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Why I want Christian schools to stay

I really hope to respect y’all in your opinions and beliefs, but just to try to explain why it would be important for me for my child to go to a Christian school – still taught with tolerance towards  people of other beliefs, but ultimately coming from the worldview that Jesus and God are real, alive and central to life. 788 more words



as a justification for punishment.

First, I know you have six minutes, well maybe not, but just listen to this fellow

I have argued before, and I will say so again, that most of the defenders of freewill do so to justify being horrible people. 300 more words


That It Will Never Come Again, Is What Makes Life So Sweet...

I often post various atheist quotes from time to time on twitter and find it somewhat frustrating to be limited to 140 characters. So on spending my morning reading a through favourites I thought I would post them here for you. 1,120 more words


A Reponse From The Godless and Irreligious

My last post detailed the problems with a meme The Godless and Irreligious Facebook page had shared. An admin from the page was gracious enough to respond on The Fundamentalist Atheist Facebook page. 509 more words


Chapter 8: The Ultimate Subversion – part 2

Previously: Zoe met her teacher, Adam Kadmon, who challenged her to accept who she is. Now: she confronts the idea of being a mystic and goes in search of illumination… 2,220 more words

Visionary Fiction

What About Satanism?

A real quick note: Satanism and all kinds of associated labels have many different definitions. Just like there are many different kinds of Christians, there are all kinds of different Satanists. 491 more words


Leviticus – Chapter 26: Reward for Obedience

In the last chapter of Leviticus we learned (again) that God supports slavery.  Leviticus 26 brings us the reward for obedience.  Reward?  Sweet!  Let’s find out what it is! 605 more words