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Outdated opinions have no place in society.

Having just celebrated a rather relaxed thirty sixth birthday, I became a tad reflective.

I used to have a ritual that consisted of knocking back a load of beers before nine O’Clock in the morning whilst listening to the first four Metallica albums – something I have been doing for many years. 1,068 more words


How did I become an atheist?

I was born in a small city in an Islamic country. Everybody was muslim, at least they had to be. There wasn’t an option to believe another religion or not to believe anything at all. 1,417 more words



Word Banned

Kompromat – who cares what the Russians call incriminating evidence? Why are all the people in the know suddenly bandying this dumb word around like it’s a real thing? 445 more words

Difficult Questions for Atheists? Part 2: Something from Nothing

You can find part 1 here.

As I said in the last post, my friend UnkleE gave me a series of questions recently that he believes present difficult problems for an atheist’s worldview. 693 more words


Sainte Marie Skobtsova de Paris (+1945) - 31 mars ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* French



Sainte Marie Skobtsova de Paris (+1945)

31 mars

Mère Marie Skobtsov ou sainte Marie de Paris, née Élisabeth Iourievna Pilenko le 8 (21) décembre 1891 à Riga, dans le gouvernement de Livonie qui faisait alors partie de l’Empire de Russie et morte le 31 mars 1945 à Ravensbrück, est une poétesse, mémorialiste et membre de la résistance française, devenue religieuse orthodoxe. 1,366 more words


Trump Supporters: Leader Worship and Zealotry

The results of a personal study conducted on how Trump Supporters behave and interface with debate on online forums, as well as personal thoughts and reflections on his candidacy and the constituency that put him into power. 82 more words


Christopher Hitchens vs John Lennox | Is God Great? Debate

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comments

Where ever John Lennox is defending the God of Abrahamic faiths as the Creator of our universe, I agree with him. 119 more words

The Muslim Times