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The Word of God incarnate

by Athanasius (3rd – 4th century)

From the Book, “On the Incarnation of the Word” (Chapter 3, 16-19)

He banished death from us and made us anew; and, invisible and imperceptible as in Himself He is, He became visible through His works and revealed Himself as the Word of the Father, the Ruler and King of the whole creation. 996 more words


The Hero Cycle and Natural Landscapes in Beowulf and The Life of Antony

Elements of Campbell’s hero cycle can be discovered in texts across cultures and transcending time. Campbell’s hero cycle charts the narrative elements common to the hero’s, or heroes’, journeys. 885 more words


Athanasius: The Incarnation of the Word

This is a snippet out of the Book: “The Incarnation of the Word” from Athanasius, written in the fourth century. (Athanasius was a God fearing man, that fought for the trinity) 1,923 more words


The Athanasian Creed

Introduction: The greatest exposition of the doctrine of the Trinity is the Athanasian Creed. Unfortunately, many modern readers often feel overwhelmed and confused by it. 957 more words


Saint Hilary of Potiers

Besides  the scriptures,  we remember the saints in our daily liturgy. They’re our companions on the journey of life, revealing  the wisdom of God from age to age.   520 more words


What was God to do?

Some exquisiteness from the magnificent ‘On the Incarnation’ by St. Athanasius (298-373 AD) (Kindle Edition)!  My title ‘What was God to do?’ comes from a repeated question Athanasius asks in this chapter. 534 more words


Athanasius on the Incarnation

I have not posted in about four months due to an overextended schedule. Hopefully, that is done for a while. Here is an old post from a few years ago that is relevant on this Christmas day. 810 more words