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The Untold Secret of the Sports Industry

How would you like to go to work where your every move is controlled under a microscope. A company that controls what you say, how you dress, and the way you act. 710 more words

Podcast #25 - Why Tom Brady's Book, The TB Method, Is For Everyone

Hello everyone!  I just finished reading Jason Calacanis’s book, Angel, and now I am working on Tom Brady’s book, The TB Method.  Tom Brady is a 40-year-old NFL  quarterback and has won five Super Bowls.  100 more words


The Warrior Within

Lets talk American Ninja Warrior! I know, what does the show American Ninja Warrior have to do with writing and taking care of yourself creatively and spiritually. 534 more words

Palestinian women take up boxing

Increasign mental and physical health is imprtant to any female. More es[ecially true when faced with a blockade and unimaginale odds.

Take a look at how these Palestinian women have taken up boxing.


Closing Thought--26Sep17

Throw Red Meat And They Will Come!

The Congressional investigations do not seem to be going well for the Pres. and his cronies……almost nightly something new and possibly more damaging is released in one form of another…. 663 more words


For The Women

I bet you’re wondering how I’ve become such a fan of BMX? If you’re not, well tough, because that’s basically what the first post will be about. 481 more words


Virat Kohli in the Forbes list of highest paid athlete

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is quite frequently featured in news these days. This time he made his place into Forbes magazine as one of the highest paid athletes of India. 267 more words