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Making Jesus Black Doesn't Make Him Real

From both atheists and theists alike: Stop it! I get it, we all want to be right in one way or another, but arguing over what color Jesus skin was doesn’t make him any less fictional. 252 more words


Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on St. Athanasius

St. Athanasius passionately defended Christ’s deity during a time when Christological heresies were rampant, but what else did he contribute to Christianity? Here’s your crash course on the life and accomplishments of St. 606 more words

Life Of The Mind

Pay attention

Pentecost – 2016

John 14.8-17

Marian Free

May the Spirit of God flow through us, enliven us, empower us and equip us for our mission in the world. 945 more words


Why We Rejoice on Ascension Thursday

Have you ever wished Jesus was still here walking the face of the Earth? Have you found “celebrating” the Ascension of the Lord this fortieth day after Easter a bit uneasy? 444 more words

Feast of Saint Athanasius (2 May 2016)

Today the Church celebrates the commemoration of Saint Athanasius, one of the great fathers and doctors of the ancient Church.  He was bishop of the important city of Alexandria in the delta of the Nile in northern Egypt.   511 more words

Daily Messages

Fiction Extract #3: Evil and Non-Being

Introduction on fictional extracts here

#3: Evil and Non-Being

So this one is much more in the works and is more a set of ideas. It’s from the final chapters of the novel which haven’t been written yet, so the odd style it’s written in will probably change. 1,096 more words

Left With a Sense of Exposure, Fear, Guilt and Shame

The early church fathers (guys like Gregory of Nazianzus and Athanasius) explained that prior to their sin, Adam and Eve had been “clothed” in the love and acceptance of God, so their nakedness did not bother them.   44 more words

God's Love