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Debating Delusions - Proclaiming Christ in the Public Square

As I have gradually got back into public speaking its been a privilege to speak at the Universities of Aberdeen, Abertay, Dundee….The CU’s generally do a remarkable work.  259 more words

Atheism And Secularism

The Atheist Theatre Experience

This article was published on Christian Today with the following title: 1,248 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Some Observations on The Church in Northern Ireland

The more I go to Northern Ireland the more I love it….and the more I am concerned and burdened for the Church there.  It has not collapsed like the church in most of the UK, nor as the Catholic church has in Southern Ireland.  1,657 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Janet Parshall - In the Market - Engaging with Atheists

This month’s Janet Parshall show – engaging with atheists – some great questions from listeners- You can listen to the whole show here –

We were mainly looking at the Barna report and my book  23 more words

Atheism And Secularism

The Stornoway Sabbath - Relic from a Bygone Age?

This article was first published on the Affinity website

Guest contributor David Robertson writes about a culture clash in the Scottish Western Isles reflecting a broader issue that has implications for us all… 809 more words

Atheism And Secularism

Secularists Attack the Church of England - Letters in The Courier

The NSS have been at it again – writing letters to moan about some aspect of Christian privilege….this time lambasting the BBC for daring to broadcast from Lambeth House and once again using the issue of alleged child abuse in order to pursue their real passion – attacking Christianity.    237 more words

Atheism And Secularism

A Profound Message in Bitterly Divided Times - Christmas Saturday Essay in The Daily Mail

This was published as the Saturday essay in todays Scottish Daily Mail.  It is wonderful to be able to testify in such a public secular forum to the good news of Jesus Christ…May the Lord use it for his glory.    2,117 more words

Atheism And Secularism