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Objective Morality

First, let’s define these two words:


1. (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

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“One drop of water is as wonderful as all the seas; one leaf, as all the forests; and one grain of sand, as all the stars.”

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The Core

We did an exercise a few weeks ago in a year-long leadership workshop in which I participate. We had to define our 15 top values, then our 10, then our 5. 785 more words

Transgender: Biological or Belief?

I had an interesting conversation with The Arbourist that started here and ended here, about the nature of transgender people. You can read the full discussion by following the links, but suffice to say that he believes that transgender people hold a set of beliefs or ideologies and that transgender is not biological in nature but a belief: 837 more words


Ingersoll: Foundations of Faith — The Trinity

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ROBERT INGERSOLL (1833 – 1899)
The Great Agnostic

Ingersoll Foundations of Faith Series…
Old Testament
New Testament
The Trinity

The New Testament informs us that Christ was the son of Joseph and the son of God, and that Mary was his mother. 798 more words


Was Jesus Wrong? An Honest Look at the Sermon on the Mount

I “followed” the Rabbi of Nazareth for many years.  We had hundreds of conversations (all one-sided of course).  I knew all about him since I read and studied the auto-biography he didn’t write (have to think about that one). 706 more words


The Atheist Delusion Movie - Ray Comfort

Very nice video by Ray Comfort and Living Waters.

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