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Spiffy Ehward

The Spiffy Ehwards are THE most highly sought after and prestigious Ehward to be found on the Interwebs. You know this to be true because you just read that it is true. 328 more words



Here I provide a link to the story of an ex Christadelphian. He is one of the fortunate few who, after leaving this group, was able to re-enter the Christian faith and discover the… 196 more words


AB and NW: Genesis 29:1 - 29:35

The Atheists, The Bible and No Wardrobe Podcast.

With @Packard_Sonic, @Ryoki9Walker,  and guest host @TomYourAtheistOn

We cover Genesis 29:1 – 29:35

Download AB and NW: Genesis 29:1 – 29:35 Mp3… 21 more words


No One Does Good, Not One!

Psalm 53

1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good. 829 more words


Examples of Scriptural Immorality

For some two to three thousand years the Holy Scriptures have been promoted through western cultures as being the ultimate in moral guidance for mankind.   1,016 more words


Inviting an Atheist to Surge

Within the past month or so I started attending Surge at Scattergood Church.  It is a service specifically targeted to college students and young professionals.  A couple weeks ago Pastor JJ Jones handed out invitations to each person in the room and encouraged each of us to bring someone from our schools or workplace to church this upcoming Sunday, December 4.   292 more words

December: Month for Nature's Gifts

Nothing like a winter sky etched with trees

Frozen fronds

Falling sound

Cliffs and Clouds

Weaving the light

Trillium in the dark forest

Swirling, like the earth… 57 more words