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The Great Bible Rewrite - Genesis Chapter 4

1. Adam fucked Eve. They apparently got married at some point, earlier, too. She got pregnant. Eve said “With the help of the Lord, I have brought forth a man.” His name was Cain. 807 more words


Nudity, Christianity and marriage among others

I had a dream about you. I was running barefoot on the beach, and you were chasing me because you were a cop, and I was naked.

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Nebraska Just Repealed the Death Penalty Thanks to Its Atheist State Senator

You may have heard that Nebraska’s legislature just voted to repeal the death penalty. Governor Pete Ricketts threatened to keep it in place, but 30 senators (of the 49 total) were needed to override the veto. 420 more words


Unliveable worldview

…if God does not exist and there is no immortality, then all the evil acts
of men go unpunished and all the sacrifices of good men go unrewarded.
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Eternal Perspective

Perspective is a fascinating concept. Something heavily reliant on the tangible and yet impossible to grasp. We collect information about our physical, mental, emotional, and social surroundings through the use of our senses, reason, and intuition. 1,500 more words


Deuteronomy 1-4: Historical overview, massacre

Introduction: Deuteronomy is a complex text composed of 4 main sections: 3 discourses by Moses and a section describing Moses’ death.  The first discourse is mainly a historical review; the second is mainly a legal corpus; the third describes the ratification ceremony for the covenant.  482 more words


The Difference Between Playing Doctor and Child Molestation is Consent

A pastor’s wife caused controversy this week on Facebook after staunchly defending Josh Duggar’s molestation of 5 under age girls, suggesting that Josh was merely “playing doctor” when he fondled with the girls’ breasts and genitals while they slept. 324 more words