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“The Adventures’ Of John Casey”

“Universal And Explicit Fairy Tale Of Natural Law”

Some of the Greatest lies’ ever told to man are obvious and yet we look away from the truth. 2,666 more words

Liberal Agenda

Trump's Secretary of State Pick, Rex Tillerson, on Global Warming

Below is a clip of the future Secretary of State on climate change. His argumentative maneuvers in the attached clip are predictably glib: (1) climate models possess a wide range of uncertainty; (2) the problems look manageable to him; and (3) we can adapt. 68 more words

“Religion, Politics’, Education, Truths’ Proven and Disproved”

Since the beginning of civilization until now, brainwashing, has allowed us to believe in many lies’ and deny the truth. A select few would have the many believe that lies’ through natural selection, preserved the stock of our race passed onto the next generation. 1,134 more words

Liberal Agenda

Atheism's Truth Dilemma

The Reconquista Initiative


Atheism’s Truth Dilemma

One of my favorite arguments for God’s existence is the Moral Argument, and a hopefully novel offshoot of that argument is one that I wish to present here, and which, quite honestly, I like slightly more than the Moral Argument. 2,355 more words


The Case Against Divine Action and Miracles

As part of my God Project, I’m reading through the Bible in a year. As I follow my reading plan, I am daily confronted with stories of God’s action in the world. 1,432 more words

God Project

What Will Be Donald Trump's Reichstag Fire?

This election is hopelessly tainted. Trump won by just 80,000 votes spread across three swing states–and lost the general election tally by a full 2% (three million votes). 219 more words

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