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Worship where you're born

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I was born in the United States of America. My parents brought me to Catholic churches as a kid/young adult.

If I was born in Saudi Arabia, that church would probably have been a Sunni mosque.  644 more words


Stephen Fry, I'll stick with hanging on to Jesus Christ!

Second Sunday of Lent, Year B, Mark 9:2-10, The Transfiguration.

Abraham is prepared to give his own child (First Reading Genesis 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18). It’s one of the most savage scenes in the bible. 655 more words


Sleeping Pt 1

The world wants to go sleeping
And The true False Prophet sees
How some of you
Fall down to pray
You drop down
To your knees… 23 more words

None Whatsoever

Would you rather live a short fulfilling life or be bored forever?

Now, I am not assuming that a short life will be fulfilling nor an eternal one to be boring. I just want to put the two on the table. 490 more words


Saturday morning run musings: religion

Just got back from my Saturday morning run which means more rambling thoughts, ha! Today’s topic is religion, inspired by the fact that I was listening to the… 477 more words