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Which diet is going to be "the one" for me?

So let’s recap…. I’ve done weight watchers, the milk diet, the egg diet, 5:2, Rosemary Conley, Atkins, 10lb in 10 days, no sugar, lean in 15, raw juicing, nutribullet smoothies, maple syrup diet, Hollywood 48 hour diet, I even tried the bulletproof thing where you have butter in your coffee…. 273 more words

Atkins diet day 12

What I ate:

2 cups boiled rice with plantain and stew

1 roasted chicken breast

1 cup yogurt

1 green plantain

Vegetable and fish

Candidate Questionnaire: Dr. Juan M. Bribiesca

This is continuing our series of candidate questionaries, and we are linking to Doctor Juan Bibriesca’s website as well. He is running against Democrat Toni Atkins. 1,224 more words

Atkins day 11

Omg! I’m still in pain from my leg and cardio from yesterday. It’s not just when I have to bend, but even walking feels painful. I’m walking like an 80 year old. 44 more words

There’s a diet that really works, if you’re okay with a year of misery

Low-carbohydrate diets are notorious for their panacean promises: Lose weight fast! Eat what you want! But a new scientific review suggests it takes at least a year, and a strict interpretation of “low-carb,” to see lasting results from this particular diet regime. 513 more words

Atkins day 10

Exercise:75minutes (I usually do a a mixture of strength and cardio when I workout) I was so weak after my workout and though I didn’t feel like I over exerted myself, apparently I did. 26 more words

Atkins diet day 9

What I ate:

1 cup green smoothie-278cal, 60g

1 chicken kebab-110cal

1 gizdo kebab-22cal, 5.3g

1 croissant-231calories, 24.5g

1 cup papaya-62cal, 13.2g

2 slices of bread with peanut butter-324cal, 29g

Total:1027cal, 132g net carb