe Qui a Mangé La Lune : Babl Children's Books in French and English (French Edition)

La Girafe Qui a Mangé La Lune / The Giraffe That Ate The Moon
French & English Bilingual Edition

“One day I’m going to be so tall, I’ll be able to eat the moon!” Sometimes it takes a big change for us to realize what’s most important in life. 137 more words