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I Am No Longer An Atheist

There is a God.

His name is…


It’s so hard to find rum and raisin icecream. My lady just sent me this picture and she was told by a grocery store clerk to stop taking pictures. 22 more words


Faith Schools

Faith Schools

I note that the atheist religious evangelist Richard Dawkins in on Channel 4 again complaining about faith schools and telling us in superior and somewhat condescending tones about how divisive they are to the community. 700 more words


On The Philosophy of Determinism.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines determinism as the “doctrine that human action is not free but determined by motives regarded as external forces acting on the will” (1). 721 more words


On Nihilism.

In my mind nihilism is of a most radical philosophy, it is also a philosophy that runs parallel to atheistic existentialism. The word “nihilist” was first coined by Ivan Turgenev, a 19th century Russian writer, in his work… 606 more words


The Odicy

When I learned
of suffering,
I forgot about

Seems it’s been hurting
ever since

Its remorseless
on a thanatophobic wavelength

Burns up
the ashy remains… 179 more words


To a Fuller Exposition of Secular Humanism.

Like naturalism and materialism, humanism is one of the more common expressions of contemporary atheism. We should therefore try to understand what “humanism” actually means. 1,573 more words


Secular Humanism and an Issue of Morality.

A reading of the 3rd article in the humanist manifesto informs us: “We affirm that moral values derive their source from human experience. Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction. 629 more words