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Athanasius and the eternal generation of the Son

Writing at Reformation 21, Aaron Denlinger recently pointed to Athanasius’s defense of the eternal generation of the Son. Athanasius was of course responding to the arguments of Arius that God the Son must have been created, since fathers always precede sons: 441 more words


Five things I'd not noticed in Mark's Gospel

I was fascinated by Mark’s Gospel as I picked up that at the end, the beginning and the middle are three stories that all emphasis the five same things.   1,228 more words

Regarding the Trinity

Since there is only one form of Godhead in the indivisible unity of His self-revelation as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we believe that He is… 131 more words

Systematic Theology

What's in a Name?

You may or may not have noticed, but my blog has recently changed names. I’ve actually never liked what it originally was: just my full name, Susannah Ailene Martin. 404 more words

House Reveal 2015

Thursday this week, we had our annual “house reveal,” in which the rising 7th-grade students found out whether they would become members of house Athanasius, Becket, Boniface, or Columba. 6 more words


A “Catholic” Flavored Commentary on Romans: Chapter 3

Before the Council of Trent, Athanasius, Aquinas, Augustine, Chrysostom, and others had no problem elucidating ideas most clearly represented today by Reformed theologians. In Chapter 3, Paul substantiates his case that the Law cannot make Jews righteousness and the ramifications of this is that no one’s works make them righteous. 4,406 more words