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A Higher Power

Today is day #664 on this particular journey and it was a matter of time. God, eh? Some people really love God. I for one, used to. 1,070 more words


Can the existence of God be proven?

Can the existence of God be proven? Is there a conclusive argument for the existence of God? Why is atheism becoming more popular and commonplace? 8 more words


Following the Rooted Paths

Some would follow the paved and pious way to the golden city in the sky.

Others would follow the yellow brick road.

I prefer to follow the winding mountain paths rooted in the earth.


Everything You Know About Satanism is (Probably) Wrong

While I’ve almost always has an interest in cultures, philosophies, and religions that I wasn’t familiar with, this curiosity was raised to a whole new level once I had left the Christian religion. 1,667 more words


AB and NW: Genesis 41:1 - 41:34

The Atheists, The Bible and No Wardrobe Podcast.

With @Packard_Sonic and @Ryoki9Walker

We cover Genesis 41:1 – 41:34

Download AB and NW: Genesis 41:1 – 41:34 Mp3… 21 more words


Day 14/365: Transparency

I’m not religious, although I have a healthy respect for religion, but I am deeply spiritual. And today, I saw this amazing YouTube vid entitled, “ 270 more words

Agnostic Muslim

16 years ago, I was born to a Muslim family in a Muslim country. Before I could even open my eyes, my faith was decided for me, and my ears were filled with the words of God. 1,114 more words