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Atheists Beware, It Is Funny

An Atheist in the Woods
An atheist was walking through the woods one day, admiring all that
evolution had created. “What majestic trees! What a powerful river! 291 more words


Why Blasphemy and Satire Cripples Organized Religion...

From Adi Chowdhury
Bangladeshi Humanist

“To appreciate satire, sometimes you need to lay a whole foundation of acceptance of criticism by others. And being at peace with being put on the spot and being responsible for your actions. 621 more words


German-Iranian teen behind Munich shootings

German-Iranian teen behind Munich shootings22 Jul 2016 01:0022 Jul 2016 01:00

Police say a German-Iranian teenager was behind a mass shooting at a Munich shopping centre and acted alone before killing himself. 303 more words


Morals Are . . .

I am almost finished reading Everybody Is Wrong About God by James A. Lindsay which I have mentioned before. The author makes several novel points (the existence of God debate is over, they lost) and is urging us to shift the focus of anti-theism onto addressing how to naturally meet the needs of god-fearers which are now being met by “god,” that is meeting those needs via nature. 1,313 more words



As I mentioned in the first part of this article, corruption is endemic to all nations, all governments, all societies, all religions, all businesses, and many families, to a greater or lesser degree. 1,237 more words


It's shocking news for Bangladesh ISIS releases new video message with renewed threats against Bangladeshi targets

ISIS has posted a new video featuring three of its Bangladeshi members. The video is 5.50 minutes long and was probably shot in Syria/Raqqa. The group called for a jihad in Bangladesh and threatened to launch more attacks on Bangladeshi targets and ‘crusaders’ and ‘crusader nations.’ 524 more words



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