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Atheism and Prophecy

Someone recently said to me that, “People just learn things in a certain order”.

I think there is a lot of truth to this idea.  If I hadn’t learned certain things by a certain time, I would probably be an atheist by now considering the terrible things that go on in this world. 91 more words

"Would there be any evidence for God that would make you become a believer in God?" Yes, but not a worshipper of him.

In the philosophy module I took for University, there were a few questions I could not answer, and some of those I tried to answer and failed to in some way, however large or small. 902 more words


God has impressive strength, not innovation

In a God governed universe, why the need to create a sun and place it 93 million miles away to ensure the right temperature here on Earth? 255 more words


6 Things Atheists Really Think About Christians

I’m really not  a fan of top XX lists. I think they’re just click bait and offer nothing more than what one person thinks. A Christian friend of mine, I’ll call her Jane Doe, sent me a link to one of these lists, … 1,901 more words