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November 2016 HNCFL Newsletter

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November 2016

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Secular Conversations

—(public welcome) freethinkers participate in respectful dialogue sharing ideas and opinions on a variety of subjects. 2,080 more words


The New Bible - Exodus 34

The Israelites are eager to continue on towards the Holy Land, but first Moses and God must recreate the stone tablets that Moses smashed in a temper tantrum. 387 more words


The Binding of Carl

So I watched the Season Premier of The Walking Dead, Season Seven, Episode One “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”. Now that it’s been a few days, I want to share something. 209 more words

Walking with Him

Christ is our personal example because he loved humans enough to confront their faults with empathy, but most of us are blinded like children to the magic of the story. 300 more words

Social Commentary

Does our solar system point to God?

Obviously, our solar system is not arrow shaped: if it has a shape, it’s a slightly oval disc. It literally does not point to anything. 1,318 more words

A Dog's Ten Commandments

1: I am THE DOG, your God…errrr…dog

2: Thou shalt not miss a meal

3: Thou shalt have no other dogs above me (even visiting another dog will be frowned upon) 70 more words


The World Of Me

That,  my friends, is a head shot. Make up, professional photo, with Photoshop to fix any lingering issues.

This is more normal. No make up, no filter, not even my hair done, and I’m wearing my glasses. 375 more words