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That's a wonderful look

Like I said in a previous post, superheroes’ physiques should be strongly influenced by both their activities and lifestyles. The Flash’ll inevitably have more in common with sprinters (so much so that the real life black Wally West would practically be Usain Bolt) and some mesomorphic footballers and rugby players. 212 more words

Pumping Iron: The Women

It’s a good thing that growing numbers of superhero cartoonists are bothering to add muscle tone to superheroines and supervillainnesses at all. Keep in mind that in reality it may still depend on the individual itself, whether if it’s willingness or being on a diet. 616 more words


I’ve been in boxing since 2002.  I grudgingly entered the coaching world around 2004 or 2005 because I was fixated on being a competitor.  I didn’t want to let go yet so I had both toes in the competitive water and one hand thinking about reaching for the shore. 529 more words

Coach's Corner

Rowing Announcement

Here is the announcement that will be read tomorrow morning.

The St Mary Rowing Crew participated in the South Niagara Rowing Championships this past weekend. Our team did very well and we had a great showing. 109 more words


Brian Malfesi wins two finals at National Sprint Team Trials #2

Ridge’s Brian Malfesi won two of three finals at this past weekend’s National Sprint Team Trials #2. This second set of team trials took place on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 122 more words


Team Bonding

Hi all!!

So I know I spoke to a few of you about team bonding. I was thinking this year we could go back to… 138 more words


If it were easy

Everybody would do it

I’ve watched a lot of sports documentaries recently

And by a lot, I really do mean a lot! Hours upon hours of content for research purpose, see now that my own sports documentary is entering the final stages of post production, I thought it wise to do some more research and see what’s already out there 556 more words