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ME3 Screenie of the Day - Athame

In ancient times the Asari goddess of Athame was one of prophecy and fate. She was also the matriarch of the Asari pantheon. With Janiri and Lucen as her guides, she taught the Asari mathematics and medicine. 195 more words

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I inscribe the Circle of Power onto the Earth with the Daggers masculine force of Nature

It’s strength and power is a weapon to subdue and banish rebelious Spirits… 198 more words


The Yew Blade

There is one thing that has kept me in awe of the Goddess Hecate. A claim not many can make for certain; to the best of my knowledge that is. 968 more words



Eu já postei aqui um ritual bem bacana de consagração do nome pagão. Agora, conforme o prometido, vamos par a consagração dos instrumentos mágicos. Não é no estilo Harry Potter, mas alguns instrumentos são básicos dentro da bruxaria: caldeirão, varinha mágica, athames, punhais, pentáculo, cálices, bastões… 453 more words


Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews September 2016

We have now entered autumn, the month of reading according to the Japanese. Not sure what to read? Take a look at September’s reviews and see if any of them take your fancy – this month we even have a book by the managing editor of Patheos Pagan! [Read more]


Witchcraft 101: choosing your tools

When choosing a tool to use in witchcraft, you might be overwhelmed at the options available to you, and puzzled at when, and how, to use them. 2,821 more words


Creating the Blade of Arte

I’d just like to first open this post with a thank you to all of you who have liked, and subscribed to the blog over the last month of two, or have personally contacted me with thanks and encouragement. 271 more words

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