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God's Plan?

Why is it people say “God is just waiting for you to accept him”?  What if you had at one point in your life and don’t anymore because more and more proved it was less and less likely that a supreme deity exists? 214 more words


Hello world!

This is my first post, but it definitely won’t be my last.  I hope people can find me because I think they are going to enjoy what they read……coming up in just a few minutes will be my first true blog on here, so sit back, stop believing in the fairy tales of religion and vape on!

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Loving Christian

Recently, I’ve had some interactions with a fairly respectful Christian on Twitter. Let’s call him “X”. While X and I disagree on most things, we keep it respectful and even playful at times. 683 more words

Defining omnibenevolence and the problem of evil

We all know the problem of evil, which is basically the question of why God allows evil if he is all-good and all-loving. The problem of evil makes perfect sense: why are there disasters, evil, death and tragedy if there is an all-loving, all-good god who can prevent these tragedies? 565 more words


I simply had to share this...

I am frequently published on ExChristian.net (under the pen name Ben Love), and one of my recent posts received a ridiculous screed from a Christian man who ranted on and on about his devotion to Jesus (using ALL CAPS every time he said the name). 205 more words


Boy, 10, Killed In Suspected Human Sacrifice

Shocking news from Nepal, where it appears that 10 year old boy has been “sacrificed” by a superstitious homicidal moron.

Another unfortunate and horrific example of one false belief leading to another with deadly consequences. 15 more words

A New Ten Commandments

I propose a newer and better ten commandments. I will also post below why the old ones no longer work so well.

The proposed new ten: 558 more words