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The Council of Nicea and the Start of the False Christianity

There were many councils in the history of the Church that came after the death of the Messiah Yeshua in 32 AD. The First seven Ecumenical… 1,938 more words


Episode 7: Athanasius


Episode 7 traces the life, thought, and writings of one of the most important people in church history: Athanasius. This saint is revered for his fight against Arianism. 137 more words


Athanasius-2 May 2017

Since Easter Time Br Celano, aka, Br Andrew has not quite been himself, though who he is is unknown; hence the regular posts of the saints and significant people from an Australian  Lectionary have not been as regular as would have been preferred. 358 more words

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3 Reasons Why St. Athanasius is My Favorite Saint!

I am not sure if I should disclosure this embarrassing fact about my Catholic education but for the sake of today’s story I think it is necessary. 529 more words


The Resurrection: Orthodox Teaching

In our previous post on this topic, we first explored the Seventh-day Adventist (and similar annihilationist denominations), and second we explored the ancient Hebrew understanding of the state of the dead. 1,121 more words


Death, When It Met Him

Athanasius, answering the question why Jesus, having become incarnate, had to die a public death like crucifixion (instead of just dying and being raised privately): 316 more words


What Makes Life Worth Living

…taking pity, I say, on the race of men, inasmuch as he is good, he did not leave them destitute of the knowledge of himself, lest they should find no profit in existing at all.

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