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Having a Hard Heart

Every once in a while I come across a message that isn’t always broadcast by Christians. It exists in the Bible, the most famous example being what happened to the Pharaoh after Moses told him to let the Hebrews go. 710 more words


On The Bible

“Is The Bible The Fairytale Denouncers Say?”

Atheists and other denouncers, particularly Muslims regularly challenge the Judeo-Christian Bible as a collection of myths and fairy tales. 14 more words

Spiritual Growth

Role-Reversal is a Bitch, So Stop Being One

THIS JUST IN: Recently the state of Wyoming (Motto: “Our entire population can fit in your average public restroom. We KNOW this.”) proposed legislation of the controversial “Worldview Freedom Restoration Law”, a replacement for the “Religious Freedom Restoration Law”, that would protect atheists from having to violate their worldview with such things as having to bake a cake for a Christian wedding. 440 more words

Using the bible to prove god

I’ve never understood how people can try to use a book that was written over the course of 1500 years by 40 different people in a period that didn’t really understand or know much about this world, to prove there is a god. 87 more words


Atheist Discovers 7968th Inconsistency in Bible, Declares God 'Finally Dead'

A proud Raymond Daglish, a 29-year-old blogger living with his parents in Edgecliff in Sydney’s east, has today declared God “finally dead and buried” after he exposed the 7968th inconsistency in the Bible. 364 more words


Our Faith and Heritage Has Held America Together in Crisis

by Archbishop Council Nedd II

In November of 1861, as the nation faced the prospect of a long and bloody civil war, a lone preacher from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania wrote to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. 581 more words

Council Nedd

Life Equations

A discussion on radio about people taking all their problems to God instead to the ‘appropriate’ centres caught my attention. Apparently, most people take all the issues to God regardless of the nature of their situations. 615 more words