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Bridges not Walls

I watched a few hours of the Repub Convention last week.  The Preacher Politicians loved their National and nationistic Pulpits.  Really awful to watch, especially for a secular American.   522 more words


Faith and Office

So. I get an email from Hillary telling me how she has picked Tim Kaine to be her VP. As a Virginian  I’m happy, though I had hoped she’d pick Elizabeth Warren. 395 more words



Jesus is very clear about how we are to treat people who hate us: We are to be kind to them and pray for them. 383 more words

30 day blog challenge. day 5 What I think about education.

What do I think about education?

Well the answer to this question depends on who, what, when, where why and how the individual is educated. 346 more words


Finding Purpose as an Atheist

As a Christian I believed that I lived for a single purpose: the glory of god.  It meant that I lived to make god look good.   478 more words

The Matrix

2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

9 The coming of the lawless one is based on Satan’s working, with all kinds of false miracles, signs, and wonders, 10 and with every unrighteous deception among those who are perishing. 302 more words

Spiritual Warfare