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Better Coping Through Chemicals

My daughter changed her Facebook cover photo to a picture of her cuddling up on her daddy during a hike this past parents’ weekend at college.  146 more words


Back from the Dead

Well that took forever. I tapered off Effexor, which is quite a feat. I did some research, and the general consensus is that it is one of the worst antidepressants to try to wean off of. 331 more words


23. There Will Be Side Effects

During the course of Lil Brian’s journey back to a full recovery there will be side effects along the way. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. There are a couple that we already notice but there will most likely be some more after all of his treatments are over which can last anywhere from a few days up to at least a year. 460 more words

Brian Perry

Meandering Babbling

Lately it feels like I’m wandering around lost with my blog. My Ativan reduction has sobered me up to the point where I feel like my blog is getting bloated with too many topics unrelated to creative writing. 385 more words

The Problems with MMJ Dosing

Wow, it’s 11 AM and I just awoke. My world seems really screwed up lately. With my medication changes, my sleep patterns are way out of whack. 736 more words

Frustrating Failure Freakout Flop

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! It’s raining today. It’s been gloomy these past couple days and that’s not good. When it rains I get depressed. It sucks that the weather can affect my mood. 563 more words


Gag! Sequel sequel sequel!! Cough!

Oh Gag!  Sequel sequel sequel!!  Cough!

A typo to a writer is like a fire to a fireman.  Stomp that sucker out!

I just can’t continue…  this simply has started my day like fingernails on a blackboard. 87 more words