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Tools of the Craft: Athame

The athame is a dagger-like blade that is tied to the element Air or Fire and is used to mark a circle when calling the element. 896 more words


Cernunnos and athames - a personal issue

What do you do when your gods tell you that something in your tradition is wrong?

I have a long-standing relation with a god I call Mr Forester, though he has many names. 888 more words


Don't piss off Krampus: go to Krampusnacht show Dec. 5 at Sidebar

Friday, Dec. 5 Metallomusikum hosts a Krampusnacht concert of black metal blasphemy at The Sidebar. Bands include Dweller in the Valley (Frederick, MD); Ravn (Richmond, VA); … 249 more words


Written by: Gena

There are many tools of the Craft. I have posted what I believe to be the basics. What I would hope you gather from today’s information is that there are no right or wrong tools. 1,939 more words


Choosing and Consecrating Magical Tools

This was a column I wrote for The Pagan Household on May 20th, 2013:

The tools that we work with in ritual are important elements of our workings. 1,290 more words


The Athame Debates

There’s a range of daggers suitable for use as athames at my Dad’s shop: http://www.spiral.org.uk/acatalog/Daggers.html  

Out of all the numerous tools that Wiccans may use in their rituals, the athame seems to be one of the most important – and the most controversial. 978 more words

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The Athame

“Why do you guys use a knife? I thought you didn’t believe in hurting things.”

The knife is called an athame – pronounced a-tha-may – and it is generally a double sided blade with a black handle, but some may use one that “calls to them” or “just feels right.” Most consider the Athame, to be a tool of center, of self, and of evocation. 129 more words