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Jeff Hester debates William Lane Craig on the topic "Is Belief in God Rational in a Scientific Age?"

I was very excited to see a recent debate by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig against atheist astronomer Jeff Hester. When I summarize a debate, I do a fair, objective summary if the atheist is intelligent and informed, as with Peter Millican, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong or Austin Dacey. 2,004 more words


"but... you have to be religious!"

In Sweden, the main religion is christianity. It’s not something you would ever know by coming here, or even talking to people here. Not that many care to go to church or pray or anything. 708 more words


Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Harder Battle

Decluttering is helping me slow down. It’s creating the time and space to process ideas and emotions that I’ve pushed away, either because they’re painful to think about or because I don’t have the framework to think about them. 488 more words

Easter is About Eggs: The Separation of Church and the Modern Day Workplace

I was a bit concerned at first, about how sharing these opinions would impact the way in which I’m seen outside of this online sphere. But then I realised I couldn’t ever possibly exist with people who disagree with these core beliefs of mine, online or otherwise. 2,331 more words


God-deniers and God-haters show that God’s law is not something alien, imposed on us from without, but woven into the very fabric of our creation.

There are many people today who know about the moral code (law of God) established by God in the Old Agreement. There are many who don’t know about Jesus and what He has to say about the law of God. 237 more words


Out Take on The Paris Fire—

After careful examination arson suspects Jesus, Mary, and Jabba The Hut are wanted for questioning. Jabba hasn’t been seen since the 80s, Jesus never, and Mary? 28 more words


Scholars Discover Revelations in Bible

John of Zebedee wrote The Book of Revelation that has been kept hidden in plain sight.  Many of the questions today can be unraveled by looking for the answers in this book.  351 more words

Catholic Church