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Nothing Compares

Nothing compares to sprinting

Nothing compares to rush of adrenaline I get after a race

Nothing compares to eyeing the competition for their weaknesses

Nothing compares to the feeling of winning..of being the best of the best

Nothing compares to sprinting

Slice Of Life

The Cramp in the Game

It Thursday, the day of the tennis tournament. Our school, Manvel, hosted the meet. There were nine schools, including ours, that were participating. The bracket wasn’t that big compared to the big tournaments we’ve been to throughout the season. 168 more words

Slice Of Life

Slice of Life: All around athlete

As an athlete, the ultimate goal is to become an all around athlete.

An all around athlete is a person who competes in one or more sports that involve physical strength, speed and/or endurance. 74 more words

Slice Of Life

Chadwick Movement in UK and Sulabh Movement in India

Considering the role played by soil in the spread of infectious diseases, proper sanitary practices need to be evolved to protect it from pollution. There is an urgent need for sanitation facilities in our cities and towns in view of rapid urbanization and increasing population. 669 more words

Why the Russian Runner Doping Scandal Matters

For years, it seemed like drug testers would never get ahead of cheaters. The Russian bribery scandal raises an even scarier possibility: the testers are dirty too. 1,130 more words

Why Paleo?

It’s a question I am often asked, as so many others are when it comes to their diet and nutrition. No it’s not because it’s popping up all over social media, the newest diet in town, or the love of bacon (but I mean – bacon. 407 more words

When Escalators Become Stairs in Sweden

The rulltrappor (escalators) have been down at a bunch of tunnelbana (metro) stations in Stockholm this week, and nobody knows when they’re going to be fixed.   393 more words