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Evolutionary Explanations

I’ve made the point in an earlier post about why it’s flawed as a full explanation of human behaviourEvolution is often the Atheists go to scientific ideology when it comes to explaining almost everything, I’ve made the point in an earlier post about why it’s flawed as a full explanation of human behaviour, but given the commonplace nature of the evolutionary explanation to dismiss Christian anthropology, I think the point needs to be made further. 749 more words


Almost as difficult to get rid of as the super-gonorrhea her husband got at ex-gay camp!

She’s baa-aack.

Yesterday I was given the news that Katy Faust of Grace Church Seattle was back to the blog-world. For a second I wondered if she’d finally been able to fabricate a moral compass and a conscience- the kind that would make her capable of making a positive impact on the world. 276 more words


Who were the Assyrians in the Bible?

The Assyrians were the inhabitants of a country that became a mighty empire dominating the biblical Middle East from the ninth to the seventh century BC. 449 more words


Deuteronomy Recap

Before moving on to Psalms to discuss a chapter on Moses, let me do a quick recap of the book of Deuteronomy which I finished in the last post. 253 more words


Silly virgin saints

This story is so unbelievable. A girl is killed by the Roman emperor because she is so good at converting pagans. He orders her to be tied to a breaking wheel so her body may be broken, but when she touches the wheel it shatters! 43 more words

I would rather live my life...

I would rather live my life as though
there is a God and die to find out that
there isn’t, than to live my life as though… 18 more words


'Protagonists' in the Bible - Moses

In this blogging mini-series of sorts we’ll be looking at some of the so called protagonists in the Bible, and what exactly they got up to. 564 more words