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Invigorate the Heart

This was my last advanced speech project under the Professional Speaking Manual. I officially became ACB after this. While I did not have the privilege to be this year’s graduation speaker for batch 2015, that doesn’t stop me from becoming one. 1,833 more words


Sentimental Senior

This academic sem is over which means I finally have ample time to write on my blog!

The end of this year is not an ordinary one however, because my batchmates are all graduating. 753 more words


My three favorite Blue Roast stories

Blue Roast has always been one of my favorite events in the Ateneo.¬†For those who don’t know what it is, it’s when the graduating batch gathers for one last night a few days before graduation to enjoy a night of roasted food, beer, funny awards, and, of course, the tradition of giving¬†blue roses to that special someone. 2,091 more words

Final Details

The group has already finalized the play title, venue, and schedule.

Play Title: Bang Bang Into The Woods

The whole play reeks of parody, humor, and sarcasm. 78 more words


Feminism and the Strong Female Character

As seen from my previous posts, the first play I got assigned to before working on an “Into The Woods” inspired play was an adaptation of the movie, “10 Things I Hate About You”. 894 more words


Location Problems

March 16, 2015

The group is facing a big problem of determining where there final location would be. They have tried reserving rooms in Ateneo weeks ago, but since March 28 coincides with graduation and some final exams, the reservations they are finalizing are being revoked. 79 more words




LC-A+, Ultima 100 (Expired)