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Athame Pins

Despite unnerving problems on production, Athame Pins have arrived with just a little delay.


30 Day Pagan Journaling Challenge 9-27-2017

There is a 30 day Pagan journaling challenge for the month of September set up on Instagram and I thought it would be fun to do it – and would get me back into the swing of things as well. 283 more words

What's on My Altar?

In most practices of the Craft, an altar is where the magic happens (I went there). Your altar should be a peaceful place of good energy where you feel most at ease carrying out your rituals. 605 more words


Music & Tarot - 4 of Swords

Four of Swords (Athames/Arrows)

Most commonly depicted as a person in a prone state and obviously still and silent. Sometimes interpreted as a death or a stasis. 139 more words


Let's talk tools: Athame or not-thame?

‘3. Witchy tools: athame

-LittleCityWitch (Tumblr)

Now, as if I never left this blog to the metaphorical dust bunnies for two years, I’m picking up where I left off: LittleCityWitch’s questionnaire. 614 more words


44 Days of Witch: Athame

An athame is considered by many to be the one item every witch must have. For the longest time, I didn’t have one. I also wasn’t sure I wanted one, simply because at that time I was full of myself as a new Witch and felt, geeze, I don’t need one. 701 more words

Homesick and... Consecration of.... What?

I feel like I may have half-assed my athame consecration ritual an hour ago. Is there such a thing as re-consecration of a tool? I’ve been looking it up on Ye Olde Google and even referenced a few of the handful of witchcraft books that I have currently in my possession but nothing didn’t pop up or resonate with me so I went with my own quick, simple ritual that involved a black cord, my athame obviously, a white candle, and blowing puffs of air onto said athame. 445 more words