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The Easiest and Yummiest Chilli Paneer Ever!

For all who do not know what paneer is, check out this video to know more. This is Paleo Atkins and LCHF friendly so let’s get started.. 125 more words

Atkins Advantage Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll, 1.6 oz. bars, 5-Count Box (Pack of 2)

Atkins Advantage Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll, this is the bar for you. Loaded with caramel, peanuts and a chocolaty coating for a satisfying candy bar taste.
How do I get..

LCHF diet while breastfeeding??

So the first thing that I want to mention is that many people might not know LCHF stands for Low Carbohydrates High Fat.

I do not really know the science behind this diet, but I have personally seen that my body absolutely loves this diet.. 397 more words

Cwmtillery - part one

In the far distance in the old photograph I’m writing about is Cwmtillery and it’s here that the Atkins connection with the area is the strongest. 1,465 more words

Low Carb Chicken Minestrone Soup

Low Carb Minestrone Soup is a wonderful meal for the Fall. Normally we add Pasta to Minestrone, but keeping it Low Carb we going to substutite and add Chicken in place of the noodles, but to be perfectly honest, this soup is just as delicious without the Chicken. 417 more words


I'm stuck.

I know it’s been a while since my last post but a lot has happened in my life and not necessarily good things. I seemed to slip easily into ketosis (headache) and it registered on the scales. 199 more words