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Frustrating Failure Freakout Flop

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! It’s raining today. It’s been gloomy these past couple days and that’s not good. When it rains I get depressed. It sucks that the weather can affect my mood. 563 more words


Gag! Sequel sequel sequel!! Cough!

Oh Gag!  Sequel sequel sequel!!  Cough!

A typo to a writer is like a fire to a fireman.  Stomp that sucker out!

I just can’t continue…  this simply has started my day like fingernails on a blackboard. 87 more words

Oh Ick!

Today is my fifth day of Ativan reduction. Thinking I was being clever, I woke Pup up at 2:30 AM to take him out to poop so I could sleep in. 196 more words


Today is, maybe the fourth day of cutting down on my Ativan.  I’m surprised that I’m actually getting a little bit of sleep at night on that 1/4 pill.   291 more words

Ativan, Marijuana, and Donald Trump

Today is the third day of my Ativan reduction. It’s been surprisingly not too bad, considering I’ve pretty much been taking Ativan for the past year. 196 more words

Medication Roulette

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game! Medication Roulette! Pick a medication, and spin the wheel of side effects. Everyone’s a winner!

I started this blog, and then I disappeared for a few weeks. 275 more words


Second Shift

Recently, I have been experiencing a daily cycle of my emotions.

Assuming that I am not mired in complete and utter depression, I wake up in the morning, doing fairly well.   349 more words