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Fascinating to watch cornerback technique at combine

I watched a video by Marcus Trufant about the importance of technique – staying low, keeping the feet moving, popping the receiver with two hands then switching to one hand and guiding the receiver inside or outside.   256 more words

Transgender Boy Wins Girls State Wrestling Championship!

How long before boys figure out how to take advantage of this, and how long before girls quit wasting their time trying to compete against boys?   32 more words

CHART: Boy Sports Brings In Majority of Revenue for Indiana High Schools

The Indiana High School Athletic Association financial report is out and boys bring in almost 60% of revenue. 17 more words


Peace of Mind

Let’s start with a story.

Growing up, my dad taught my sisters and I the importance of balancing checkbooks at a young age. When our utility bills came in the mail, I would collect them, write the checks out, and mail them after my dad checked to make sure they were correctly written. 268 more words

Not so super-human

Question: “Will the human[s] of future be stronger and faster than us now?” Answer (edited & expanded):

There are so many factors to consider when answering this question. 424 more words


What's Hot in the Industry

Athletic Trainers constantly work with people suffering from all different types of injuries.  With all these different injuries comes a lot of research. These highly trained professionals look into the effects of the injures on the athlete, both physically and mentally and ways to prevent them from occurring. 329 more words

The Experience

What it Means to be an Undergraduate in Athletic Training

Athletic Trainers are highly trained health care professionals. The undergraduate program for prospective Athletic Trainers is very competitive and requires individuals who are determined and passionate about their career path. 634 more words