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Foyer [Garden] of Words

It is a summer storm, a welcome one after the blazing heat, but it puts out the electricity. I leave the office to get some cold air and run into him downstairs. 487 more words

Ateneo De Manila University


It’s National Poetry Month, so I thought it would be only fitting to pay tribute to two poets who have had such an impact on my life. 1,492 more words


The Koreanist who is also a Southeast Asianist: On being a paper presenter at the Bridges to Southeast Asia Workshop in Ateneo de Manila University

Being called a Southeast Asianist at the workshop called “Bridges to Southeast Asia: Perspectives from the Ateneo” sent music to my ears. Although I studied Korean Studies and identify as a Koreanist, being a Southeast Asian person who is concerned about Southeast Asian issues makes me interested in Southeast Asia, as well. 289 more words


Blue Roast 2015: Sojourn

I don’t think I can ever capture what it felt like to be watching the fireworks display, surrounded by the people I entered Ateneo with. Hearing our OrSem song play over the sound system brought back a blast of memories. 118 more words

Ateneo De Manila University

My Graduation Day

    Down from the hill, down to the world go I;
    rememb’ring still, how the bright Blue Eagles fly.
    Through joys and tears, through the laughing years, 814 more words

Blue Roast 2015: Prologue

It’s 2:44am, and I’m typing this out because I don’t know if I will have the time to post this after I wake up later. 775 more words

Ateneo De Manila University

Special Topics in Interactive Multimedia: 3D Modeling and Animation (CS 179.4 2nd Sem 2014-2015)

For the second semester of 2014-2015, my department gave me permission to teach the most exciting and fun course I had to teach so far: 3D modeling and animation. 633 more words

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