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Morality and Society: Why Secularists Do Not Need A Holy Text

Scripture is proclaimed to be the ultimate source for morality, primarily in all three Abrahamic denominations. And while there are pockets of great advice on how to live one’s life and treat others, there is still a whole slew of immoral teachings given our current dispositions about the treatments of women, queer populations, and even Afro-peoples; the list goes on. 842 more words


Misconceptions About Atheism (Pt 3) - Morality With Atheism

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“Find me a state that threw off religion and said, ‘We adopt the teachings of Lucretius, Democritus, Galileo, Spinoza, Darwin, Russell, Jefferson, and Thomas Payne. 1,320 more words


Why Atheists Do Not "Hate" God

There are a few theist circles that will make the claim that Atheists “hate” Yahweh and are simply rebelling due to this hate. This statement cannot exist in the same realm as an atheist because if Yahweh was in fact real and could be proven with current evidence, atheism would not exist. 380 more words


Misconceptions About Atheism (Pt 2) - Belief Isn't A Choice

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Why be an atheist? Isn’t it safer to follow at least one religion just in case one of them is right? 806 more words


Why I Still Pray

Prayer is a great way of letting go, if you realize you might be the only person listening

Christianity - Passive Aggressive

I recently took the family on a road trip through Europe. We spent over 3 weeks exploring France, Spain and Portugal. On the way down we made a series of stop overs in French wine country and mid Spain; all of which were absolutely fabulous. 1,406 more words