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"Religious liberty" bullshit

A common refrain from the far right religious demagogues is that “religious freedom” is under attack in America. That people are going to be prohibited from being christian, and that true Christians who want to live their faith will be put in jail. 866 more words


Exposition on the Doctrine of Evolutionism.

Evolutionism is a philosophical doctrine atheistic in nature. It is not a term that will be used by actual scientists outside of the religion/atheism and creationism debates. 739 more words


Are We Living in a Bizarre World and Will Trump Be Elected?

So I’ve been corresponding with fellow blogger, James, over at Isaiah 53:5 trying to figure out a way to collaborate. Before I went on hiatus from blogging, I was working on a Friday column there where his readers (primarily Christians) ask me questions that I answer from my atheist perspective. 572 more words


The Spotlight: On Discernment, Doubt and Atheism

Hi Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed the three posts I shared with you last week!  If you missed them, you can click on the category… 429 more words


For Families in Hiding

Sometimes, atheists email me from parts of the world where apostasy is a serious crime. It’s hard to imagine how frightening it must be to live in a society where, if you don’t believe in god or religion, you or your family could be put to death.  223 more words

Grace Without God by Katherine Ozment

Grace Without God

by Katherine Ozment

I was asked to read and review this book by TLC Book Tours.

The book’s genesis, apparently, was a particular night some years ago during which the author and her young son witnessed a religious procession through their neighborhood. 29 more words


Why Doesn't God Just Appear to Everyone to Prove He Exists?

Last night, my fiancée and I were watching some videos on YouTube by the Bible Project. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a group dedicated to making videos that give a brief description of every book of the Bible and trace a common theme from Genesis to Revelation. 868 more words