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De-Baptism and Certificates of Sinlessness

As liberal Americans continue to cleanse themselves of their historical and religious heritage, it appears some people are getting rather creative in the process.  No longer content to use censorship, governmental intimidation in court, and financial pressure through corporate America, some are taking it a step further to include mockery. 861 more words

What Atheism Means

Just over a year ago when I started writing on this blog, one of the biggest insecurities I had was about whether or not I thought I was an Atheist. 911 more words


Former atheists speak. 44 Quotes:

Here follows a list of quotes I’ve collected and compiled from over the last two or so years (my digital quote library is bursting at its edges!). 4,323 more words

Jesus Christ

Facebook Medicine and Faith Healing

Author’s Note: The information in this image is false. Okra water does not cure diabetes. It is not a substitute for insulin. Please consult a medical professional before doing anything drastic. 926 more words


Dear atheists, I concede that you are better people than me. Now let's talk about how you compare to Jesus and his standard . . .

I’ve often seen atheists trumpet about how they are better and more moral than Christians.  I find the arguments to be fallacious and pointless, as they are part of the atheist’s incoherent worldview that you can have moral laws without a moral law-giver, and they conveniently script a moral code that just happens to align with what they… 263 more words


Do Objective Moral Values and Duties Exist? (Debate) Affirmative 2nd Post

Prof. Coel Hellier’s First Post CLICK HERE

Let me start this post with an admission. As I have contemplated Coel’s response I find myself humbled. I knew what I was getting myself into and was mentally prepared to take on a man of such intelligence. 3,911 more words


Is the Supernatural Reasonable?

My faith background was Lutheran. For those who don’t quite know what that implies, Lutherans tend to be some of the quietest, most introspective Christians. Part of that is because of the person who is the namesake of the denomination – Martin Luther. 857 more words