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Beware of no man more than of yourself

“Beware of no man more than of yourself, for we often carry our worst enemies within us.”

– Charles Spurgeon –
from the book The Complete John Ploughman


On Atheism and the Atheist.

What exactly is atheism? You might think it is the total rejection of any possible belief in a deity. And while this often the case, it is not strictly accurate. 1,964 more words


The Bible: Ridiculously Unreliable.

I hear it so often in my dialogues with Christians that one almost has to wonder if it is a mantra of sorts. It’s a statement that is made repeatedly, with an air of absolute authority, as though the very words themselves, spoken in precisely this sequence, are a type of magical incantation that thoroughly refutes and defeats the doubting freethinkers who have the audacity to question that most sacred of texts: the Bible. 7,178 more words


The "Patented Answers" of Christians...

In the interest of preserving faith and “shutting their eyes,” Christians often devise patented statements that can be used like a rescue device. This usually amounts to some kind of platitude or mantra that, once voiced, can restore the Christian’s inner sense of security in the face of threatening information or horrific trials. 2,555 more words


Bible Spoof - Chapter 39

“God?” asked the Spirit. “Where are you?” The Spirit knew that the Lord had not gone down to the earth, but he also could not find him in any of his usual hangouts. 1,498 more words


"Black and White" morality

Everything is part of the loving God’s plan, including miracles, life, happiness, love, beauty, etc. But death, disease, destruction, war, famine, drought, disasters, evil, suffering, pain, immorality and just about everything that isn’t ‘good’ is our fault! 513 more words


Why I'm Not An Atheist

When growing up in Church, I was told two things about atheists in Sunday School: (1) That they are incredibly smart and rational and (2) they know Christianity better than me. 5,231 more words