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Coming Out of the Atheist Closet

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the time I’ve spent as a Christian, and the transition I’ve made into atheism. Being an atheist is scary. 326 more words


The New Bible - Genesis 24

God still hasn’t gotten around to giving Abraham that land he was promised.

  1. So Abraham was old, and stricken with age, the Lord blessed him, but he still wasn’t giving him any land.
  2. 563 more words

Thought Experiment

If you’ve read the Bible (as I have) join me for this thought experiment . . .

Think about . . .
– The tower of Babel… 141 more words


Persecution and Martyrdom – Creating a Minefield of Excuses for Intolerance

The hallmark of Religious Reich tantrums is the ability to lay a vast minefield of excuses for their intolerance. The foundation for those excuses always utilize two elements. 978 more words


The creator and ruler of the universe told ME that YOU need to be humble.


How I barely survived my first funeral after becoming non-religious

Wow! I must say. I am in a current state of shock and utter disgust. Today, I attended the funeral of my great-aunt-by-marriage. As expected, it was a religious ceremony. 788 more words

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