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The drive of an Athlete by Shane Roberts

Every four years after the Olympic Games, sports such as gymnastics receive a boost in membership and participant numbers due to the excitement generated by one of the few events in this world that brings so many nations together in such a positive way. 398 more words

Shane Robertson

Fitness Tips for Beginner Athletes

Today CRB Tech Reviews would like to share some tips and tricks for beginner athletes.

Take the First Step

You might not end as a superstar athlete. 393 more words

Crb Tech Health

An interview with "Jerkbait" author Mia Siegert

Today’s an exciting day here on the blog! One of my favorite debut authors of 2016 agreed to an interview. I’m so happy to promote Mia’s amazing book JERKBAIT, which has twins, hockey and theater, in addition to a beautiful, heartbreaking story about two brothers accepting who they are and fighting for the chance to be honest about their identities. 1,552 more words


Hang up those Question Marks

If Charles Darwin had chosen not to bother questioning the origins of life on Earth, the assumption may have remained that a supernatural-being, “God”, shaped each individual living organism. 746 more words


When Things Aren't Perfect

If there is one excuse I have heard way too often, and (shamefully) even used myself on too many occasions it is “Things aren’t perfect. I don’t have the resources, the training, I don’t have the right opportunities.” It’s a valid excuse, if you want to justify not making it. 1,022 more words

Concussion: Brain Injury or Neck Injury?

Many people associate concussions with damage to the brain. This leads to MRI’s, CAT Scans, x-rays, and neurological exams that are usually focused on the skull and brain. 514 more words


Olympian Woman

dear patriarchy,

you can’t beat me over push-ups

i’ve lifted tears heavier than your thews

and you call me manly?