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Skepticism. Garbage.

We live in an era of skepticism. Skepticism which targets one specific way of thinking: The Christian way of thinking. But how can you differentiate between doubt and dogmatic denial? 112 more words

Drunk Dialogues (or so it seemed)

A short review of An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar by Randal Rauser and Justin Schieber (Amherst, 2016)

When I was a Christian I had numerous conversations with unbelievers of various strips seeking to persuade them from their devilishly dangerous beliefs. 532 more words


Despite the Increase in Hate Crimes, Americans are Feeling Warmer About Religious Groups

This New York Times article is about a recently published poll by the Pew Research Center about people’s feelings toward specific religious groups based on a thermometer scale to measure warmth toward specific groups. 110 more words

Prophecies (from the Book of Truth) fulfilled - Part 5


  1. Jumble of Nonsense


“When you are faced with lies, they will come tumbling out of the mouths of deceivers in a confused jumble of nonsens… 1,080 more words

Prophecies Fulfilled



Today I rushed out of the house with Toop in hand and a mess of mechanical instructions to try out on the car ( 243 more words

Office Posts, Random

Pick a side, agnostics. 

The following post is inspired by a small bit done by comedian Jim Jeffries in his special called ‘Freedumb’.

A few days ago I wrote a post about why Atheists need to stop behaving like the dickheads that they are. 332 more words

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