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The Unexamined Life: How Dogmatic Religion Undermines Critical Thinking and Analytical Skepticism...


From The Bangladshi Humanist

The following brief essay was composed by our most frequent contributor and author, Adi Chowdhury.

It was with a welling emergence of fear and self-loathing that she reluctantly came to grips with the bitter realization that she was harboring doubts towards the beliefs that had molded and shaped her entire life, family, and childhood. 1,398 more words


Here's Your Future...

God reached his hand down from the sky
He flooded the land then he set it on fire
He said, “Fear me again. Know I’m your father. 166 more words


Jesus vs Muhammad

One thing that the Biblical character Jesus had going for him was that he isn’t exactly what you would describe as evil. Sure, there are some things he said and did that were defiantly questionable, but for the most part it was his father that you had to look out for. 1,795 more words


Hello Miss, Do You Have A Minute...

I got a knock on my front window this morning, which I thought was weird because I’ve got a doorbell. The cats and I head to the front room and through the blinds I could see a young woman in a dress modest enough for my late great-grandmother, so I already knew it could only be church people.  197 more words


Book Quotes: Addressing Honest Atheism

Karl Rahner called “amazement at the silence of God” and “the absence of God in the world” a “genuine and powerful experience.” Those who have had this experience, he says, tend to give it an atheistic interpretation, “looking upon it as evidence of the non-existence of God,” whereas it is simply the “experience that God does not fit into the world picture.” Christian metaphysics, he continues, has always known this “but…has lived it too little.” Moreover, the “vulgar version of Christianity has failed to deal with” the element of truth in that “troubled atheism.” The task before us, he contends, is to “accept” that experience and “not repress it with the premature, cheap apologetics of an anthropomorphic ‘belief in God.'”

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Has science buried God?

Please search Youtube:

Lennox Vs. Dawkins Debate – Has Science Buried God?


The God Delusion Debate – Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox

A series of debates between two of the greatest minds  – what is life? 18 more words