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   The battle between religion, spirituality and atheism is nothing new, as it’s been streaming along the river of social media for years. You come upon a long and stringy thread of comments full of war between religionists and atheists. 868 more words


So I just read my last blog post again and realized how theistic it sounds. God – the Great “I Am.”   As a Christian one would assume I am a theist. 409 more words


"I'm Actually An Atheist": Revisiting Rebecca Vitsmun's CNN Surprise

Five years ago this week marked a victory for atheists.

It wasn’t a group of newly elected politicians affirming that they didn’t believe in God; those representatives are still… 744 more words


The Book of Morons

I’ve begun reading the Book of Mormon. Maybe after reading the bible I decided that I deserved more pain and suffering in my life!  But seriously, it was for the same reason that I read the bible. 815 more words


Proverbs - Chapter 14: Untitled

In the last chapter of Proverbs we found the Bible thinks it is wise to beat your kids.  Sheesh. Well, let’s read on for more wisdom in this chapter. 238 more words


On "Anti-Yahwehism", Sometimes Passed Off As Atheism ...

I think it’s mistaken to say that one’s atheism is grounded, or justified, based on any particular conception or tradition or mythology about deity. On the one hand, there’s the question of whether there are deity and what we mean by the term. 446 more words


Christianity and Circular Reasoning

Round, and around, and around

Circular reasoning is probably one of the most common fallacies in discourse. We often let it pass by unchecked because we rarely have, or take the time to work out the reasoning behind a conclusion. 1,466 more words