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Fear of Flying

Take Our PollI want people to know why I write. What my story is. Where I come from. Why I’m here.

Here goes.

When I was three years old my preschool teacher told my mom I was playing alone in the sandbox. 719 more words

Does my Pharmacist think I'm a drug addict? Or Chronic invisible illness and the people who think you're full of shit

I take a ridiculous amount of medication at the moment. This requires not infrequent trips to the pharmacy to fill what feels like an endless ticker tape of prescriptions to assuade the reactions, side effects and physical manifestations of my illness into submission. 456 more words


Day 107 Experiences

I’ve been eating so much garbage food during this sickness. It’s going to take me so long to dig out of the caloric hole I’ve dug for myself. 524 more words

Daily Updates

Am I careering towards a mental breakdown? Medication update

Thursday April 16th – 10.30 am ish

Yesterday was a pretty bad day physically and brain-wise (anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, the whole crew showing up). I’ve been struggling with headaches and nausea for a week or so which I was putting down to my IBS playing up and getting my period. 819 more words


Can't believe the effect of stopping birth control

You guys. Seriously. I can’t believe the positive effect that quitting birth control has had on my panic and anxiety. About 3 weeks ago I just magically had a *click* and I stopped having the panic. 282 more words

Have you hugged someone today?

I am not a shopper.  I don’t enjoy trying on clothing in super bright, tiny dressing rooms with mirrors larger than should be legal.  While suffering from an iatrogenic illness for two years, I lived in pajamas and leggings.  572 more words


Medication change progress?

Sunday 12th April – 7.30pm

I’ve been told far too many times that I should be less hard on myself. Less critical of my abilities, achievements and productivity. 328 more words