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What Happens After Death?

What happens after death?

Exactly what was happening to your consciousness before birth.

Consciousness is bright, strong. It’s absolute. You exist or you don’t.
For the time that we do exist, not-existing is incomprehensible. 44 more words


Claiming the ability to identify the presence of God, is not humility.



“God is real to me”

Reality is not subjective. Believing that Santa is real doesn’t change the fact that he is not.



Telling a child it can be confident regarding the existence of things you your self are uncertain of, is deceptive.

It is unfair to waste a child most receptive years teaching them untestable theories, which only a select group of people determine, based solely on faith, to be true. 27 more words


Human Population

Human population has doubled since 1970. Reproduction is God’s foremost command of us, and masturbation, a sin equal to genocide. (homosexuality, birth control, abortion)



Though it is imperative that individuals forever have the right to hold any ridiculous belief they chose, it is dangerous for society as a whole to continue indiscriminately respecting all untestable beliefs as equally potential truths.