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Who were the Judaizers?

There have always been those who balk at the idea of God’s salvation being offered freely to those who believe. They reason that such a grand gift as forgiveness from such a holy God must require some kind of payment from us. 712 more words


A Response to Tom Gilson

Tom Gilson of Thinking Christian wrote me an open letter. In it, he thanked me for sending him a copy of my book Contra Christian Apologetics… 1,563 more words


Matthew 5:19

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday!!!  We know there is a ton of crazy in the Old Testament.  That’s undeniable and Christians who have read the Bible will, often, acknowledge this crazy exists.  225 more words


Why Secularism Has Increased Polarization

Last week, there was an article in the Atlantic that shed light on an interesting trend. It’s old news that people, particularly liberals and millenials, are leaving churches. 734 more words


A philosopher contemplates death: Voltaire (1770)

In any case, Voltaire* added jocularly, he expected to die shortly and would soon find out who was right concerning immortality of the soul— Plato or Spinoza, Saint Paul or Epictetus, Christianity or Confucianism. 39 more words