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Christians and atheists

The following text will certainly be read very differently by Christians and atheists.


WOW #20


I just knew that, sooner or later, my love of language and my general disdain for organized religion would crash into each other, and cause me grief. 437 more words


What Atheists Don't Understand About Faith

I’m not a physically violent person. I’m not even physically intimidating, but I have to say, there are times in my discussions in the FB atheist group I visit, I would like to shake one or two people. 996 more words


An Answer To The Anger - By Marc

The full title for this was going to be “An Answer To The Anger And The Atheists”… but I did not immediately want to offend. And the fact is, the atheists I know are decent, intelligent and articulate atheists… and interestingly, most of them were born Jewish… 1,722 more words

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October's Blogging the Spirit

Hi All,

I just want to make mention that this month’s Blogging the Spirit will be on the 29th.

Everyone is welcome to share through a blog post, a Tweet, an Insta or wherever your social media lives on any aspect of what inspires your connection to God/Source/Nature/People. 63 more words


Life getting out of hand



In 2006 I read a fine little book called Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris.

Upon re reading it now in October of 2017, I find that there are things that have become worse in our struggle to bring rational thought to a divisive question. 290 more words

The God Delusion Review

FINALLY, the post you’ve all been waiting for!

Well, I don’t know if you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for me to talk about… 1,310 more words