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The DL on the TR

Where DL means down low and TR means Training Room.

As a collegiate athlete, I have naturally spent hours upon hours in my school’s Athletic Training Room. 1,243 more words


The Burn and the Bloat: Part 4: IgG get the test enjoy the GAINZ!

Back in January I wrote about food intolerance a.k.a. food sensitivities.  It has now been over six months of following the guidelines of my food intolerances and I wanted to give a report on what I have found. 2,115 more words

Athletic Performance: The Nutshell

At USF, our goal is to see our student athletes (SAs) perform at the highest level possible. We strive to see them beat their personal bests in every practice and every game. 450 more words

Athletic Trainer

May Mailbag

As the sports season winds down at the high school I am finally getting to the various emails I have received. I do truly enjoy the many stories and questions I get here, often times they are very learned for me; which translates to more information for you the reader. 458 more words


I've got to be true to myself

“I blame my mother.”  How often do people say this and truly mean it?  Well this time I do.  I completely blame my mother.  Raising  two boys and girl, it would be fair to say that my mom took special care to ensure her daughter would grow to be a strong and independent woman.   767 more words

Second Impact Syndrome

Contributor, Ally Harris
Junior, Scotland High School

Being injured as a high school athlete can be one of the most devastating tragedies to hit a sports career. 450 more words


Exercise: one secret to success over Candida and Food Intolerances.

Candida and food intolerances can be a very difficult condition to over come in your personal health.  Making it even more complicated is determining what is the best modality for exercise to aid in the elimination and recovery from these conditions. 1,580 more words