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Ozymandias, religious leader

Modern religious
buildings will one day be ruins
like those of Egypt


Christians and atheists

The following text will certainly be read very differently by Christians and atheists.


Druidism And It's Limits

Druidism – Is It Celtic?

Druidism. It is most commonly seen as being strictly Celtic in practice, so much so that “What Does It Mean To Be Celtic” is the primary subject in most Druidism circles. 859 more words

Rua's Rambles


Yes, I really do. Call me impatient, I don’t care – in fact, just call me, it can get lonely being a writer. No, I’m kidding – about the lonely part, I have Peggy to keep me company. 276 more words

Brideshead Revisited:  The Book and the Adaptations

The message of Brideshead Revisited  is that people who don’t believe in God are superficial.  Charles Ryder, the narrator of this novel, exemplifies this principle.  He is all about art and the pleasures of the palate.  665 more words


Who was Xerxes in the Bible?

The name Xerxes does not appear in the Hebrew text of Scripture. However, it does appear throughout the book of Esther in the NIV and NASB. 1,534 more words


Forget NFL's Traitors Corrupting America! They may grow up someday.

Forget NFL Players: These Roofers Stood and Saluted the Flag for the National Anthem

by Nancy Flory  at the Stream:    (article sent by Mark Waldeland) 158 more words

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