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Monotheism in Egypt

“How should we read the Exodus story?”  I’ve been getting this question a lot lately.  Should we treat it as history?  Should we see it as a metaphorical story?   610 more words


May I Have Your ATENtion Please

I am going to tell you something, because I want to you observe the fact that I give 0% of any fucks.

I bought ATEN today at 6.46 about an hour or so into trading. 71 more words

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Akhenaten & Henry VIII: Two Game Changers

One of the things that I love about history is how often characters keep popping up whose lives are so similar and different at the same time. 1,201 more words

Henry VIII

Perspectives III: River of the Sun 2015


O Living Aten
When you first took your throne in splendour
High in heaven’s precinct, truly did life then begin…

From the eastern horizon… 171 more words


The Aten Cult Dilemma

Akhenaten Egypt is so unique because it is seen as a iconoclasm of all the traditional Egyptian polytheism mythos. Further it transforms Egypt into a monotheistic culture and drastically changes the economy of the kingdom. 1,452 more words

Merchbar showin' love...

Thanks to Merchbar and the homie Ed Aten for the awesome plug on the Siete Galaxias mix…

In a world where lines  between genres shift daily as people search for the new, chew and move on to the next one,  true  originals and unique perspectives stand apart. 89 more words

Dj Mix

The Magic Of Luxor: Aten, Amun, Ra, Nefertiti, Amenhotep, Akhenaten...

Some American archaeologists have discovered a new Egyptian tomb outside Luxor. It is supposedly 3000 years old. While this may be possible, keep in mine that Egyptology isn’t a science and their dating systems are a joke. 382 more words