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Inoculation Against Indoctrination: Ages 7-12: Servant Mindset Begins

Good evening Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike! It’s time for another edition of the indoctrination series. For the last article in this series, click here:  704 more words


God or Public School?

“I am as sure as I am of Christ’s reign that a comprehensive and centralized system of national education, separated from religion, as is now commonly proposed, will prove the most appalling enginery for the propagation of anti-Christian and atheistic unbelief, and of anti-social nihilistic ethics, individual, social and political, which this sin-rent world has ever seen.” (A.A. 83 more words

Bad Theism: Lying for the Lord

For the Bad Theism Article, click here: Bad Theism: Circular Reasoning

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.” Exodus 20:16

I want to talk a little bit tonight about lying, and to be more specific lying in order to spread your faith. 1,146 more words


Satanic Sunday# 8: Critical Thinking

Satanic Sunday is an article that I write about things that were considered Satanic or sinful when I was growing up. These might have been things that my parents or religious leaders taught me while growing up in a fundamentalist christian home. 1,120 more words


Tis The Season

So if you have lived in the western world for any number of years you will have heard someone speak about the true meaning of Christmas. 1,070 more words


Wednesday Woo #15: On Higher Consciousness

For last week’s Woo,  click here.

I had a conversation the other day with a man who maintains adamantly that consciousness can in no way stem from the human brain. 842 more words


Only Survivors Live

So tonight I got a bit of inspiration while watching “The Atheist Experience.” If you haven’t checked out that show I recommend you do so as soon as possible. 1,059 more words