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James and Sophia Blanch in Soho, Southwark and Saffron Hill

My 4 x great grandfather, Tewkesbury-born patten maker James Blanch, married his second wife, my 4 x great grandmother Sophia Atkins, at the parish church of St Anne, Soho, on 21st March 1792. 1,457 more words


Gaming the system with tiny containers

It’s been a few weeks since I got back on track and I’m feeling AWESOME.  In total I’m down 8 pounds, all in the waist. Hooray! 176 more words

Italian Sausage and Pepper Creamy Keto "Pasta"

I have to say, my latest go-to’s when it comes to quick and easy meat options are SAUSAGES! Im going to let you all get it ALL out now *insert sausage joke*… but in all seriousness, back in the days I used to pick up any ol’ smoked turkey sausage package thinking, this… 918 more words


Keziah Holdsworth and John Blanch

In the last two posts I’ve discussed two of the children of my 4 x great grandfather John Holdsworth, a carpenter in Stepney in the early decades of the nineteenth century, and his wife Mary Webb. 969 more words


The Atkins Sunday

09:28 Morning, everyone! Or well, by the time you read this it might not be morning. Okay…

09:28 , everyone! I’ve got lots of plans for today. 1,192 more words


The Atkins Saturday

10:46 Okay so this weekend was really meant to be the Vegan weekend, but social gatherings have got in the way – THAT’S RIGHT I HAVE FRIENDS. 1,272 more words


Atkins Doing This Will Translate A Carbohydrate-Burning Metabolism To A Fat Burning One - Atkins Diet

Carb withdrawal? I can’t judge, I haven’t cut my carb intake By the way I won’t eliminate them, I’m lucky to switch to healthier carbs. Elizabeth Ramer was on a diet since 2nd grade, and is following You on a Diet weight management program. 384 more words

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