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Okay, So You're an Atheist. Now What?

In my experience, many of those who arrive at atheism from another set of religious beliefs go through a “refractory period” during which their impulse is to celebrate their new perspective and, often, to do a bit of gloating about how much more reasonable they feel they have become than those credulous in supernatural phenomena like gods, effective prayer, and so forth. 1,053 more words


Is God the Basis for Morality? Part 1

Before I argue that God is the best explanation for moral values, I want to first clear up four misconceptions that people have regarding morality. 1,009 more words


[BIBLE CHALLENGE] John 7: Confusion

John 7 shows us the political and social tensions that arose from Jesus’ teachings. From the Pharisees, to the scribes and the Jewry, people were either offended, angered or confused by what he had to say.  290 more words


RESPONDblogs: Four Inconvenient Facts Surrounding Jesus' Resurrection

Last year around Easter time, I had the opportunity to discuss Jesus’ Resurrection with a friend who is not a Christian, and is generally hostile to the idea of God…religion…and Jesus. 768 more words


"Apostasy in the church and false doctrines of men" (part 3)

Most of the major Christian denominations have deviated from biblical Christianity in one way or another. It is not the purpose of this article to point a finger at any one group, or to tell true Christians to get out of their denomination or not to fellowship. 7,664 more words