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The Athame

My first seance,
such a juvenile gathering
looking on it now
playing at magic

In attendance, by request of
a girl
one, I was determined… 261 more words


Scruff Your Way to Queer Space with your iPhone Athame.

My Dick Pic Familiar and Me

Part 2: SPACE

Last time we ‘talked’ I began speaking about my relationship to my dick pic, re-articulating it as my witches familiar in the first step towards reclaiming my relationship to my sexualized sense of self and my body. 2,438 more words


The Athame/Bolline Debate

An Athame is a ceremonial knife, usually double-sided with a black handle.  It is kept dull by a lot of witches as many believe that you should never cut anything with it on the physical plane of existence. 514 more words


Quick Pressure Release Meditaiton

Quick Pressure Release Meditation
July 17, 2015 Written by Carol Gallegos

Go to a quiet place (even the restroom if you’re at work and can step away for a moment) and find a comfortable sitting position. 254 more words


The Witch's Athame

An athame is one of the “working tools” used in rituals. This is a ritual knife which tends to be double-edged with a dark handle. Even though athames are traditionally double-edged with dark handles, it is important for you to find one that speaks to you. 420 more words


Tools of the Craft

One of the topics on the Pagans Down Under blog project is ‘Favourite Craft Tool.’ I mentioned a lot of my tools in the ‘altar’ topic post, and to be honest with you, I don’t really have a favourite. 414 more words


Tools of the Craft: Athame

The athame is a dagger-like blade that is tied to the element Air or Fire and is used to mark a circle when calling the element. 896 more words