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Thoreau--Simply Secular

One hundred and seventy years ago today. . .July 4, 1845, the wild and secular naturalist Henry Thoreau hired a moving truck to haul a massive pile of stuff into his mansion by Walden Pond in Concord, Mass. 192 more words


Slavery in the bible...

Recently, a flutter of passion ignited in ‘Merica, regarding the use of the Confederate flag on government buildings. There have been a handful of shooting where blacks were killed by whites, the whites proclaiming justification because blacks are lessor, should have kept slaves. 1,741 more words

Why I left the faith: hell is a lie

Part 5  (part 1 here)

Despite my misgivings, I continued to search for answers.  The more questions I asked, the more flimsy god became.  One after another, doctrines that I had once believed crumbled away under the weight of serious scrutiny.  885 more words

Looking Back: Supernatural Experiences

I just found the testimony of absenceofchrist, an ex-Christian, ex-charismatic, ex-faith healer. Very interesting stuff. Go over and take a look. It’s a fairly new blog with only a few posts so far. 1,830 more words


On Atheism and the Atheist.

What exactly is atheism? You might think it is the total rejection of any possible belief in a deity. And while this often the case, it is not strictly accurate. 1,966 more words


The Bible: Ridiculously Unreliable.

I hear it so often in my dialogues with Christians that one almost has to wonder if it is a mantra of sorts. It’s a statement that is made repeatedly, with an air of absolute authority, as though the very words themselves, spoken in precisely this sequence, are a type of magical incantation that thoroughly refutes and defeats the doubting freethinkers who have the audacity to question that most sacred of texts: the Bible. 7,178 more words


The "Patented Answers" of Christians...

In the interest of preserving faith and “shutting their eyes,” Christians often devise patented statements that can be used like a rescue device. This usually amounts to some kind of platitude or mantra that, once voiced, can restore the Christian’s inner sense of security in the face of threatening information or horrific trials. 2,555 more words