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On Thoughts from My First Catholic Mass in Three Years

I officially left the Catholic Church three years ago. The last time I attended a mass was my niece’s baptism. While I still consider myself “culturally Catholic” (meaning I skip the Jesus while keeping the guilt and alcoholism), I have not been to mass since. 499 more words


Hail Mooby!

The tagline for this blog is “Thoughts At Right Angles To Reality.”  A while back, I actually thought of changing it to the “No Cow Is Sacred.”  I just really liked the original. 864 more words


A recent nice change of mourning pattern in Iran

Anyone who have lived in an Islamic country knows that music is one of the things that these systems see as “an instrument of Satan” or “something that takes your attention away from God.” One reason, they claim, is that the music is either happy which is something they automatically oppose (happiness), or it is sad but is about your lover not about God or religious entities. 337 more words


On Hate Statuses

Like I do almost every day, I began perusing Facebook during my lunch break at work. While the validity of social media is beginning to elude me as I get older (there are only so many baby pictures posted by high-school classmates that one can handle in a day), occasionally, something will catch my eye: Maybe Jezebel is running another article on James Franco’s affinity for nudity, or my high-school physics teacher dumped a bucket of ice water on his head. 813 more words


On Sexism in Atheism and Skepticism


God damn it, I love being an atheist.

I love the skeptical inquiry; I love placing the burden of proof on those who spout their beliefs; I love pointing out the atrocities and injustices perpetuated by some (but not all) religions and some (but not all) theists; I love the sense of community that one finds surrounding atheism. 1,355 more words


On Atheism and Feminism

Originally published June 23, 2014

Until a few years ago, I did not refer to myself as a “feminist.” This was because I, like a good chunk of men, thought the term was for women only and did not understand its true meaning. 721 more words