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Shades of Gray?

Sorry if you’re into Twilight fan-fic but that’s not what this post is about. I’m thinking more of how I now see the world and morality. 622 more words


Identity, Community, and Purpose

I spent too much time writing this today.  And it went off course as if the robot sent me the wrong direction on GPS and I’m going the long way now instead of the most direct route.   463 more words


Religious wedge

If religion can be used as an excuse for not providing services for a same sex wedding, can it be used to refuse services to atheists, African-Americans, “liberals”, northerners, Mexicans, women, people of different religions, socialists, journalists?

Bon Mots

Like drunks

People who behave
like arseholes use religious
faith as an excuse


Hard Questions or Bad Arguments? Part 12

Ok, we’re in the home stretch of this series of responses to the article by J.H. McKenna. And here we go.

The question ‘Who gave you a conscience?’ means about as much as ‘Who gave you a nose?’ The answer to both is ‘nature.’ A dog and a cat have a conscience, as does a monkey, and even some birds.

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Pointlessness of Prayer

Hemant Mehta’s critique can be boiled down to two claims:

“Either prayer works and God changes his plan for you, or prayer is useless because God already knows how everything is going to turn out.” 411 more words