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Akhenaten's Capital Recreated in HD

In the 14th century BC, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV initiated a religious revolution in Egypt. He introduced worship of the sun disk Aten to eclipse the worship of all the other gods of Egypt. 140 more words


Making the Best of an Unlikely Situation: A Trip to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Recently, I made a trip to San Jose to visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. However, this trip had a bit of a snag to it. When we arrived there, we were informed that there were rolling blackouts in the area, and without power there was no way we could get inside the museum. 605 more words


The cult of Aten 

THERE are two major changes that occurred in Egyptian religious practice in the time of Akhenaten (14th century BC) . Continuing his father’s legacy for worshiping Aten, thought as a version of Ra up to this moment, he eventually arrived at a monotheistic view of the world which was a groundbreaking shift in perception. 488 more words

The Amarna Religious Revolution: An Analysis of a switch to Monotheism in a Polytheistic Culture

Throughout the ages, humans have wrestled with the idea of higher beings. Is there one or is there many? Is there one that rules above all while other minor gods fulfill smaller roles? 876 more words


Screwed by lousy HDMI extenders

One thing I really hate is when people “economize”. Yes I know. The economy isn’t going too good but honestly, there are some things you cannot scrimp on…and that includes equipment like this. 134 more words