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Dear Atheist, Your Faith Is Greater Than Mine

I’m not going to get into a debate of the particulars of explicit versus implicit atheism. I’m lumping in everybody who simply does not believe that God exists, created the universe and all the life within it, and does not believe in a spiritual existence beyond death. 243 more words


The range of beliefs about God

I’m frequently asked “are you and atheist or not?”

I rarely answer.

Why? Because most people have a very simplistic and inaccurate system of labels, often used merely to stereotype people into buckets. 95 more words


Atheist vs Agnostic

The term agnostic is usually referred to someone who is unsure about the existence of gods/goddesses or something like that. I think that it could easily be applied to being uncertain about any claim to knowledge. 791 more words


For decades I had unshakable faith. But when others with unshakable faith flew planes into buildings full of people on 9/11, I began to doubt my certainty. 361 more words


Theodicy sucker

I’m a sucker for theodicies. Again and again, when I see a link to some blog or article which purports to explain why God isn’t really a huge asshole, I bite. 40 more words


Dealing with Depression without Jesus

Growing up we did not question the existence of God. How could you? The reality that there is someone in control of my life and there for me even when all else fails was a good illusion. 715 more words

Atheist, Agnostic, Believer or Blind Follower?

Life is a puzzlement. So much to do, so many choices, so many conflicts, so much confusion, so much tragedy, so many bigots. Watching SONA and trying to piece together the posturing, aggression and disjointed noise left me wondering about the meaning of life. 863 more words

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