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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a sizeable American audience so Happy Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating the occasion with your friends and family today.

Thanksgiving means… well, a lot of food of course and a lot of carb-laden options. 206 more words


Mommy Diet Day 2

I have a cold with a horrible sore throat so eating meat was challenging. I boiled some chicken legs and ate that with a ton of broth. 11 more words


Starting A Mommy Diet today!

I’ve spent the last month eating almost anything I want and the last few days I threw caution to the wind. My stomach hates me, the mirror despises me and the rest of my body feels farklempt. 116 more words

Where's Eli

"Medical Reversals?"

An interesting NYT blog piece on medical reversals

The consequences of medical reversal are complicated. For starters, reversal challenges the notion that medicine is scientific — the premise that a century ago helped doctors to exorcise images of snake oil and hucksterism.

703 more words

Some Sound Dietary Advice

The Guardian recently published a new article on diet which reminded that I have better advice for anyone trying to decide between that new Paleo diet, or that old Atkins diet, or whether they should really go vegan or if they are intolerant to wheat and dairy. 435 more words

My month on Atkins

As you may recall I enlisted a Naturopathic Biochemist for assistance with managing my numerous Lupus symptoms. Really I was just wanting a different idea of my… 507 more words