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Tips On Coming Out as an Atheist to Your Friends and Family

Sometimes coming out to friends and family can be difficult, and sometimes circumstances might warrant hiding your atheism for a while. If it’s not safe to come out, don’t. 1,053 more words


Love Me Or Die

I’m having an interesting conversation with a fellow blogger about hell and what it means and whether a God that created a place like hell could even be considered benevolent. 1,175 more words


Faith or Common Sense?

Our dear friend prepared for a huge transition from church staff ministry to mission field work. Being a husband and father to three little girls, he concerned himself with the finances and how it was all going to come together. 301 more words


Where Do You Get Your Inspiration For Blog Topics?

People have asked me this occasionally, since I’ve been blogging for a while. WordPress is relatively new to me. I blogged for News Vine and blogger before coming here. 606 more words


Losing Faith and Faith is Not a Virtue

Hands down, the video at the bottom of this post is one of the best videos I’ve seen about losing faith. It almost exactly mirrors my own experience, minus the abuse at the hands of my parents. 824 more words



I just finished an interesting post: How an Atheist Found God. You can read the full post by following the link. It’s well-written and while I was reading it I was constructing a comment but after it reached the 400 word mark or so, I realized that it was too darn big and needed to be a separate post. 1,029 more words


Answering an Interesting Comment

On my last post (Religion: Historical Failure?) I had an interesting exchange with a reader. You can read the full exchange in the comment section, but I wanted to address a few points in a separate blog post because I feel as though these are commonly held beliefs and I’ve heard them enough to know that many people use these particular ideas as ‘proof’ that Jesus existed and was the Son of God. 1,129 more words