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The Suffocating Church - American Style

A number of years ago I wrote an article in response to a heartfelt letter a lady who had been hurt and confused by much that she had experienced in the church.  2,834 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Beware the Hyper-Calvinist Atheists!

In order to understand our culture and ourselves there are some subjects that it is vital to grasp.  In terms of answering the question ‘who am I?’ or ‘who are we?’ we need to consider the question of moral responsibility and free will.    909 more words

Atheism And Secularism

The Texas Christian Massacre and Atheist Hate Speech

 This article was first published on Premier Christianity under the heading 

The Texas Christian Massacre and the Man who Committed It.

David Robertson says there’s a double standard in the way we judge the motives of those who commit evil. 2,222 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Nothing new under the sun: Ecclesiastes is the gospel for today's society

I have begun a new weekly series for Christian Today on Ecclesiastes.  The idea is to take this wonderful book and use it to connect our ‘meaningless’ society to the meaningful Christ.    1,010 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Now teaching Christian doctrine at a church school is 'extremist'. Move over Monty Python.

A Christian group has been banned from a Church school because a few parents have complained that Christian teaching is extremist.  Premier Christianity asked me to write a response – you can get the original… 1,440 more words

Atheism And Secularism

"Our society needs to come to grips with and understand the love of God" - Article in The Scotsman

This is my article in todays Scotsman 

I think this is a really important issue – if you agree then please do share this article….we need to get the message out, to counter the emotive propaganda that almost universally floods out of our politicians and media….Better still go out and buy a Scotsman and pass it on to your family, friends and colleagues! 988 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Is Darwinism Finished?

(This article first appeared here in Christian Today.    Already the Fundamentalist Darwinists have provided proof of paragraph 3 – the mockery, outrage and abuse have begun.    1,114 more words

Atheism And Secularism