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Logic Is A Tool, Not A Religion

Logic may be viewed, perhaps, as a machine which is designed, at best, to be such that when we feed into it certain data and turn the logic crank, we inevitably get certain conclusions out the other end. 126 more words


The Cosmo-Quattro Argument

Rather than writing on something currently on my mind, I just wanted to upload a response I gave a couple years ago on a Facebook group to someone who posted a meme about theism. 1,219 more words


Finding Myself In Another Closet

Coming out and accepting my queer identity was sincerely one of the most healing experiences for me in my life. Growing up Catholic and gay led to a lot of pain being wrapped up in my identity, so being accepted for the first time by my roommate, a straight guy, was radically transformative. 444 more words

My biology teacher does not believe in evolution.

First of all, I just want to say: I live in Scandinavia, and this is something I would never have guessed that I would encounter in this country. 492 more words


Teenagers: the most (and least) impressionable group of people

From my observation, I find that most teenagers revere what looks “new” or “innovative” to them. Obviously, being a teenager is a time of experimentation. They tend to imagine themselves being a blank slate ready to be filled with whatever is “new” or “progressive”. 649 more words

An Unserious Attack on Atheism

I recently came across delightfully misguided troll who claimed that I was an intellectually unserious atheist. This is humorous to me, since I am quite serious about how I approach theistic claims and how I discuss atheism. 1,318 more words

4 things religious believers should admire about nonbelievers (part 1)

I have recently been diving into the work of the late Christopher Hitchens, one of the most popular writers and journalists of the last century. Hitchens, who tragically died of esophageal cancer in 2011, was also one of the world’s best known atheists. 905 more words