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Contra Mundum

“Because of his stand, it is said that the epitaph on Athanasius’ grave read Athanasius contra mundum, or, “Athanasius against the world.” This signified that Athanasius’ fight for orthodoxy was indeed against the entire world.” – 

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Agains The World

Death, When It Met Him

Athanasius, answering the question why Jesus, having become incarnate, had to die a public death like crucifixion (instead of just dying and being raised privately): 316 more words


What Makes Life Worth Living

…taking pity, I say, on the race of men, inasmuch as he is good, he did not leave them destitute of the knowledge of himself, lest they should find no profit in existing at all.

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Credible Witnesses

Or how were his disciples to have boldness in speaking of the resurrection, were they not able to say that he first died? Or how could they be believed, saying that death had first taken place and then the resurrection, had they not had as witnesses of his death the men before whom they spoke with boldness?

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On Christ's disciples and death

Athanasius, in his monumental treatise On the Incarnation, observes:

For that death is destroyed, and that the cross is become the victory over it, and that it has no more power but is verily dead, this is no small proof, or rather an evident warrant, that it is despised by all Christ’s disciples, and that they all take the aggressive against it and no longer fear it; but by the sing of the cross and by faith in Christ tread it down as dead.

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Exegesis And Theology

Quote of the Day: Athanasius on the Atonement

“He [‘Christ’] suffered these things, not for His own sake but for ours. ‘Thou has made Thy wrath to rest upon me’ . . . He suffered for us, and bore in Himself the wrath that was…

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A Father Who begat a son | Stepping Toes

Documents of the Christian Church 2nd Ed 1963 Henery Bettenson (quotes from Arius and his followers)

“If, said he, the Father begat the Son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence;… 18 more words