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SFR 332: Duggar Family Values

–TLC pulls “19 Kids and Counting” after a sexual molestation scandal is revealed which implicates reality show star, and anti-LGBT campaigner, Josh Duggar.
–Has the time come to stop referring to ourselves and others as black, white, etc? 306 more words


Atheist to Christian: Read Your Bible

I’m in a mood to reach across the aisle today. Always in search for common ground with my Christian counterparts, I’ve decided to give an ecumenical public service announcement: Christians… read your bible! 359 more words


The much anticipated debate between Atheist "Christ Crusher" and Theist "Vocab Malone" happening TODAY! www.armsofaudio.com 7:30pm PT 10:30pm ET

This is a LIVE debate on the subject of Jesus. See ya there, lets live chat during the debate, it’ll be fun. I promise!