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No True Scotsman Fallacies

Sometimes in debates religious debates people claim that Hitler was an Atheist, but this is simply not true. The evidence for this claim is pretty much nothing, the evidence against it is that Hitler forced religion on public schools and on his army, he made his army ‘swear by God’ and carry crosses with Swastikas on them, and not to mention that his army wore belts with ‘Got Mitt uns’ on it, which meant ‘God is with us’. 173 more words


Matthew 19:3-9 Jesus Discusses Divorce

Matthew 19:3-9

In this passage Jesus is asked if divorce is lawful. He explains that if a man divorces his wife for reasons other than… 1,381 more words


Invisible Atheists: The Spread of Disbelief in the Arab World | The New Republic

Invisible Atheists: The Spread of Disbelief in the Arab World | The New Republic.

AST DECEMBER, DAR AL IFTA, a venerable Cairo-based institution charged with issuing Islamic edicts, cited an obscure poll according to which the exact number of Egyptian atheists was 866. 4,446 more words

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April 26, 2015


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Onward Atheist Soldiers. . .Marching Without Chaplains

From The Friendly Atheist

There are more Atheists than Southern Baptists in the U.S. Military. . .

so where are the Secular/Humanist Chaplains?

Outnumbered 437 to ZERO. 6 more words


Hello world!

The Vulcans of the Star Trek universe are widely known for their logic – by removing oneself all that remains is a simple, uncomplicated, unbiased and very truthful result. 236 more words


Rainbow Tao

Rainbow Tao,

Deep space Zen,

Dalai Lama

and all things Tibetan.

Christians yearn,

and strive for Heaven,

Prosperous Gospel-shouters

circle the globe in luxury.

Contemplatives maintain… 264 more words