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Painful memories can be a blessing.

I have always found it funny how seemingly random things can stir up memories. The connection between the two will most often make sense to me. 1,646 more words


Is Every Atheist an Anti-Theist?

That’s my Q of the D … Question of the Day.

If you identify as an Atheist, are you also Anti–Theist, i.e., anti-religion or against faith in any form? 160 more words


C.S. Lewis vs Evolution

A few weeks ago, I wrote a response to a presentation by young-earth creationist Jerry Bergman in which he utilized appeals to authority as his primary forms of argument that “there are a lot of scientists who are being persecuted because they don’t believe in evolution.” Among the men that he used to make his case were C.S. 822 more words


Person First

One of the most disappointing aspects of my recent psychosis is how certain people used it as a justification to dismiss anything I said which seemed a bit out of the ordinary. 887 more words


Queerly Atheist Heart

The narrow streets are crowded

Overflowing with people

Small children are moving about

Buying and crying for toys

The vehicles honking as they go

In the distance, 461 more words


No gods or kings

Excerpt from Twitter:

Oh my. I feel kinda bad. Because a person I have known for some time now send me some messages via facebook how his god wants to help me get through hard times.

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What Denomination of Atheism are You?

How much do we need to know before we can safely say we don’t believe?

Having not much in the way of indoctrinations outside Christianity, my unbelief is limited to a specific scope of practice—a field test of the words and ideas that were forced on me without my consent since birth. 203 more words