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The Spiritual Politico: Managing a Balance of the Ideal and the Possible

Our car sped northward, destined for Cooperstown, NY and the Baseball Hall of Fame, a sacred space for the Schroeder brothers. The conversation rollicked between my two older siblings in the front seat and my backseat view of the forest-clad New York scenery. 1,133 more words


The universe has had billions of years of preparation before your birth, respect that

With only a few decades (at best) to observe the universe, it’s easy to forget how our short lifespan has taken a shit tonne of evolution. 401 more words


Tea and Church on Sunday

I never thought about it this way. I have always been envious of the religious because of all of the beauty that can be found within religion, but I refuse to succumb to the lie.

say no to scapegoating

There are a lot of things that influence our lives that are out of our control, like where we’re born, our skin color, sex, and many other happenstances. 946 more words

The Morning After the GOP's RubioGate

This morning was the  GOP-Fox establishment morning after yesterday’s GOP star Marco Rubio’s stunning paralysis of a half hour while being blasted by OTHER GOP STAR ESTABLISHMENT FIGURES. 696 more words

American Culture


In their tiny cells

with the paper-thin walls

they ask their gods for favors

supplicant and pale, shivering in the heat,

painting pictures of the dollar signs… 97 more words

Freethinker: Sick and Tired of 'God Bless America'...

From NYT

The population of nonreligious Americans — including atheists, agnostics and those who call themselves “nothing in particular” — stands at an all-time high this election year. 992 more words