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On Paul

Most religious who read the bible only think so highly of Paul and look at the rest of us who question Paul’s motives as being blind or something. 471 more words


BELIEF (poem)

Because they despise
the material realm,
some adopt spirituality.

Because others despise
all forms of religion,
they proclaim themselves
to be atheists.

Better to genuflect… 179 more words

Shady Shen's Creations

Fox priest: ‘Hard to trust’ an atheist president because they don’t fear eternal damnation

Catholic priest and Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris argued over the weekend that atheists were not suitable candidates for president because it was “hard to trust” someone who did not believe that God would punish them. 299 more words


Unanswered Mysteries

That meditation, mindfulness, or the practice of religion offer no rational proof, and that they often fail to answer the greatest mysteries are not at all good reasons to reject them. 183 more words


"The New Atheists"

One occasionally sees references to “the new atheists.” It’s not a term of flattery or respect. The people who use this phrase seem, almost without exception, to be trying to discredit the writings of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and perhaps one or two others. 579 more words

Society & Culture

"What's more important in a sense, if you get a choice - explain science or destroy religion?"

I watched this documentary the other day called The Unbelievers. In short, it’s about two scientists who travel across the globe to speak publicly about the significance of reason and science, rather than religion, to explain the origins of our existence. 588 more words


Why Evangelical Christians will be Unable to Reach Atheists with the Gospel

Exploring the reasons why evangelicals will not be able to reach many atheists with the Gospel. Drawing upon my knowledge of evangelical Christian culture, exploration of atheism, and my faith crisis in writing this post. 2,067 more words

Evangelical Issues