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Pepperoni Pizza Rings

If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love pizza in every form. I’m always on the search for new ways to enjoy one of my favorite foods and this handheld version is definitely a winner. 582 more words


Fridays and Low Carb Starbucks breakfast...

Since today is Friday; I woke up with the usual” feel good feelings” that accompany such a momentous day of the week :) I thought what better way to celebrate such a day than through a great breakfast to kick start my day. 195 more words


Keto : Day 6 (95g)

Breakfast 6am (500 – 7g)

2 eggs

2 serv tuna

2 tbsp cream cheese

15 Almonds

Breakfast 8am (330 – 10g) 

1/2 Cheesecake, 2nd batch… 500 more words


First blog post- Alternative Eaters and Summer berry breakfast

I’ve created this blog so I can share my disastrous and not so disastrous recipes for low carb, keto, paleo, atkins, diabetics, clean eaters etc. I’ll just call us alternative eaters, it sounds a lot more edgy wouldn’t you agree? 218 more words


Keto : Day 5 (107.6g)

Breakfast 6am (500 – 10.8g)

1 egg

Coffee with 100ml milk

1 cheesecake, mug , 2nd batch

Breakfast 8am (500 – 7.2g)

1 Boiled egg… 131 more words


KETO No bake cheesecake - 2nd batch

Cream Cheese Recipe 706; 12.8 (/4 = 176.5cal, 3.2g)

200g Philadelphia Cream Cheese

100ml hot water with possibly 6g of gelatin (i dumped the whole pack in and measured 100ml)* 128 more words


Keto : Day 4(70g)

Well, that weight gain is understandable, given that I ate quite a lot yesterday. I just need to be good for today, for once.

Woke up feeling OK, but ate some peanut butter. 234 more words