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Heaven: Is it that great?

Am I the only one who thinks Heaven sounds pretty shitty? I think I’d rather take a cheese grater to my nipples than spend eternity in a place where I can’t even be stoned whilst singing hymns. 829 more words

The Power of Action

Trying new things is scary, but it seems that some people are up to the challenge more than most us.  As a continuation of the last post.  439 more words

Contested Love (4) idealistic optimists versus pesky pessimists

Some questions about love.

What sort of characteristics or virtues are necessary for love to take root and grow? Do you see love as that which requires discipline and hard work? 465 more words


Soviet Antireligion: the Black Sheep of Atheist History

By Nathan Johnstone

The various Cambridge Companion series are a reasonable place to get an initial sense of current scholarship in a wide number of areas. 1,344 more words

Evolutionary Perspective

I am speaking from the perspective I developed growing up: that the world is a naturally occurring mass forged from the fires of hydrogen and molten compression followed by a lengthy progression. 565 more words