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On talking snakes and rational belief in the Bible

People tell me all the time that they can’t believe in what the Bible says because of some of the fantastically impossible stories it tells. 310 more words


Maybe it's because I'm Atheist?

I’ve always been atheist (Definition: not religious, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am anti-theist). When I was a child I refused to pray in assemblies and my school reports every year said that I needed to recognise that RS is an ‘academic’ subject. 352 more words


Bi Weekly Blasphemy 13: Shameful Sex [EXPLICIT]

Does sex make you feel shame? Is there something about hearing graphic or sensual content that draws an innate feeling of uneasiness or disgust?  Why do you think you feel that way?   40 more words


A Prayer for the Disillusioned

I’ve got a prayer for you, my Lord,
It’s not quite fleshed out, that’s true.
I wonder if you can brandish your sword,
And cut us down to the few. 201 more words


All Great Truths Begin As Blasphemies....... Holy Shit!

If there is one thing on the agenda I hate writing about, its blasphemy. Why you may ask? Because it comes from a somewhat archaic religious dogma and I see no relevance or need for it in our time. 932 more words


Chapel Hill shooter motivated more than parking rage

But we all knew that already.

New York Times

On the last day of Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha’s life, it was too cold to run.

Ms. Abu-Salha, a 19-year-old  1,672 more words

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Thus Saith The LORD!

Matthew 22:21
. . . Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. 1,280 more words