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The End of the Secular State

It isn’t just the decision that is so shocking, but the support it has among Supreme Court Justices. Justices Roberts, Kagan, Alito, and Kennedy agreed in full, Thomas, Breyer and Gorsuch agreed in part. 1,308 more words

Bad Theism: Finely Tuned Bull****

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“Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. 1,483 more words


A notable observation

I suppose it seems coincidental that growing affluence comes growing secularisation and more sentimental attachment to pets. This isn’t always the case but hardly ever pointed out in light of European history. 190 more words

Fundamentalism: Holding On To The Word Of God

What is Biblical fundamentalism?

It is the fundamentals or core teachings of the Christian faith which is solely found in Holy Scripture. Without it, you will not be in the truth ( 549 more words


Great Thor they are at it again. They seem unable to understand secular country and religious freedom for religion and from theirs. Hugs

Below are some excerpts from the post.    Please take a moment to read it and see what we face everyday to keep a secular country.  Everytime a christian asks why Atheist don’t just let them be, this is the reason why.    190 more words


A question about "evidence"

I have a question for my detractors. We theists are constantly chided by atheists and skeptics for our “blind faith,” whereas they claim they base their views on solid scientific evidence. 129 more words