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Channel of Darkness

Battle is not so much
My coworker but with

His heart has unwittingly
For he is but the channel
Through… 30 more words


Dexter Survives Dental Surgery And We've Reached 1000 Subscribers

This blog now has over 1000 subscribers!

Thank you to everyone who has hit the ‘follow’ button over the lifetime of this blog. It’s been a grand adventure and I’ve enjoyed writing my thoughts here. 140 more words


8 Levels of Giving

Nearly every semester when I teach English composition and literature, I ask the question “How do you know you’re a good person?”

I’m not interested if my students are or think they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (a point that takes a bit of explaining). 323 more words


A sobering thought

One of these is strictly forbidden by certain religious demominations…

The other one is made by slave workers and used by consumers to tweet about how immoral the other is. 10 more words


what morality means

I believe right and wrong are objective. Even if EVERYONE was a sociopathic killer…even if we evolve AWAY from kindness (and into selfishness), we will all be wrong.

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The Nuclear Family

In past blogs, I have mentioned three of the worst offenders to human happiness and well-being, my Three Gs: God, Gold, and Government. By god, I mean any religion or philosophy that feels its members are better than the members of any other religion or philosophy, and will fight to the death to defend their supposed superiority, and they do it in the name of God, or Naziism, or Communism, or (and especially) Free Enterprise. 1,469 more words


"Feeling Good About Ourselves"

I had really planned to “retire” Ashley Jennifer Smith as a letter writer, but this week I came across something on WordPress that I found very disturbing. 411 more words