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I begin a three month journey through Eastern Europe. Why Eastern Europe? Simple –because I’m cheap and I have a fear of mosquito-borne diseases. So this is the final place I can go. 1,335 more words

...But the Drugs Like Me.

I have an on-again off-again relationship with anti-anxiety meds.

And it’s never been because I am against them, or because they hadn’t worked.

I know anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication (same thing, as far as my Dr. 1,971 more words

Missing Those Hugs

I wrote this post a few days ago when all of this took place, but debated until now whether or not to actually publish it.  I don’t want people getting all freaked out and thinking I’m not coping.  1,129 more words


Betsy’s Best Advice for Handling Anxiety

Previously, I’ve written articles with tips on how to handle depression and mania. Today, I’d like to give you my best advice for how to handle anxiety without heavy duty medication. 1,109 more words


Dentist, dun dun DUUNNN! One of the scariest words/things in the world. Sadly, I had to go to them last week. When I was a kid, I had a lot of dental work. 345 more words


Panic Blog

Anxiety is one hell of a roller coaster ride. One that you don’t need a ticket for. One that has no safety harness or lap bar or restraint of any kind. 731 more words


What's Been Happening (ICU, Etc.)

This will be short: my brain still isn’t working at top capacity, and I don’t want to look back at my blog posts at some future date and be embarrassed by an entry with an abundance of typos and scattered thoughts. 293 more words