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Approval for New Way to Test for Concussion

                                                                                               Rafe Swan—Getty Images/Cultura RF

As of Feb. 14, CNN reported that the US Food and Drug Administration for the first time has approved a new way to help detect concussions in adults besides computerized tomography scans or a physician-administered test. 124 more words


Motivate Me







I love the Olympics.

Life Chatter

Seoul Searching

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Happy New Year from Asia!

For this lunar new year, I had a week off from work and traveled to South Korea to visit Zack, a fellow ND alum. 659 more words


Olympic schadenfreude...

Most of the Olympic hopefuls who chose to spend their time airing their hatred of  all things Trump,  usually while displaying their complete ignorance of all else,  seem to have jinxed themselves for their competitions.    17 more words

Staying Positive When There's So Much Negative: Part III

This is probably the toughest one to write in the series. No one wants to see their child or another child being mistreated. It’s also hard to look back at a situation and see all the times you could’ve done or said something differently. 647 more words


Roland Martin: The Role Of Athletes In Activism

Recently Fox news host, Lauren Ingraham came out on her show attacking NBA player Lebron James for speaking out about politics in our government. She called on James to be quiet and keep dribbling because he’s just an athlete. 222 more words

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