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Church and State

Most definitely one of those taboo subjects, the separation of church and state. For those of you that believe like Ben Carson believes that someone that is not a Christian should not be allowed to be President, you may want to tune into a different blog at this time… Ok, those who are still with me, guess what, RELIGION HAS NO BUSINESS IN GOVERNMENT. 527 more words

Prayer lead to my nonbelief

I was fortunate enough to be raised in the one and only true denomination in the Christian religion; Southern Baptist. If you are anything other than Southern Baptist, you are hell bound and there is no denying that fact. 692 more words


There are some who see and still ....don't believe

Atheists say if they see God or some sort of miracle that defies science they will believe. However this is not true for not even the religious Pharisees believed when before their very eyes upon Jesus death many Holy men resurrected and walked the streets. 225 more words

Atheos: The Atheist Proselytization App

It won’t be much longer until the street appistemologists (HT: Dhay) receive some much needed aid to better proselytize for atheism.  It’s the phone app “Atheos” from Peter Boghossian (the philosopher who insists all religious people are infected with a dangerous faith virus and need to be cured) that challenges you to become “Reason’s Champion.” 850 more words

New Atheism

The Secular Brownie Episode 3: The Internal Defenses of Faith

In the video below, I discuss the mental gymnastics Muslims play to defend their faith and make it seem like a logical decision.  I wrote an article… 27 more words


Social Disgust

There is not going to be “false equivalency”  here at FSN – the left has legacy of being fundamentally correct in many of its opinions, but it has major, glaring, shrieking deficiencies, all on parade on the tape of the 2015 Left Forum plenary shoutfest.  336 more words

Creationism vs Science

This rather old video from YouTube user Thunderf00t is still good after all these years!