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Hang-Out Places: Lucca Bakery

I was unable to update this blog because I’ve been a bit busy lately because it’s that part of the semester all students dread – hell week. 292 more words


Pre-JTA Woes: SOSE JTA Application

Ever since I entered my sophomore year in the Ateneo, the thought of finally having the chance to apply and get accepted for the JTA program had been constantly in my mind. 1,786 more words

Why I forced my son to stay in Ateneo

I was an Ateneo student for years, but I never finished. Now that I have a son of my own, I have dedicated everything to make sure he graduates. 881 more words

The Blue Frontiersman

College Highlights: The Introduction

The reason why I haven’t been posting lately is because…

…I’ve met someone <3.

Just kidding. :D

For those who don’t know, this is a bust of Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ National Hero and an alumni of Ateneo College which I attend! 116 more words


Caleruega on Judgment Day

I was never religious. In fact, as many people from my undergrad days would know, I have a complicated relationship with my faith. Well, to be honest, ‘complicated’ is putting it mildly. 444 more words


Absent Days, But Today, Update Day!

4:10 pm 18/05/15

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Agenda: Transitory Post

Yes, it’s me…*sob,sob*

The blog that was suppose to be filled with updates about my college life, has not been updating as frequent as I wanted to (ahaha). 117 more words


Why We Moved Our Sons Out of the Ateneo

We decided that we had given it enough time, we had tried and we had been disappointed and hurt. It took us seven years to finally decide to transfer our two boys out of my alma-mater, the Ateneo de Manila University. 1,510 more words