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Ideologies of Disbelief : Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Socialism & Ba’athism - Imam Ibn Baz

From the ideologies of disbelief that contradict the authentic Creed and oppose what the messengers came with is:

What the atheists of this era believe in, such as the followers of… 131 more words

.Islam Sunnah Salafiyyah

How Mindfulness Can Help Us Cope With the Fear of Death

Published in Psychology Today on 29th September 2016.

Are you looking forward to reading an article about death? Probably not. Simply reading it-that-must-not-be-named can arrest us in our place. 117 more words


New Atheism Not a Cause Behind the Rise of the Nones

Peter Boghossian and his activist allies wrote:

New Atheism has already succeeded in shifting the cultural landscape of Western civilization, making it far more acceptable to be openly atheist, giving atheists unprecedented public visibility, buttressing the legal boundaries of secularism and changing the nature of public discourse about faith, belief, God and religion.

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New Atheism

Silly Billy

This advice from Billy Graham is very shortsighted. If God can conquer “the most stubborn heart”, it seems silly to pray for just one atheist. His friend really ought to pray for them all. 35 more words


Of Miracles

‘The historic case against miracles is also rather simple. It consists of calling miracles impossible, then saying that no one but a fool believes impossibilities: then declaring that there is no wise evidence on behalf of the miraculous. 1,036 more words

Enlisting the Services of a Spellcaster

I must admit, I love the atheist group I belong to on Facebook. It reserves as a repository of pieces of pseudoscience that we can all collectively mock in a lighthearted fashion. 708 more words


Psychics: Reading Minds, Praying on the weak

I was reading Facebook posts tonight, and one came up that incensed me, and inspired me to write a post about this topic. My friend was asking for Psychics, and it enraged me so much. 621 more words