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Horoscope: A Daily Fiasco 

Horoscope. The answer to the question “what comes out of your anus daily?”

I hate horoscopes. It is pointless and makes no sense. I know millions will agree and millions will not and some will avoid the debate by saying that it isn’t important. 768 more words

Sacred Playgrounds and Supreme Nonsense

The Supreme Court heard this case of a Missouri church demanding its “religious freedom” for playground rubber.  Yes, welcome to America.

I’ve been waiting for the… 188 more words


Rain is Green

Spring rains are making the trees pop with blossoms and leaves.

I sometimes wonder if my blood is green (Spock!).

Unexpected things happen. . . 23 more words


How to Tell Your Friends That You're an Atheist

This week, I did something really insane. I’ll be writing about it in greater detail sometime soon, but basically, I stood up in front of a really big classroom and announced that I’m a closet atheist. 902 more words


You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but you can't make him think-Ray Comfort

Free download You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but you can’t make him think-Ray Comfort


The Dictionary of Profound Expressions for Atheists 

Your Facebook friend’s dog died. You want to say something uber comforting, empathetic and profound enough to ease their suffering a little.  Ten people already commented with “I’m sorry for your loss,” “condolences” and “you’re in our thoughts.” What’s a Facebook friend to do? 160 more words


"I certainly do not hate the Church... I do, however, think that they are wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on nonsense."

From Reddit

The Clergy Project is an online support group that exists for former religious professionals who have found a better fit for their spiritual selves with Atheism. 1,389 more words