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The fundamentalist Christian preacher who became an atheist...

From The New Humanist

The fundamentalist Christian preacher who became an atheist
After 19 years as a self-proclaimed “extremist”, Dan Barker renounced his faith – and he wants everyone to know about it. 1,294 more words


The closing of the Christian mind...

From The New Humanist

In the late fourth century political expediency led a ruthless Roman emperor to shut down debate within the Christian church…

In 313 the Roman emperor Constantine, flushed with a military victory against a rival that he attributed to the Christian god, issued an Edict of Toleration in which he promised that “no one whatsoever should be denied freedom to devote himself either to the cult of the Christians or to such religion as he deems best for himself.” It was an important moment. 1,129 more words


I am not saying that I am better than you because I am a Christian. I have lied, cheated, stolen. I was a monster, far worse than anyone I have ever met. 238 more words


A Credo

So, I’m a “hardcore atheist.”

At least, according to one quiz.

It’s the one at the beginning of the book Doubt: A History by Jennifer Michael Hecht. 514 more words


Losing my faith

Growing up I always knew that being a good person and accepting God into my life would get me into heaven.  It seemed that all I needed to do was be a good person and when I died I would go to heaven. 730 more words


AB and NW: Genesis 7:15 - 8:1

The Atheists, The Bible and No Wardrobe Podcast. With @Packard_Sonic & @Ryoki9Walker

We cover Genesis 7:15 – 8:1

Download AB and NW: Genesis 7:15 – 8:1 Mp3… 13 more words

Old Testament

'Protagonists' in the Bible - Moses

In this blogging mini-series of sorts we’ll be looking at some of the so called protagonists in the Bible, and what exactly they got up to. 564 more words