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Doubting Christianity: From a Deconvert's Perspective - 1

I want to start talking about doubting Christianity from the beginning that I had. I’m not talking about the beginning of my doubts, but rather the beginning messages I heard when I was brought into the faith. 647 more words


The Raison d'etre of the Theosophical Society

Actions will speak louder than words. People are really that scared to criticise what needs to be. I’d rather die, than fear and be hush, on pertinent matters; or letting the world die and rot, over some religious fanatics and political squabblers causing humanity endless tragedy and confusion. 264 more words


There's a War on Christmas and Christmas is Losing

Today is the first day of Advent, which marks the start of the pre-Christmas season. It is observed by many, if not most, of the Catholic faithful. 445 more words


Can You Trust God?

Part of the Thanksgiving tradition is being thankful for all of life’s blessings. But even as I write this, many are going through difficult times and feeling anything but grateful. 234 more words


Atheists / Atheism

Ok, I wanted to address Atheists and Atheism, however I wanted to add some stuff before I get into it.  As a Christian, and a fairly religious one, I really have no issue at all what people choose to believe.  2,662 more words


Can atheists help themselves to objective morality on atheism?

Here’s Dr. William Lane Craig explaining why you can’t:

He presents 3 reasons why in the video, all of which are also discussed in his Defenders class… 1,369 more words


What About Satanism?

A real quick note: Satanism and all kinds of associated labels have many different definitions. Just like there are many different kinds of Christians, there are all kinds of different Satanists. 491 more words