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Why Would Anyone Want To Be Atheistic?

Conversations about religion and atheism sometimes have people say ‘why would you want to believe that?’ or ‘how could you live without hope?’ or ‘what’s the point of living without purpose?’ 257 more words

The New Bible - Genesis 33

Jacob finally meets Esau, and continues pretending that he is his servant. And it turns out that Esau brought 400 men with him to meet Jacob for no good reason whatsoever. 342 more words


Making Mountains Out of Molehills, Part 3

So, in my third and final response (my response begins here) to Valerie Tarico, on her article on Salon, about the “myths” that the “right” believe when it comes to Jesus, I’ll be wrapping up the closing points. 857 more words


Atheists are not militant

If a theologian tells you about their faith they’re evangelical. If an atheist tells you about their rational lack of faith they get called militant. … 380 more words



You open your eyes
And see the first rays
Of light of your life

You are
The world is
There exists ‘something’

It ‘is’
For if that wasn’t so… 6 more words


Red lipstick, rain and a story

Some days a girl feel likes wearing red lipstick.


Is fun. Is pretty.

Not aiming, or looking.

Just for the sake of it.

When everyone seems to get used to the pale lips, one day they are red.

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Yet More "Big Atheism" Douchebaggery

Who drugged Sam Harris’ water?

Given a choice between Noam Chomsky and Ben Carson, in terms of the totality of their understanding of what’s happening now in the world, I’d vote for Ben Carson every time.

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