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Don't do (too many) drugs, kids.

In the ten days since my last post nothing drastic has happened, but I did get to switch some meds around and that’s helped a lot. 1,477 more words


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Please note:  Having anxiety is common to all humanity.  The way we handle it makes all the difference.  Give yourself permission to have it but let’s begin today to copy with it differently – without drugs or alcohol.  1,429 more words

The Strangers

I made it to West Virginia before it started to snow, which I’d been hoping to miss since the status of my license was still complicated. 1,078 more words

My Social Anxiety Life Part Seven

I haven’t updated much lately about my social anxiety. It has been my most talked subject and yet I am still working towards resolutions. Since my anxiety has been a lot higher over the last month and a half, with it decreasing the past week, my therapist thought it best to postpone tackling my social anxiety until the new year, and I actually concurred with her idea. 575 more words