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the past three years

last year we moved to texas with the hopes of building a community, we even bought a house with the idea of hosting a home group. 515 more words


Another night without 

It was in my thirtieth year when I drove across this old US of A. I toured the states from New York to Texas. I surveyed my surroundings like a newcomer to this land, constantly looking for a place I might lay my head. 669 more words


The New Bible - Exodus 4

God continues scheming with Moses and accidentally proves that it’s his fault when people are deaf, mute or blind.

  1. “What if the Egyptians don’t believe me mindlessly when I tell them that you appeared to me?” Moses asked.
  2. 470 more words

The Agnostic Atheist.

So lately I have read a few blog posts ‘defining’ the agnostic atheist(which is the status I put myself under). Some of these were from anti-atheists, some from atheists, some from people who did not identify their status. 282 more words


You were my God, and I believed. Oh,how I believed.I put you on a pedestal so high that the notion of you ever ever coming down seemed impossible. 68 more words

Christianity is evil. Get it OUT.

(Cont’d from previous post)

My cheeks burn and my heart pounds with rage.  I seriously just spent the last 15 minutes screaming, “F*** YOU God!!  F*** YOU!!”  Words I never, ever thought I would say. 855 more words