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An Interview With God

Hi, God, thanks for meeting with us.


I know you’ve been busy. I assume. What was it you do again?

God: 175 more words

Checkers, An Atheistic Enterprise

Science vs. Religion. Fr Aidan (Alvin) Kimel from Eclectic Orthodoxy is amused at how Edward Feser decimates the amateur pseudo-philosopher Lawrence Krauss: “Lawrence Krauss’s “argument” for atheism is like that of an artist who confines himself to using black and white materials and then concludes that, since color doesn’t show up in his drawings of fire engines and apples, it follows that fire engines and apples are not really red.”  Read the rest of the article at  9 more words

Orthodox Theology

The New Purpose of the Amateur Apologist


Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last posted, so here I am. I also wanted to announce that this site will no longer be aimed at simply atheistic arguments on the internet.  87 more words

Tips On Coming Out as an Atheist to Your Friends and Family

Sometimes coming out to friends and family can be difficult, and sometimes circumstances might warrant hiding your atheism for a while. If it’s not safe to come out, don’t. 1,053 more words


Love Me Or Die

I’m having an interesting conversation with a fellow blogger about hell and what it means and whether a God that created a place like hell could even be considered benevolent. 1,175 more words


Faith or Common Sense?

Our dear friend prepared for a huge transition from church staff ministry to mission field work. Being a husband and father to three little girls, he concerned himself with the finances and how it was all going to come together. 301 more words


Where Do You Get Your Inspiration For Blog Topics?

People have asked me this occasionally, since I’ve been blogging for a while. WordPress is relatively new to me. I blogged for News Vine and blogger before coming here. 606 more words