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If America Is One Nation Under God The U.S. Supreme Court Has No Authority To Redefine Marriage

The Pledge of Allegiance that you and I have recited all through our school years is still under constant attack by the liberals(socialists) that they stress it shouldn’t be allowed in the classroom at the start of the day. 582 more words

Why It Matters To Me

Often of late I ask myself why I even bother with this Sisyphean self-torment that is writing about Christianity, deconversion, and offering criticism to thoughts and ideas promoted by those in the extreme parts of Christian (and sometimes other) faith. 594 more words


Episode 12 - Islam is Evil

So we don’t pull any punches with any of the Abrahamics here at The Fact Based Initiative. Islam is 100% evil. It is only easier for people in Western culture to recognize that because they have secular government protecting them from the literal murderous commands of the Abrahamic religions. 51 more words


There are More Persons in this Conversation than are Dreamed of in Your Philosophy!

“I don’t believe in atheists.” That’s a phrase I’ve been seeing a lot lately. It passes for clever in apologetics blogs and it helps many a drive-by tweeter to troll the atheist hashtags. 882 more words


Jewish press edits women from lawmaker photo.

As we have stated here, and assert once again, all of the Abrahamic doctrines are evil and demeaning to women. That includes Judaism.

In Israel, the ultra-orthodox press edited out female lawmakers from some published photos they took. 98 more words

Insane Religious News

There Is No Need to Be Ashamed of Faith

Today’s reading is Hebrews 11.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1, ESV).

Faith is an important part of Christianity, but this passage demonstrates it is not merely important to Christians, despite what our critics claim. 193 more words


Everyone Draw Mohammad Day 2015

I didn’t know today was Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Thankfully, Ubi Dubium put up this reminder. It took me a few minutes to deliberate whether or not I should try my hand at drawing the prophet. 285 more words