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Not Everyone Knows I'm an Atheist

I watch this show on TV called Scorpion. This past episode had a cameo by one of my favorite magicians, Penn Jillette. The thing about him is that he’s one of the few celebrities I knew of that’s been open about being an atheist. 558 more words


Darwinism destroyed by David Berlinski

“Nissuna umana investigazione si può dimandare vera scienza, s’essa non passa per le matematiche dimostrazioni.”

“No human investigation can be called real science if it cannot be demonstrated mathematically.”                                                                                                                             … 202 more words


Who created God? Who Made God? Where Did God Come From? 'The God Delusion' Refuted

“Who created God?” is a question that has long plagued agnostic and atheist thinkers. If the Universe’s complexity requires a designer, then what about God, Who surely must be as complex (if not more) than the Universe? 68 more words


Dear Atheist


Dear Atheist,

We had a discussion this week that I found to be an incredible experience.  I loved how it gave me the opportunity to dialogue with you and to get to know you on a more personal level. 874 more words

Et Tu!

Valentine’s day
on Sunday this year.

Should I take my sweetheart to church?

Or would she prefer a romantic dinner
in a secluded cabin, deep in the forest, 23 more words


The Qur'an and Extraterrestrial Life

The vision of the universe that the Qur’an presents is poles apart from the one held by the philosophers and sages of all the past ages. 228 more words


Christian Atheists

Years ago I read a book by Craig Groeschel entitled “The Christian Atheist.” While it’s been a long time since I read it and I don’t remember much about it there is one thing that stuck with me. 193 more words