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Dream Drunk && Anxious

1mg Ativan. In bed. Feeling dream like. Punch drunk.

Yet the anxiety of having to go to work and deal with the assholes is just too much. 269 more words

Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed

Or Thursday, watch the walls instead.

You got that right Mr. Smith.

Tuesday wasn’t too bad, it was awful in the AM but then the clouds lifted and aside from feeling a little physically bad (mild nausea, headache), I was feeling good.   793 more words

Talking To Doctor People

Day 169 Experiences

Last night I went to bed around 10pm… I was determined to stay awake as late as I could so that I’d sleep through the night. 241 more words

Daily Updates

Day 162 Experiences

I woke up feeling a little lightheaded and just generally off feeling. I did a breakdown of what I normally eat for breakfast and if in fact my body is struggling with low blood sugar… I’m definitely not eating enough carbs/sugar in the morning to help it out. 187 more words

Daily Updates

Day 161 Experience

I spent the day writing… made more progress on my outline. I didn’t have a great day symptom wise… I was feeling frustrated as a result and started scouring the internet for what might be wrong with me. 317 more words

Daily Updates

PiaW: The Muse

He stood at the doorway and gazed at her. He was filled with such a sense of aloneness watching as she flipped through a magazine. His heart reached out to embrace her. 226 more words

Feeling Groovy

Oh what bliss to be in a normal phase or whatever this new normal entails!  Chemo drugs retreating from my body, my skin feels moist again, my eyes less crisped, and the brain less cloudy and confused.  982 more words