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Take a sad song and make it better

After years of resistance, I recently decided to give the TV show Glee a chance. Last night after hearing the Glee cast launching into some of my favorite Beatles songs I have to admit I was impressed. 987 more words


Bible shock: How Richard Dawkins sparked outrage with 'Jesus would be atheist' claim

Mr Dawkins is infamous for being an outspoken atheist and is well-known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design. The author of best-selling titles such as “The Selfish Game” and “The God Delusion” was invited on John Harris’ national conversation podcast to discuss the politics of religion. 14 more words

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Secular Ethics for World Peace.

By Tsering Dolkar

When the sun, moon and thousand of stars are for all, why should I choose between the lines drawn on the ground? … 759 more words

Do Christians have a higher divorce rate than atheists?

I’ve been having discussions with atheists lately, and finding out that in the atheist community, a lot of false beliefs persist because they (as a group) insulate themselves from rational inquiry. 896 more words


De-Colonizing Your Mind

“Belief is something you turn to when you don’t know your authentic self”

What better way to control people than to make them sorry for being human? 395 more words


Deist Forced To Admit Defeat At Hands Of Atheist After Failing To Cite Sources & References In Youtube Comments Section

A heated debate popped up between a determined Deist and an aggressive Atheist after they each met in the comments section to some video about evolution.  113 more words

A Scientist is a Sinner. Or Is It?

Can you be so full of yourself? To believe in science? Can you be so arrogant? Sure, anyone can. Who owns the trademark on a moral? 337 more words

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