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Feels a bit like afternoon tea

Cream cheese and lox on cucumber slices are wonderfully crunchy with penty of flavor and it just feels indulgent. A satisfying light lunch with my new favorite tea, Tangerine Orange Zinger by Celestial Seasonings.

Low/No Carb and Fast Food

Diet is a huge part of living with PCOS.  There are a lot of things you shouldn’t eat, but again I want to emphasize that everyone is different. 301 more words


Keto friendly sushi… well it's green and rolled up at least

I’ve been missing sushi and decided to make the keto version that would satisfy the craving. Here’s what I did and you could add all kinds of things. 197 more words

Longing for vegetables amidst the meat

For lunch today I could almost pretend I was a vegetarian, though definitely not vegan. I still struggle some with the amount of meat I’m eating as it feels strange and definitely out of the ordinary. 86 more words

A way to eat fresh vegetables when they are out of season

Literally, nothing in the world tastes better than a ripe tomato from my sister’s garden. I lament the end of the growing season because it means there are months ahead where I won’t see such deliciousness on my plate. 271 more words

KETO Deliciousness 

My daughter is home from college and just made us this outstanding keto friendly lunch. Oh, the yummy goodness! I need to remember to try making brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat and served with bacon crumbles. 24 more words

Back on the Wagon ... with Bacon

I am too tired to be jubilant but I’m close! After a lifetime of “going off” a diet and struggling to get back on the next day, I did it. 41 more words