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Maybe my medications are not right

I could feel the anger brewing inside me, like a fire that had been put out however embers still remained in the coals. Your words were like a long slice with a sharp blade on a piece of crystal, strong enough to make a shallow groove but the pressure resounded within. 701 more words


Good as dead. Telecare word vomit.

From the week I spent in a psychiatric facility this past fall.

I carried a little black notebook and golfers pencil around the hospital like a child with their security blanket. 2,310 more words

Teacher Contract Deadline

It has been awhile since I have last written. I have been busy and did not have much to say. Pretty much anxiety has consumed me. 190 more words

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Always Tired, fatigued, Anxiety filled? Maybe you need a Depression Test

Depression has become one of the most widely increased diagnosed disorders in this country over the past few years. Things like the falling economy causing a decrease in personal finances, in addition to life’s daily stresses and worries have caused many Americans to become depressed. 534 more words


Are you at risk of Tardive Dyskinesia? Find out now.

You know that rapidly rattled off disclaimer “Call your doctor if you experience involuntary repetitive movements as these are serious and may become permanent.”

No shit, Sherlock. 93 more words


Hospitalization, Delirium, and Dementia

For our elderly loved ones who are hospitalized, one of the frequent but often unexpected results is delirium. The onset of delirium can occur within hours of hospitalization, or it can emerge gradually throughout the length of the hospitalization. 878 more words