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Disbelief: Common Things to Hear as a Non-Religious Person

I’d like to preface this entire thing by saying that I have no intention of making this a “woe is me, my life is so hard” kind of post.   1,687 more words

Dylan Nordberg

Atheists Outnumber Theists

Religions are the tools in the hands of the world’s 1% rich to put slavery chain on the necks of the people in order to abuse their human/civil rights and keep them under their control. 581 more words

No God (A Fool's Thought)

A college student was in a philosophy class, where there was a class discussion about whether or not God exists, The professor had the following logic: 178 more words

Moral Reads

What I love about atheists

I’ve been clear in other posts on this blog that I have little respect for atheist ideology.  They are not as smart or logical as they think they are, it is almost trivially easy for anyone with a modicum of intelligence to poke holes or destroy their most cherished arguments, they are the “fools” in the scripture “fools have said that there is no God”.   457 more words


Why I'm Grateful For Deconverting: Gloating Over Depravity

This post over at “Life After Doubt” dealt with how Christians generally try to frame responses to the so-called “Problem of Evil.” It’s a great blog, and she links to one post in particular to illustrate her point. 836 more words


What's Inside Counts

Are we as humans broken and lost before we are even born into this world?

Religious scholars debate and formulate varying opinions on Scripture. It keeps most of them busy and employed. 254 more words

Freethinker: The Skeptic in the Room...

Thanks to Bruce

I’m always amazed that some people believe
things that defy common sense
How do they accept the bizarre and the odd
for which there is no evidence… 762 more words