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Faith Schools

Faith Schools

I note that the atheist religious evangelist Richard Dawkins in on Channel 4 again complaining about faith schools and telling us in superior and somewhat condescending tones about how divisive they are to the community. 700 more words


The Odicy

When I learned
of suffering,
I forgot about

Seems it’s been hurting
ever since

Its remorseless
on a thanatophobic wavelength

Burns up
the ashy remains… 179 more words


Flaws in Christianity [part 1]

Hello viewers. Some time ago, I was watching Jaclyn Glenn’s “Disproving Christianity: Jesus is a Lie” video. Though I mostly agree with the video, most of her claims weren’t linked. 269 more words


An Interview With God

Hi, God, thanks for meeting with us.


I know you’ve been busy. I assume. What was it you do again?

God: 175 more words

Checkers, An Atheistic Enterprise

Science vs. Religion. Fr Aidan (Alvin) Kimel from Eclectic Orthodoxy is amused at how Edward Feser decimates the amateur pseudo-philosopher Lawrence Krauss: “Lawrence Krauss’s “argument” for atheism is like that of an artist who confines himself to using black and white materials and then concludes that, since color doesn’t show up in his drawings of fire engines and apples, it follows that fire engines and apples are not really red.”  Read the rest of the article at  9 more words

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