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Everybody Believes in God

I believe that everyone believes in god.

What does “god” mean? If in the simplest meaning, god is a power greater than one’s self, then there would be many forms, ideas, and understandings of “god.” 644 more words

Prove that I'm not a god

I am an omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent god. Don’t believe me? Prove it. In this post I will be using some of the arguments and rationalizations that the religious use to ‘prove’ their god to prove my divinity! 210 more words


An Atheist Thought

I know it’s taboo to discuss religion on the Internet, but I will not keep an ignorant blog. This post shouldn’t insult any beliefs, but if it does, I apologise. 148 more words

Awkward Meeting with a Neighbor

First of all, I would like to deeply apologize to all my readers for disappearing for so long. This move has been a little insane as I mentioned in my last post. 934 more words


Why is there something rather than nothing?

People have been asking this question, since the dawn of humanity no doubt. As of today, the question still remains unanswered, and I suppose we may never have the answer. 278 more words


Twelve Months Without God: A Look Back on My One-Year Anniversary

On Sunday (October 4, 2015), I observed the one-year anniversary of my deconversion. I did little to mark the occasion outside of treating myself to a fine cigar and a snifter of choice port wine. 1,614 more words


Inspired by "Blue like Jazz" 2.0

This is  part of a blog I wrote a few days ago. I took bits and pieces of it to post for everyone to see. Not just people who believe in God. 798 more words