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It's The Christian Thing to Do!

Yay!  Another day with a bonus blog!

It occurs to me that apparently the vast majority of Christians feel they are without sin.  In other words, stones are being thrown by the self-righteous. 691 more words


One of You, Religion Debaters

In case it hasn’t occurred to you, it’s possible that one of you is wrong. It might be you.

One of you might be intellectually obtuse and/or stubborn, or at least, more so than the other. 151 more words


Arrogance and Closed Mindedness

The phrases ‘you’re arrogant’ and ‘you’re closed minded’ come up quite a lot all over the place, especially when discussing religion. I have heard a few people say that atheists are closed minded because they don’t believe in a god, or that they are arrogant for pointing out the flaws of Christianity, but is this claim true? 312 more words



If you’re a Christian, and you hear of somebody being an ex-Muslim, do you think that they were never a true Muslim, or that they’ve been deceived into unbelief? 19 more words


Is the God of the Old Testament a horrible serial killer?

*This is a slightly modified comment I made on this blog some time ago. I think it stands alone as its own post.

If you read the… 371 more words


The Sacrifice of Christ

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) 425 more words


Some thoughts on Abortion

On the subject of abortion, which seems to stir up a lot of emotion regardless of the side you sit on, I think I’ll weigh-in. Firstly what is ‘abortion’? 743 more words