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Only god can reach to your innermost core ~ Osho

Man without God is man alienated. Man without God is man without roots. Man without God is utterly lonely. Man without God knows nothing of life, meaning, significance. 652 more words


All those friends who don't know about my deconversion yet (Coming out, part 5)

The cartoon above is not exactly what I want to write about, but it does capture part of it. That awkward moment when you reveal something to a friend that you feel you have to say, but you know has the potential to dramatically change the friendship. 750 more words


Atheists may end up believing in an eternal creator after all

There was no big bang that created the universe.

That’s not a Christian saying that either (although I agree with the statement on its surface). According to this proposed scientific theory, the universe is eternal! 39 more words


Hope in Christ, desolation in atheism

A few days ago, I was watching a video featuring Catholic Answers apologist, Matt Fradd, entitled ‘God, the universe & everything’. In this video, Matt Fradd shares his own personal story of his journey towards finding a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and finding hope and faith in the promises of Our Lord. 1,243 more words


Christians Against Dinosaurs

A few weeks ago I received a Facebook notification saying I was added to the Facebook group “Christians Against Dinosaurs”.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but had some time to check it out a week later.  195 more words


On why I'm "coming out" as an atheist

So. I’m an atheist. Many of you reading this blog may have suspected or assumed this already based on conversations we’ve had or things you’ve seen me post on social media. 988 more words


A Fact about Atheism

Tom Hardy caused Richard Dawkins to reassess whether or not there is a god.

Tom Hardy