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"what with their straw-men, patronising, condescending tones and general arrogance"

Today I received a slew of comments from an atheist who appears to be very displeased with me.

The comment threads are spread out on two different posts, though, so for my own reference I’m going to link to the start of them both here. 74 more words

Just Religion

Pollyanna power

Sometimes I wonder if the “positive thinking” road of pseudo spirituality, isn’t just that…pseudo spirituality. While I take the point that positive thoughts are more likely to lead to positive results, do I really have to be the “bad guy” and point out that this isn’t always so? 845 more words

Reluctant Christian

Freedom of Religion

I’m in the middle of doing a bunch of research on the newly passed religious freedom law in Indiana. There’s a lot of half-truths and what are appearing to be lies floating around about this measure, and so it’s taking longer than I’d expected. 856 more words


The Four Fears of Atheists

It is humorous to me how atheists prefer to look at theology with the widest lens possible; that is, they prefer to talk about religion, as though all religions were the same. 677 more words

Answering lots of Questions: Abraham and Isaac

Choasisthecureā€™s next post, which can be found here, asks a very thought provoking and disturbing question.

Q: Would you kill your child if your deity told you to do it? 911 more words


Maybe We're Not Smart Enough to Understand the Bible

From G.K. Chesterton’s The Strangest Story in the World, a chapter of The Everlasting Man:

” There is perhaps nothing so perfect in all language or literature as the use of these three degrees in the parable of the lilies of the field; in which he seems first to take one small flower in his hand and note its simplicity and even its impotence; then suddenly expands it in flamboyant colors into all the palaces and pavilions full of a great name in national legend and national glory; and then, by yet a third overturn, shrivels it to nothing once more with a gesture as if flinging it away ‘ . 623 more words