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The Diaries of Adam & Eve

The Diaries of Adam & Eve – “translated,” as the full title suggests, by the book’s author, Mark Twain – is not a religious text.  Twain’s own views on organized religion are a bit of a mystery; he is usually considered an atheist, and this book (technically two books, but I’ll refer to them as one since I read them as a whole) is often cited as proof of his lack of faith due to its irreverent, satirical tone and lack of mention of the creator – er… Creator.  1,238 more words


Make Sure You're Wearing Clean Underwear Today in case of Apocalypse

Did you know that the world is ending today?

You could be forgiven for having missed this news, though depending on what circles you travel in, there’s been no avoiding it. 610 more words


Atheists In Heaven - Refined Catholicism

Source – Strange Notions


A woman – we’ll call her Harriet – contacted me recently to attack Catholic Truth, and to defend the indefensible modernist revolution in the Church. 286 more words

Please join us to stop this evil: SIGN up 

The workers of iniquity have come up with a new plan: an old Islamic trick to yoke us into slavery with a bill called the NGO bill. 57 more words


Religion is Incompatible With Society

Secular societies found in the Western world exist to respect and benefit all peoples and their beliefs, granting them freedom of speech, expression, and religion – fundamental values that are intrinsic to a free, democratic society. 367 more words


An Opium by and for the People

Karl Marx believed religion is the intellectual sedative used by the bourgeoisie to control the masses.  Yet in the Communist-Marxist utopia (or dystopia for liberty-lovers), Joseph Stalin utilized religion to further his nationalist/jingoist agenda.  1,998 more words

Determinism and Eliot Rodger

Over on Richard Carrier’s obscure blog, he took aim at fellow atheist, Sargon of Akkad:

When Sargon argued feminism is responsible for Elliot Rodger’s murder spree (and he did), because feminism “disenfranchised” Rodger by somehow programming women to not like him or have sex with him (yep, that’s what he said), Sargon has literally become a murder apologist.

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